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Naamkaran 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Naamkaran 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update. Naamkaran 31st March 2017 Written Episode Updates.


The episode starts offevolved with neela saying why did avni now not come until now. she calls her and could not connect. she gets a gun from cabinet. avni comes home. neela asks in which had been you, you probably did now not name or message, i used to be so involved, i used to be ready. avni cries and says we have been anticipating him to return, however he did no longer come, i notion he’ll come to marry my mummy, but he did no longer. neela asks what took place at dayaben’s residence, did she say whatever or that neil. avni says neil came together with his own family, he held riya’s name going against his mum, he got engaged, what did my papa do, he left mumma and did no longer think of me and mumma for dayaben, today dayaben is getting a son in regulation like neil, the lady who couldn’t train her sons to admire ladies, she is getting such grand son in law for whom girls’s admire matters most, what’s this justice. she is going. neela says who’s this neil, avni hated men, i have visible her respecting him.
prakash says you did no longer do proper. neil says i did what i idea proper. prakash says you did no longer listen to shweta and held riya’s hand. neil says it changed into about fulfilling promise, you furthermore mght went against family and married mum. prakash says state of affairs changed into special, my great buddy died, shweta turned into alive, i had to keep her hand else it’d be large mistake. shweta says it changed into my mistake, my circle of relatives changed into not with me that time or even now i m by myself. she cries. neil says i m sorry, please forgive me. shweta says you did what you wanted, you’ve got grown up now, you left my hand and held riya’s hand today, i can not trade my choice, i can now not take delivery of her.


Its morning, neil jogs in park. he sees avni and hides. he says madam comes here every day for going for walks, where is dd. dd sells icecream. neil calls him and says simply communicate of labor, examine that woman. dd says we are simply seeing her for the reason that some days. neil says follow her and get all data, preserve an eye fixed on her. dd says quality. he sees avni long gone. neela comes and buys icecream. dd says neil gained’t go away me. avni asks neela about icecream after going for walks. neela says you need to have goodies before good work, you heard dayaben, discover where is aman. avni says i m equipped.


Riya says see this ananya, its my fav. solitaire similar to i wanted. she asks dayaben why is her birthday stupid and unhappy. dayaben says we’re in anxiety, allow marriage appear, else there can be not anything. riya says stop pressure by using buying matters, is that this dupatta accurate for shweta. dayaben says will this transformation shweta’s thoughts. riya says engagement happened. avni says i will explain, its imp that neil’s own family accepts you.


Shweta says hetal, neil and i won’t accept riya. hetal asks her to suppose once. ali serves meals. shweta says i heard you lots, my solution is not any. she eats food. ali says shweta is correcting neil’s incorrect decisions, what came about to neil. he collides with dd. dd asks for neil. ali says no, he did no longer come, his mum is here. shweta asks dd to come back to her and no longer hide. ali says meet me later.


Avni says marriage is among families, now not simply man and woman, if shweta does no longer accept you, it’ll have an effect on your and neil’s relation. riya says i realize neil, he’s going to persuade shweta. dayaben says its now not easy, we must assume. she thinks to maintain neil on her facet, in order that he simply sees riya and her love. she says ananya, you’ve got do one paintings for me and riya, will you do. hetal says please simply once shweta. shweta says no, simply take the shagun back. hetal says it’ll defame riya. shweta says this marriage received’t happen, my solution isn’t any. she is going. dd gives shagun to hetal. hetal is going. dd says i m now not liking the relation breaking. ali says individual has to remorse all existence if he does not marry proper accomplice.


Dayaben says we are able to hold an excellent party on riya’s birthday. riya thank you her. dayaben says neil and his family will come. avni asks how. dayaben says you may speak to him, you and neil prepare for birthday party, ask him to convince shweta to return. riya says please don’t say no. avni says but dadi… she sees aman’s % and thinks for my brother, i will do. she says i can speak to neil. riya thanks her. dayaben says i will just count on help from you. avni smiles.


DD says you need to know approximately ananya. ali says sure why. dd says everybody is calling approximately ananya, even neil requested me to get her information. ali asks why. dd says i’m able to’t inform it, its top secret. ali asks him to say. neil comes and asks what private data are you sharing. dd says no, ali was asking approximately ananya. neil asks ali why do you want to recognise. ali says i used to be wondering how can riya’s friend be calm. neil asks are you mad. ali says she fights with you, she does no longer talk to me. avni calls neil.


  • He says i m amazed, how did you name. she says dadi needs us to plan riya’s birthday. he says first-rate, cafe in 20mins. she asks can’t we meet some other place. he says chamko cafe. she consents. he ends call and says my real plan is to recognize your all plans. avni comes to chamko cafe. she sees the pond and thinks will i am getting my aman quickly, chamko try and solution such as you continually used to do. neil comes and says so we meet once more, what’s the plan. she says dayaben wishes you and me to plot riya’s marvel birthday celebration. he says we shall sit down and communicate. he says so that you can do some thing for dadi.


She says sure, masquerade birthday party may be first-rate theme, riya will love it. neil says masks hides humans’s real face, secrets and techniques and cheats. she issues and takes masks from him. she says each person wears mask, some hide reality and a few disguise lie, it depends on you, what you have hidden. he says i don’t put on masks, i put off masks from liar and cheaters’ face. she says definitely, proper for you, one that hides some thing are scared, tell me if you have better concept. he says we are able to meet soon once more. she leaves. he says from where she comes and is going, what she wants, what’s her reasons, i don’t apprehend but i will find out.

Precap: Ali runs upstairs. neela asks him to concentrate. ali rings bell. neela says avni is not here. ali says open the door, i won’t pass everywhere. avni concerns.



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