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Naamkaran 6th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 6th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Naamkaran 6th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Naamkaran 6th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


This episode starts offevolved with neela announcing we should see whom is dayaben meeting, the whole thing could be first-rate, not anything will take place to aman. riya goes to neil and ali comes in her manner. she asks what are you doing right here, how dare you come. fatima takes ali. avni sees fatima and says i want to hug fatima, i couldn’t meet her eyes. neela says its volatile, we will’t do some thing. fatima gets irritated on riya. ali says consider avni, not riya. fatima says end paintings, we should leave. ali says you promised you may meet her. fatima says i met ananya, she is not avni.


Full Details of Naamkaran 6th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Ali gets stunned. fatima says if she was my avni, she might have hugged me, she might have not grew to become face away. he says please, meet her another time for my sake. she says quality, allow me paintings. he thanks her. avni says make me meet to fatima via a few excuse.


Neela says we don’t have any time. avni goes to fatima. neela sees dayaben. riya stops avni and calls neil. she says its my birthday party, there needs to be dance, let’s all play a sport, dance with destiny. neil and avni refuse.
neela signs avni. riya says this sport suggests pairing is crafted from heaven. neil asks her to give an explanation for. riya says we are able to put our names chits in this bowl, we are able to dance with the pairing we get. neela says we will get trapped, we ought to preserve a watch on dayaben. neil asks dd to get ananya’s name in her chit. riya asks dd to write neil’s call. ali asks dd to write down ananya’s name. dd says neil and ali need ananya, what does ananya need.


Shweta comes home and calls out neil. she says maybe neil is involved anyways. she sees the present field and receives invoice. she receives angry. fatima says i ought to come here and paintings. she gets irritated. avni is going to her. avni asks shall i help nanno. fatima sees her and asks you known as me nanno. avni says i heard ali calling you nanno. she holds fatima’s arms. she enables her and touches her feet. fatima asks her to head now. avni is going.


Dayaben gets a name and is going out. avni follows her. ali follows avni. neela symptoms avni approximately ali. dayaben sees avni and acts. she says i were given harm. avni says i can get ice for you. fatima says this woman can’t be avni, my avni can’t fall so low to care for dayaben. avni hears her and is going. ali says perhaps she is helpless, how will you already know she is not avni by using assembly once. fatima says i’m able to’t live here in my kids’s murderer’s house and goes.


A person comes to meet dayaben. neela is going to peer. shweta calls neil. riya stops him and says no office paintings today, simply have a good time my birthday. dd stops avni and asks her to come back. avni says no, i need to take ice % for dayaben. diksha says you aren’t her daughter, just thoughts our work. neil says you have no excuse, what is going to you do now.


Ketan meets dayaben. neela says ketan…. every person take their chits. neil says ananya. avni says neil. ali and riya get paired. riya says its my birthday celebration, i can determine with whom to bop. neil says you can’t again out, ali no combating nowadays. he stops avni. he calls her coward. avni argues with him. she refuses to bop. riya insists. she says you are very lucky to get my bf to dance with, its count of one dance. neil says yes madam, i m your best adam.


Dayaben says pay attention to me, amol ought to no longer get harmed, we need to end this problem. ketan says sure, you are giving me big obligation. she gives him cash. he says i won’t let anything manifest to amol and is going. neela says what were they announcing about aman, what’s occurring, ketan went from riya’s celebration, i should discover. riya and ali dance. neil and avni dance. meherbani…..performs………neil does now not allow avni cross. he symptoms dd. dd spreads the smoke. neil handcuffs avni and takes her. avni asks him to go away her, else she will be able to shout. neil signs no.


Last Part of Naamkaran 6th April 2017 Written Episode Update


He asks her to manipulate her tongue, you need to shout in court docket, due to the fact these days your real face could be exposed. she struggles to move. he shows her the pendant piece and asks do you remember some thing. she checks her pendant and sees its different. she asks why did you prevent and pushes him.


Precap of Naamkaran 7th April 2017 Written Episode Update. Avni sees neil assisting fatima and thinks you aren’t like you’re visible, you know distinction among right and wrong. he sees her and thinks you aren’t awful at heart, its a question you’re proper or wrong. he holds her. they argue.



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