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Naamkaran 27th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 27th February 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Naamkaran 27th February 2017 Written Episode Update. Naamkaran 27th February 2017 Written Episode Update Latest.

The episode begins with dayaben thinking of avni and neela’s words. she sees amol. diksha asks what came about, did you get heart attack. dayaben says while person gets busy in fixing all issues collectively, he loses his senses. diksha says i comprehend it, so i stop the concern reason, be it cats or hemant, if there is no worry, thoughts won’t get worn-out, easy. dayaben says i m tired and need relaxation, cross. diksha is going. dayaben says my mad daughter gave me precise concept, she iss right.

Avni sits disenchanted and sees all youngsters having food. a boy takes avni’s plate. rathore stops him and signs him to hold it returned. he goes to avni and says even animals fight for rights, we’re humans, in case you don’t fight, it suggests your weak spot, you have got ache and anger in eyes, use the anger in proper manner, it will train you to win over fears, have food.

Dayaben meets a goon and says she is the girl whom you have to kill. goon asks this female, i’ve taken big human beings supari, you are asking me to kill this girl, if humans recognize this, they may lose my fear and make amusing of me. she says i can pay more.

He says no, you are making a person else try this work. she asks why, because she is younger girl. he says yes. she says even snakes and scorpion have kids, but we’re scared by means of their poison, we thinks its practical to kill them, this girl is a satan, i felt she is harmless and young, but she attempted to smash my circle of relatives. he asks price. she says double, i m killing a devil. she offers him money. he assessments and smiles.

She says its just shagun. he asks do i have to kill her in jail. he says no, i did preparations to get her out, i did arrangements to shift some children to nasik, there’s jungle at the way. he says your work will be performed. she says till i don’t see her demise. i gained’t get peace and also you received’t get money. he sees avni’s %.

Avni talks to a boy. the boy says i will omit rathore, will you end up my friend, we can have a laugh. rathore signs on the record. the boy says i want we get greater tasty food there. avni thinks of ali and cries. rathore tells the children that they’re getting shifted to new location, desire they live satisfied, its imp to end up a terrific person, i can omit everyone, all of the quality. he sees avni and asks her to constantly be robust, darkness ends by daylight, take care, i can see you quickly. he sends the kids.

Dayaben comes home. diksha says i m finding you considering the fact that morning, i used to be concerned, whom did you cross and meet. dayaben says i can do entry in your diary. diksha says you are taunting me. dayaben lies. diksha says you are mendacity, tell me the real factor. dayaben says spare me, i have an awful lot paintings to do. diksha says you went driving along, inform me what’s the secret. dayaben says let secret be a mystery. she gets a call from constable. he says kids have become in bus, the bus will go away for nasik. dayaben smiles.

Diksha says i can find the name of the game, i m your daughter. avni leaves in the bus. neela involves remand home. dayaben informs the goon. she receives stunned seeing diksha and scolds her. she refuses to tell diksha. diksha says i usually supported you, what’s the brand new game, shall i help you, why did i am getting you from mental hospital, depart from right here. diksha takes her smartphone and is going.

Neela asks approximately avni. she meets inspector rathore. he says avni got shifted, i got orders yesterday night, she is shifted to nasik remand home, you may meet her there. she says why nasik, something is wrong. he says don’t worry, my team is with her, i m also leaving for nasik, avni is exceptional, who are you. she says i m her mom. he says however her information had… she says that she killed her mum, no, she is innocent and can’t even hate all people, she is trapped through a few incorrect humans, i m her stepmom, but she is my daughter.

He says fine, you do one thing, come nasik day after today, i will make you meet her, i will move and check did youngsters attain there accurately. she says wait a min, will you assist me, are you able to give this to her while you meet her. he is taking the lord idol and says best, but this is just a stone for her, she does not accept as true with in lord. she says i realize her belief ended, even then i have perception that maybe her belief can come again, she will see lord on this, will you supply this to her. he says certain. she thank you him. he goes.

Diksha exams dayaben’s telephone and says such an smooth password, i will see how maa hides her secret, maa is clever, she has cleared the variety details, i will discover. she calls on some range and asks who is it. dayaben says your maa and springs there. dayaben asks whom did you call, tell me, that is my telephone and that’s also my telephone, the wide variety you dialled is likewise my variety, i m more smarter than you, as i m your mum, don’t act smart with me, if you cross health center this time, i will now not get you out. she is going.

Diksha says i learnt from maa to discover the fact any manner. avni is at the manner. the kids sing songs. dayaben’s goon follows the bus and sees avni on the window aspect. the boy sees avni crying and says i realize you are lacking your mum, i did no longer see my mummy ever. the goon ambitions at avni.

Precap: The boy asks Avni to play with them. Goon aims at Avni. Rathore is on the way. Avni gets up from her seat and goes to play. Goon shoots.

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