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Naamkaran 2nd June 2017 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 2nd June 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Naamkaran 2nd June 2017 Written Episode Update. Naamkaran 2nd June 2017 Written Episode Updates. 


The episode starts with prakash speaking to his mum. he says maa is coming. shweta says what will i answer her, that bahu were given swapped. prakash asks her now not to worry. shweta says if i listen name callings due to ananya, i’m able to cross, but its my house, they may move, i won’t go, help me. he says high-quality, however what approximately neil, he’ll tell her reality. shweta calls neil and asks him to exit for work. neil refuses to go. he asks prakash will he get whatever he asks today. avni sees her locket. ali receives espresso for her. fatima comes. avni says that day has come maa, i m going to take your private home from dayaben, i have to cross far from neil’s life after public sale. fatima hugs her.

Full Details of Naamkaran 2nd June 2017 Written Episode Update


Prakash asks is this your remaining choice. neil nods. prakash says excellent, i m with you in this selection. he is going. anybody see the auction arrangements.
Aman throws the chairs and shouts. ketan stops aman. aman asks who gave you permission to return here, you don’t recognize my dadi, she can now not leave you. he shouts to dayaben. he asks her to forestall them, what’s going on. dayaben asks ketan did he arrange money. he says no. she shouts why, this house, you all, is it simply my responsibility. aman says tell this later, lead them to out first. dayaben says stop it, none will cross everywhere, where will i hide my head, i can stay anyway, wherein will i am going taking amol, that is my residence. humans come for auction. neela comes. avni asks turned into it authentic whatever you said. neela says yes, you may’t spoil this marriage if you need this house.
Fatima asks avni now not to worry, let’s get this residence once, then i can talk to neela. the public sale starts. dayaben asks them to get out, no public sale is occurring, its my house. she asks every person to shut door and hold furnishings. the man asks them to come out. security breaks open the door. they take the circle of relatives out. the bidding starts offevolved. dayaben shouts forestall auction. neela smiles. safety takes dayaben and family out.


Neela bids for 20 crores. the opposite man bids for 22 crores. neela says 23 crores. the man bids 25 crores. the man owns the house. absolutely everyone clap. avni cries. the person is referred to as to signal. avni says this became mumma’s dream, how can this manifest. the man says i m now not the owner of this house, my boss offered this bungalow. avni asks why did you are taking this house at high price. he says i m only a dealer, he gave me commands on call. she asks who’s your boss. neil comes and says i purchased this house, its my house. they get greatly surprised. neil says just my family can live with me in this house, in case you want to stay here, you need to live as my spouse. neela smiles.


Neil says its a small gift for my wife, i’m hoping you want this. ali asks what’s all this, why are you doing this. neil says don’t thoughts, i don’t want your advice to ask what to shop for for my wife. ali says she did not desire to marry. neil asks why, is she a child, or is she mad that she will be able to’t determine, if she will wear bridal get dressed and sit in mandap, she did this marriage by her desire, i got cheated, her bad time begins now, you wanted this residence, i need to do some paperworks in case you allow. he is going and signs and symptoms on papers. avni asks ali to leave her on my own for some time. ali goes.


Neela says you have got seen, i attempted my quality, what are we able to do, i suppose your destiny as husband’s guide along with residence, move. she is going. physician assessments dayaben and says she got a shock. aman asks whilst will she get fine, we have to tour overseas, why did she get unwell now. diksha jokes. aman says its riya’s mistake. ketan scolds him and says its happening because of you. hetal asks riya and amol to be with dayaben. ketan scolds hetal. diksha says hetal helped us, we have to thank her, if riya and neil married, dayaben and aman would have gone, can’t we ask help from ashish. ketan says ashish left us, we should discover a house. diksha says there may be one residence, don’t recognize what is going to mum say hearing its call.


Last Part of Naamkaran 2nd June 2017 Written Episode Update


Neela cries and says forgive me avni, i behaved terrible. she asks aisha to attend to avni. neil gives her a kerchief and says i concept both of you can want this today, have it. neela thank you him for doing this for avni. he says no, for justice. she says you could say this, your eyes show something else. he says i simply need to get justice for avni, i want your assist. she says i will do what i’m able to, avni should not recognise that you understand she is avni. he nods. he says i can pass, dadi is coming to fulfill new avni. she says shweta does not like avni. he says she knows to handle herself. she says sure, its higher than being at the back of bars. she goes.


Precap: Dayaben wakes up and sees aisha and avni’s pix. she receives shocked and recalls avni. she says i’m able to’t stay here and faints.


Update Credit To: Mrs. Gupta


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