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Naamkaran 27th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 27th March 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Naamkaran 27th March 2017 Written Episode Update. Naamkaran 27th March 2017 Written Episode Updates.

This episode starts offevolved with riya, avni and neil dancing on nashe si chad gai….. avni goes. diksha is going to kitchen. she adds some bhaang in the pakodas. avni sees dayaben. diksha receives pakodas for shweta. dayaben feeds the pakoda to diksha. ali dances on baby ko bass pasand hai. diksha goes and dances with prakash. ali dances with avni. neil holds avni’s hand and throws hues at her. shweta dances with anybody. shweta and neil prevent prakash. prakash dances with diksha. shweta says prevent it and gets irritated. dayaben and hetal worry.

Shweta scolds prakash and is going. dayaben stops shweta and sings meri chaya hai jo aapke ghar chali…… she calms down shweta. avni seems on. shweta blesses riya. everyone dance. dayaben smiles. ali involves avni.

He sees her watching dayaben. avni is going.

Ali says if she goes nowadays, i gained’t get a danger to recognise truth. riya desires glad holi to anybody and feeds pakodas. she asks neil to have one pakoda. he refuses. she says if your refuse, i’m able to hold competition. ali says good idea, boys as opposed to girls, pakoda competition. riya says my idea is in no way flop. neil asks what’s this childishness. riya says i gained’t have it, its too oily and fattening. neil sees avni and says cool then, ananya versus neil. avni stops. riya says finished. she asks avni to compete with neil, its approximately her recognition. avni says no, i don’t like those. neil says go away it riya, she is afraid to lose to me. avni thinks he’ll doubt on me if i conceal. she says i never lose, game on. ali says each the players are prepared, we are able to have pakoda competition. every body clap.

  • Avni and neil start ingesting pakoda. ali smiles and thinks even avni used to eat pakoda this way. avni coughs. neil leaves the game and runs to get water for her. he feeds her water. ali additionally receives water. neil asks are you exceptional. riya asks are you okay ananya. avni says sure. ali seems on. avni leaves from there. neil and ali study her.

Dayaben asks in which are you going ananya, with out meeting me. avni says sorry, i idea you are busy, i can meet you the following day. dayaben receives amol’s call and talks. avni stops and thinks my brother aman. she turns to see him on video call. dayaben says there’s lots noise here, wait. she asks did you consume laddoos which i have despatched, tell me, why are you concerned. amol says i m stuck in large problem, please save me. dayaben says hold, i’m able to cross inner and talk. avni hears him and says what occurred, is he exceptional. she seems round and thinks to go in the house. neil is available in her way. he asks why are you going as thief. she says sufficient, i m silent as you’re riya’s fiance, don’t hassle me, maintain one hand distance. he says i will observe you until i get some evidence, why are you scared in case you did no longer do something. they both get dizzy and assume did they add some thing in their drinks. they see every other.

Dayaben says loosen up. aman says please save me. she says none can damage me, come again, i will send price tag for you. he thanks her and says you are the fine, i miss you. she says i omit you too. ali appears for avni. he says i have visible her coming right here, wherein did she pass. he sees dayaben and hides. he says in which are you ananya, or avni.

  • Neil sings nashe si chad gai and comes to bathroom. he sees avni sitting and greets her. she greets him and laughs. he says you, what are you doing here. they each are under the influence of alcohol and take a seat giggling. she says one hand distance. he says sorry and gets away. they say what are we doing here and giggle. she asks don’t you realize. he says no. she says i recognise. he asks what. she says sshhh and signs him to come. he asks nobody hand distance. she says come na. he gets near. music plays……

they’ve an eyelock and smile. she says we got here right here to have pakoda. he asks what, in which are the pakodas. he seems round. she says don’t recognise, however you could find out anything, move and find out, get it for me. he says why shall i’m going, you return along. she says accurate concept. he gets up and offers hand to her, asking her to return. she says no. he says pakoda and signs and symptoms her to come. she holds shower tap to rise up. shower starts offevolved. he asks what’s this. she says rain dance. she dances in the bathe and falls in his hands. music plays……. diksha comes there and sees them. she thinks so that is her reality, i doubted on her intentions, she acts to be accurate valued, i will display her. she locks the toilet door.
Precap: neil and avni have an eyelock. diksha asks dayaben to come back rapid and see. neil wipes avni’s hair with a towel. diksha opens the toilet door and gets in.



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