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Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 20th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 20th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdats. Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 20th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 20th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


He episode begins with harjeet pronouncing ahana desired a toddler, however she died earlier than her desire were given fulfilled. naina says i don’t experience fine, i will name raghav and depart. harjeet says ok. naina sees ahana’s percent and is going. raghav says its a quick tale, lord gave me lots, he made me a rich man, however took away my near relation. khurana asks what happened. naina comes there and hears them. raghav says you have been speaking to your spouse’s percent and saying you are jealous of me and naina’s relation, however truth is we are separated now, just divorce did not happen. naina thinks raghav might also inform khurana approximately the child, and then khurana will know its ahana’s baby. she is going and forestalls raghav. he says i can tell khurana, he is my brother. she says high-quality, inform each person, but see he is not in a country to listen. raghav sees khurana sleeping. naina says if all and sundry hears this, it maybe problem, its ira’s sasural, come we shall depart.


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They take a seat inside the car. they depart. raghav and naina have a cute argument. she asks why turned into your percent there in renu’s house, i’m able to pass home if you don’t solution, this time don’t try to prevent me. he asks her to return home silently. she asks again. he receives angry on her. she asks motive force to take them domestic. raghav says next time i’m able to carry tape to shut your mouth. she asks him why is he pronouncing people that they got separated, child is annoyed with him. he asks is toddler saying this or you. she says both.


She asks for icecream. he says shops are closed. she indicates the shop and asks him to get it. he asks her to sit down in vehicle, i do not forget i can get all flavors, just be right here. raghav is going and buys icecream. he says when spouse is pregnant, the whole thing becomes emergency. the man says raghav, did you identify me, we all used to live in equal neighborhood, i m proud seeing your fulfillment. raghav concerns and asks him to present icecream. naina says he maybe inquiring for flavors and is going to him. the person says i m happy to procure married, and blesses them. naina asks do him. the man says sure, i felt bad listening to that incident, i did no longer consider that would happen. naina asks what incident. raghav scolds the man and refuses to recognise him. he’s taking naina and leaves.


She eats icecream. she asks who turned into that uncle, i felt he knows you. raghav says such humans makes family members with wealthy human beings, maybe he become announcing approximately veer, all of us is making news, its enough for the day, have icecream and be quiet.


Harjeet does arrangements and asks khurana to mention if everything is ideal. he says obviously, its suitable. she says there may be chunar rasam these days, come home early. he is of the same opinion. she introduces him to pandit. pandit asks him and his spouse to sit down in rasams. khurana says my wife died, she is no more. pandit asks did you do soul peace puja for her. harjeet says we have been now not in india that time. pandit says we ought to maintain puja earlier than the rasams. khurana says i will hold puja, we are able to do this. harjeet says thank you, however sorry i will’t include you. khurana says i will control. he is going.


Pam goes to dadi and tells about ira and armaan’s relation. she says i stored their relation, you must be happy but you are being cussed. dadi says if you made a decision everything, what’s the that means to take my opinion. pam says you are head of mehra family. dadi asks do you remember, you have to have taken opinion earlier than, veer died one week returned and you are keeping marriage features, depart me by myself. pam says sorry and is going to sudha. she says dadi were given mad, harjeet wishes marriage arrangements to begin from nowadays. sudha asks what. pam says you help me please. she gets a call and is going.


Renu’s mum does soul peace puja for her and apologizes. she says your existence become misplaced due to me, your murderer got punished, you obtain justice, your soul can even get peace. khurana is going to do soul peace puja for ahana. he offers the plate to pandit. pandit asks him to get the essential puja objects, else puja can’t whole. the girl offers the gadgets to khurana. he says its k, i’m able to get it. she says there have to be no delay for any soul to get peace, have this. he thanks her and asks is your puja executed. she says yes.


He sees renu’s percent and says sorry to your loss, who is she. she says my daughter and cries. she receives dizzy. he asks are you ok. she faints. he asks the people do all and sundry realize her, what shall i do. sudha comes to harjeet’s residence and asks what are you doing, you declare to be my friend, you probably did not think i may be harm, my son’s ashes aren’t immersed in river, you need to get baraat to my house. harjeet says i thought to hurt naina, you need to damage naina, we should get this marriage accomplished soon. sudha asks what do you suggest. harjeet says its marriage house, any incident can appear, there may be chunri rasam today, we give chunri to bahu’s bhabhi too. sudha asks what do you mean. harjeet says this chunri is naina’s death fabric. sudha receives greatly surprised.


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Naina calls someone. raghav knocks the door and jokes. she says my chef got here, he’s mad, i known as to invite if you found approximately renu’s mum. the person says no, she did not come. raghav asks her to open door. she opens the door. he stares at her. she asks is there lipstick mark on my face, what’s wrong, inform me. dadi comes and smiles seeing her. dadi compliments her and says he additionally got mesmerized seeing you. naina jokes and laughs. dadi says you’re sparkling as you are pregnant. raghav says you said right, naina seems like a moon. kal ho na ho…..plays……..

Precap: Aarmaan says i will contend with ira properly. raghav warns him. harjeet scolds ira and gives her a one-of-a-kind chunri.


Update Credit To: Aneeta


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