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Naamkaran 2nd May 2017 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 2nd May 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Naamkaran 2nd May 2017 Written Episode Updates. Naamkaran 2nd May 2017 Written Episode Update.


The episode starts offevolved with avni asking what’s going to humans say, its a criminal’s own family. dayaben and anybody leave. aman says stay satisfied for one more day, you received’t be satisfied for long, i promise. avni says why a lot anger and ego, calm down, discover ways to permit move, live fine, you’ll be happy, the humans around you will be happy. aman says i will get happiness once I answer you properly, my dadi has plenty money to live life fortuitously, so maintain your lecture with you. he is going. avni says someday, you’ll understand your dadi has no cash.


Full Details of Naamkaran 2nd May 2017 Written Episode Update


Fatima asks why did you come being involved that day. neela says ali lied to me. fatima says he thinks avni is alive, forgive him, neela say fact, is avni alive. neela says no, avni is not alive, the only who cherished her dad and mom, who used to stay happy, she died, dayaben killed her. fatima cries and says tell me wherein did you bury her, i don’t recognise even that. neela says chill out. fatima says i can go away. fatima gets to peer avni and her mum’s percent. maid comes and says sorry, i got past due. fatima sees the maid’s % with avni and gets thinking.
Riya says the plan flopped. dayaben comes and says shweta and her own family is coming. aman says i don’t just like the preparations. dayaben says i’m able to determine approximately ananya. hetal says what is going to they say seeing ananya here. dayaben says i will say ananya threatened us about trapping amol. all of them go. dayaben concerns and thinks i forgot to pay bank instalments, i ought to store residence from getting mortgaged, maybe i must use chanakya’s plan this time.


Diksha asks dayaben why is she scaring her, she does no longer recognize about jewelry. dayaben says forestall playing small video games, find out who is ananya. she hurts diksha. neil, ali and dd have a drink. ali asks how did you return nowadays. neil says i was busy in some case, i got here to satisfy you nowadays. ali asks did you find some thing, you are still marrying riya, are you critical. neil says its now not riya’s mistake, why are you inquisitive about kidnapping case, as ananya’s mother is involved, i can see you’re interested in ananya. ali says i don’t have any hobby in her. neil asks are you certain. ali asks shall i write on stamp paper, i don’t feel there is such connection among me and ananya. neil thinks a way to make ananya say fact, ali’s option is likewise long past. dd says we shall go away. neil and dd leave.


Dayaben asks the bank guy why did he come with out informing. avni hides and looks on. he says i came for routine check. dayaben takes her. diksha sees avni following and stops her. diksha says i m expert in your game. avni says i recognise, you morphed my and neil’s pictures and proved it. diksha goes. aman appears for television remote. riya asks what do you need to see. aman says i desired to see your birthday party cd. riya says first-rate, i can name each person. avni thinks mum got here in birthday celebration and issues. he says you don’t need all people to know approximately your mum, what is going to you do of this dvd.


Neil asks the man to scan ananya’s profile and get all information. dd says first rate concept, however ananya took the case again. neil says i know, however this is unofficial, there may be a few mystery approximately her, she has simply put three photos, the lady who loves her mum a lot, she has no p.c along with her, isn’t that bizarre, are you able to discover wherein this profile became accessed the most. the fellow says its bizarre profile, there is no vicinity check ins. neil says she met riya before engagement, there may be no pal linked. the fellow says she has booked london tickets for two human beings. neil says my twist of fate took place through amol’s vehicle on that day. he thinks ananya is smart, why did she need to keep amol, i can remedy this mystery.


Everyone smile seeing the party video. aman thinks now ananya’s mum could be visible, it is going to be amusing. the video receives horrific excellent. every other video performs. they see dayaben speaking to financial institution guy. she says none ought to understand earrings is mortgaged to bank, i can do some thing. he says excellent, i will’t allow you to maintain this for long, make its duplicate earrings. avni recollects recording the video. dayaben gets tensed. everybody receives taken aback and spot dayaben.


Last Part of Naamkaran 2nd May 2017 Written Episode Update


Dayaben asks what’s this nonsense. riya says earrings is mortgaged to bank, it means i’m able to’t wear this in marriage. aman asks become it a lie which you have tons cash and electricity, that you could do something, don’t we’ve cash. dayaben asks can i leave you alone, i promised i’m able to free you from jail, see you are right here. he shouts lie, you will have now not allow me get arrested, you will have now not taken assist from ananya, don’t touch me. avni smiles. he goes. riya says aman is not telling some thing wrong, you’ve got hidden the sort of massive issue from us, you probably did not reflect onconsideration on me, if i put on faux earrings, you know how will shweta react. hetal asks how do we do marriage with earrings. dayaben gets irritated and asks her to go and ask her father, you all got towards me in a moment, you all got luxuries, due to the fact you’re associated with me, answer me who did video recording. she sees avni.
Naamkaran 3rd May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap: Avni says i m not scared. dayaben says let me test your telephone. avni says then every body’s phone may be checked. dayaben says we can start with your phone. she tests and shows something.


Update Credit To: Aneesa


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