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Naamkaran 24th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 24th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Naamkaran 24th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Naamkaran 24th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


The episode starts offevolved with avni ultimate eyes on seeing neil. neil sees her napping and covers her with a blanket. he is going out and sits. she looks on. he thinks of avni. a girl comes and does tilak to him. she offers him prasad and asks him to take prasad and aarti. she says you look involved, lord will display you a manner, this thread has much energy, tie it there and go away everything on lord. she is going. neil ties the thread. avni comes and appears on.


Full Details of Naamkaran 24th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Dayaben enters avni’s house and says ananya is hiding something from me, she did now not come my home after accident. she sees image of ananya and her mum. she says ananya’s mum got here in birthday party and she could be in party snap shots additionally. she calls diksha. diksha says you are coming in dream now and ends name. dayaben calls once more and scolds her. diksha wakes up and says sorry.
Dayaben says pay attention to me, i want riya’s birthday pics proper now. avni sees the thread getting free. she catches the thread and ties it lower back. she says lord i understand you received’t do some thing for me, however deliver neil what he is asking, my mum trusts you lots, don’t destroy her consider. neil comes there and asks did she no longer sleep. she says you furthermore mght did no longer sleep. he says i don’t think you are believer form of woman. she says my beliefs broke, but believer’s wish ought to flip actual. he says my want is to know your fact. she asks what is going to you do knowing it. he says you continually trade phrases. she says i don’t lie. he says you’re protective a crook, but why, if you informed me earlier than, your mother might have not were given kidnapped. she says its clean to say, i’ve seen international, none helps in bad time. he asks did i now not assist you until now. she calls him selfish.


He asks do i’ve a few reason to store your mum, sorry you could no longer need my help. she says once you recognize reality. permit’s see how a lot you help. he says try me for once, simply say reality, what happened, did you get scared, stop becoming sufferer, please, courage is wanted to say truth, you’re a coward, no longer expected.


Avni cries and shouts neil, concentrate to me, i m no longer ananya verma, i m avni mehta. temple bells ring. neil receives greatly surprised and turns to her. avni says i m dayavanti mehta’s illegitimate granddaughter, whom dayaben tried to kill, she shot at me right here at my heart. she wakes up by using this dream and looks around for neil. she says i saw a atypical dream, what’s going on with me. she receives a lady’s call. madhvi says you had been right, dayaben got here and was seeing images, i eliminated neela’s p.c and i have positioned my p.c there. avni thanks her. madhvi asks avni to take care. avni says now i will fail your every plan.


Aman desires and gets stressed in sleep. little aman says i don’t want to get away from you. dayaben hugs him and gets a gun from drawer. she asks him to maintain this toy, human beings get scared of it, none can take you from me. he says i’m able to’t use this. she says i’m able to show and shoots. aman wakes up from sleep and says dadi is right, when i have a gun, everybody will be scared. rajat asks what’s your plan. aman says we need a gun, if i’ve a gun in hand. even ananya won’t are available my manner.


Avni smiles seeing neil trying to ignite the traditional stove. avni ignites the fire. neil says i will make breakfast, inform me what sort of egg do you want. dd comes and asks him to make omelette for him.


Neil asks any replace approximately rajat. dd says no longer yet, however we are able to locate him. neil says its impossible for him to get saved from us. avni makes tea. she thinks if neil takes police force there, he will recognise mum’s truth, he’s going to recognise i m dayaben’s granddaughter avni. neil movements the boiling tea pan and asks wherein are you misplaced. she says i was considering mum. he asks did rajat name you. she is going and attends aman’s call.


Aman asks do you need to satisfy your mum, come on the address i m sending you, don’t make mistake to inform police, you recognize i can do something. she asks how did you research this to take any harmless’s lifestyles. aman says i did no longer name to listen your nonsense. she says i m geared up to do whatever, however i want evidence that my mum is nice. aman says i can provide you with evidence. he makes neela speak. avni asks how are you. neil shows her the notepad to look. avni asks neela no longer to get scared, i m coming to take you. neil receives indignant and asks why don’t you do what i say. avni says my thoughts isn’t always working, mum was sounding weak, please keep my thoughts, he is sending address. he says agree with me ananya, i promise i can not permit whatever occur to your mum. they leave.


Last Part of Naamkaran 24th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Neil remembers avni’s phrases. he asks do you trust me, that tea dealer is undercover policeman, until i keep your mother, you will stay there. she says no, i will come along. he asks her to take a seat on the stall, i will get your mum exceptional, i can’t threat your existence, try and understand, ship me your mom’s p.c on my telephone right away. she worries.
Precap: Aman says if some thing takes place to me, my dadi gained’t go away you. avni scolds him. he asks her to stop else he’s going to shoot. she keeps the gun at her brow. he gets tensed.


Update Credit To: Aneesa


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