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Naamkaran 29th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 29th March 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Naamkaran 29th March 2017 Written Episode Update. Naamkaran 29th March 2017 Written Episode Updates.

The episode begins with neil signing avni the door is shut. they stand there. shweta seems for neil. ali says don’t know what is going to riya make me do questioning i m neil. he asks her to face nicely and takes her. she asks him to sing and dance. he takes her to room. she says after marriage, we are able to stay right here , see my bed room is so massive, my fav pillow is so fluffy, you understand my bathroom is a great deal big, there is tub too. ali asks are you mad. she says neil, i turns into mad after I live for your small room, i don’t like bathroom with out bathtub.

He says fine, we are able to make bath in terrace. he falls over her. she says i’m able to get tan. he says whom is neil marrying. he asks her to sleep now, depart me. she says first promise me, we wills tay here after marriage. he says quality, we can stay here. he hears shweta and says how did she come right here.
riya says neil is here aunty. ali shuts her mouth. riya says your mum is calling you, i can inform her you may live here after marriage. shweta says that is riya talking and enters the room. she receives taken aback.

Avni asks do you honestly realize putting hair plaits. neil says i learnt everything in love, take a seat here, i can make plaits, you don’t know wiping hair, what do then, making tea. she says i understand having tea. he asks do you already know making tea and coffee. she says no. he says good, you understand to make a few matters nicely, like troubling with me, combating, blabbering. she asks are you praising me or announcing terrible. he says i find goodness in each horrific issue, every woman hides something, you have got a lot hidden, i m taking time to locate. he ties the plaits.

She says you are pronouncing as in case you did research on women. he says a person told me, what’s that guy who does no longer know the ache hidden in a lady’s heart. she says such men are just in books and tales, no longer truth. he says turn round, such man is sitting in front of you, take a look at me. she receives up and says enough, completed. he says its stated its essential to stop the work which started out. she says you said proper. he actions the hair in the back of her ears and symptoms her its quality now.

Shweta sees riya dancing on mattress. she asks wherein is neil. riya says i will alternate tillu’s name to t. shweta says you’re under the influence of alcohol. ali hides and appears on. riya asks why have been you irritated. shweta asks in which is tillu. riya signs and symptoms. shweta says he can’t be below bed. ali says this girl will make me gone. shweta says this family is bad. riya says you should deliver privacy to me and neil, you are status in room, cross. shweta says i m going, never to return back. riya says tillu will stay here after marriage, he likes all matters here. shweta says what garbage, he is my tillu, i had doubt this own family wants to kidnap my tillu. riya says sorry, i will live in his small room. shweta says its suitable to dream, see in dream that i m taking him. riya asks why are you interfering in our existence, i m his would be spouse, see tillu is going. ali goes out of room. riya falls on mattress. shweta says this circle of relatives is mad, i’m able to keep him from this mental circle of relatives. she calls out tillu.

  • Avni asks neil do you adore riya. neil seems on. dayaben says depart me. neil and avni hear her. diksha falls down. dayaben sits in room. she receives a name. she receives tensed. diksha says pay attention to me please. dayaben gets indignant.

Avni says inform me, do you adore riya. he does no longer say. dayaben says this time there may be no desire to have relation constant, if engagement does now not show up, everything may be ruined. diksha says you understand to make matters first-class. dayaben says i m worried for lifestyles, my lifestyles is at stake. diksha says why, tell me.

Dayaben says simply cross, how shall i get an awful lot cash, i m in debt. she concerns. neil and avni stumble. he says we need to go away from here, my marriage will damage, what about you. she asks him to think. he sees the ventilation window and indicates her.

Dayaben says what did you do diksha. diksha says all solutions are in rest room, come. neil lifts avni and holds his lower back. dayaben says go away me. diksha takes her. neil asks avni to maintain. avni says push me up. neil leaves avni and says i will’t elevate you, i will’t push you. diksha opens door. neil and avni jump down the window. dayaben asks who’s here. neil and avni roll away. he gets over her. they have an eyelock. they pendants get caught. he frees it. her chain falls. he asks what’s this. he remembers the pendant and says i have seen it somewhere. she says supply my chain returned. he says no, i’ve visible it. she says you may have seen such chains. he says i m announcing approximately pendant, no longer chain, let me see it. she says no. he turns to look the pix. ali comes and holds neil.
Precap: Ali runs upstairs. neela asks him to pay attention. ali jewelry bell. neela says avni is not right here. ali says open the door, i will not move everywhere. avni worries hearing him.



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