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Naamkaran 3rd May 2017 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 3rd May 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Naamkaran 3rd May 2017 Written Episode Updates. Naamkaran 3rd May 2017 Written Episode Update.


The episode begins with dayaben asking who did recording. diksha takes avni’s cellphone and asks for password. avni says i did now not do anything, go back my telephone. riya asks who did it then, inform me, we kept jewelry container on your room so that we will kick you out of right here, however earrings became discovered in diksha’s car, wow, ananya you performed game, you did the recording. ananya says i came here to reform amol, riya you name me your pal, did you no longer get shame to do all this, diksha supply my smartphone again. dayaben says you said right ananya, you provide me your telephone, so that they don’t say some thing. avni says none insulted me until now, its high-quality, everyone’s smartphone could be checked then. riya agrees and gives her telephone. dayaben says we are able to begin with ananya’s cellphone. avni concerns. the man says the picture is morphed.


Full Details of Naamkaran 3rd May 2017 Written Episode Update


Neil says it method ananya’s mother isn’t always the one in p.c. dd says we could not see ananya’s mom at kidnapping website, she made her depart. neil says amol is aware of her, however he isn’t pronouncing something. dd says case is complex. neil receives information approximately her university. neil asks is there any faculty record. the fellow tells him about a few school cited in her profile.
Neil asks him to test, this information is for remaining 10 years, any preceding info. the fellow says no. dayaben assessments smartphone and says there may be no video in it. all of them get bowled over. avni takes riya’s cellphone and gives to dayaben. dayaben tests and says there is no video in it, riya is silly. avni offers diksha’s phone. dayaben sees the video and stares at diksha. diksha gets bowled over and says i did no longer do this. dayaben slaps her and scolds.


Neil says we haven’t any solutions about ananya’s past, all solutions are on this connection,what’s amol and ananya’s connection, we have to discover who ananya’s mum appears. avni recalls diksha’s crimes. she thinks diksha attempted guilty me, this punishment is very much less for her crimes, this is only a begin, i should make aman realise, how a circle of relatives made an harmless infant an animal, i can make the whole lot excellent, i have to meet neil first. neil says i should meet ananya, however we haven’t any excuse. dd says your marriage is the excuse. neil says proper, mother desires to decide marriage date, matters got complicated, we have no way. dd asks is it imp to contain ali. neil says there may be no other way.


Ali works out. fatima receives juice for him. she recalls the photograph and says i understand ananya is avni. ali says that’s why i feel so, i will show this. she asks how will we prove this. ali says concept, neil’s marriage….


Shweta assessments some decorations things and tells prakash that she called pandit additionally. he asks did you ask neil. she says its all constant, ali is coming he will assist us, then we are able to go for neil’s shopping. he says its difficult to apprehend you, to procure ready for riya suddenly. she remembers dayaben’s phrases.


Neil gets a message and smiles. dd asks what came about. neil says its ananya’s message, she desires to meet me. he reads.. i recognise you feel i cheated you, please permit me give an explanation for. dd says then we don’t need to involve ali. neil replies. fatima says we don’t know she is avni or now not, recall you adore avni, now not ananya. ali says ananya is avni, my coronary heart says this. he smiles. he says i have to pass and meet shweta, bye. he leaves.
neil and avni meet at cafe. neil says you desired to meet me, you aren’t pronouncing some thing. she says i did not cheat me, believe me. he asks why did you not supply declaration, are they threatening you, agree with me, i guarantee not anything will occur to you. she says no, i need to trade amol. he asks do you comprehend amol would have shot you. she says he did not shoot, he can’t shoot, he isn’t a crook. he says i don’t consider this, you are defending that man who abducted your mum, what do you want. she looks at him.


Last Part of Naamkaran 3rd May 2017 Written Episode Update


He gets a name and goes. shweta waits for ali. avni leaves. ali meets shweta and says sorry, i got late. shweta says i came here to take you. they depart. neil comes again and thinks in which did this lady go. he looks for avni. she comes again and sits. he sees her and says i notion you have run away again. she says i went to washroom. he says ok, why did you need to satisfy me. she says you saved my mom’s existence, thank you, believe me, i did no longer cheat you. he says first-rate, until while do we combat, don’t feel responsible, i accept as true with you. she smiles. bolna mahi bolna….plays…. they shake fingers. ali talks to neil and congratulates for marriage date fixing. he says i m going for shopping with shweta. neil says thank you, we can meet. he ends name and tells avni approximately his marriage date solving. she congratulates him. she hopes neil will recognize why is she doing all this.
Naamkaran 3rd May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap: Aman receives locked in a room. he shouts to dayaben. avni says i’ve come, are you quality, not anything will take place to you. neil appears on.


Update Credit To: Aneeta


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