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Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 24th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 24th March 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 24th March 2017 Written Episode Update. Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 24th March 2017 Written Episode Updates.

The episode begins with khurana and harjeet coming to raghav’s workplace. they see the group. khurana sees raghav ill. raghav holds his belly and lies in ache. harjeet gets taken aback. raghav asks what are you doing right here. khurana says you are forgetting even i have percentage on this office, i don’t need your permission to come back right here. pandey says allow raghav rest.

  • Harjeet goes. raghav argues with khurana and asks him to wander off. khurana says i m not interested to argue, i got my mum to expose my new workplace. he sees harjeet long gone. harjeet appears for naina. khurana goes out and asks what are you doing here. harjeet says i was locating that woman, raghav is in pain here, its rahukaal. khurana says you don’t talk this here, you don’t recognise raghav is very clever. raghav says khurana is right, i m smart, my attorneys are more clever, please leave.

Harjeet says lower your tone, none dared to provide orders to my youngsters except their mum. he says of direction, you, your sons and your rules, so armaan is such sick mannered, perhaps he went on his mum. khurana shouts. raghav raises hand on him. harjeet holds raghav’s hand. she says what did you see approximately us, you cross and get your remedy done, you may need courage to fight with us. she offers him water. she asks khurana to return. raghav asks pandey about medical doctor.

Khurana says until i get legally entry here, i’m able to’t discover that girl and my infant. she says don’t fear, we are able to go away now. he says i should reach that lady soon, why did i no longer think of this idea earlier than, i paid cash to safety shield, i will ask him if any woman staff came late or if she changed into on leave. she thinks to stop khurana.

  • She says our rahukaal did no longer cease, we will not be successful, we will leave now. he says its okay, i’m able to ask. he asks shield did any woman group of workers got here past due or got absent today. harjeet sees naina and thinks if she identifies me, if defend tells khurana approximately naina then… she makes peon placed tea on khurana. she sends the shield to get tissue. she moves khurana aside. naina is going. harjeet asks khurana to return. khurana says that is disgusting and goes.

Raghav asks naina and her physician to go away. naina asks what’s awful in this doctor. raghav asks do you’ve got diploma or no longer. doctor says who gets diploma along. raghav says i m certain you aren’t proper, please leave. physician says how to check him, he is calling my degree. naina asks him to expose degree and close raghav’s mouth. she signs medical doctor. she says sorry to waste your time, my boss does no longer need remedy, he has no pain. doctor says nice, he has to endure ache for seventy two hours. raghav says come on, do checkup, i was simply announcing. medical doctor asks are you sure and smiles.

He tests raghav. raghav says i simply had an apple. doctor says i think i have to do your blood check, i’m able to take your blood pattern. raghav says no need. naina symptoms health practitioner. she argues with raghav for stealing her apple and diverts him. raghav says i will purchase a tree and give you, don’t scold me for an apple. physician says i have taken the sample. naina says you’re welcome sir, don’t forget i did this earlier than… she recollects old moment and gets quiet. health practitioner gives medicines. she thanks doctor. physician goes.

  • Raghav asks naina to drop him home. he offers her car keys. khurana talks to shukla and says no, we need professionals, lease the top investigators, find that lady, till i get my child, i’m able to not sit down quiet. harjeet hears him and thinks he’ll locate naina, i have to do some thing, i will entice him in a plan. she goes to him and blesses him. she says i’m able to now not take a seat quiet until i see my inheritor i will maintain maha yagya at home. he is going. she says that is my promise, i will blow off the kuldeepak of this house.

Naina takes raghav domestic. she makes him sit on sofa. she says i’m able to depart now. he says i did not ask you to depart, you’re always in hurry, no leave, there may be a lot work. she sits playing game and says until you observed the mission to present me, i will play game. he says gambling games is your work. she says you stated proper. he says shut up and visit get bloodless compressed returned, its in dadi’s room. she asks shall i visit dadi’s room. he asks why, any hassle. she says no. he asks her to head. she says i’m able to simply come. he thinks i received’t assist you to shift here permanently, i recognise dadi can get exceptional whilst you are right here, if dadi feels satisfied, i will will let you come right here, i hate you, but i like dadi greater.

  • Naina meets dadi. she talks to dadi and says i prayed for you on holi day, i have out garlands on radha krishna to keep your traditions, these days an antique woman blessed me in temple and stated properly things that my toddler is lord’s avatar, i was very glad hearing it, you understand she desired to take my baby’s blessing, in case you saw me on this country, you’ll have taken care of me. she makes dadi touch her baby. dadi smiles.

Naina asks her to get first-rate quickly. she says i need you dadi and cries. she says i recognize you will get pleasant soon. raghav appears on. harjeet blows the shank. she calls someone and says rahukaal ended, you have to do the work quickly, anything happens, don’t let naina reach home, observe her like shadow. she talks to ahana and says you haven’t any work in heaven, you got here to assist khurana in locating your toddler, what i’m able to do, you may see how i spoil khurana’s existence. she sees album. she says khurana wanted to know that woman’s percent, i’m able to display him such girl, that khurana will get convinced that this girl is near raghav’s circle of relatives. she says i m clever, see this female is stunning. she suggests a photo and says as soon as i provide this percent to khurana, he’ll get busy in locating this woman, i’m able to play my flow, naina will lose your infant, i’m able to earn suitable deed to make you meet your toddler in heaven. the goons sees naina and stop her. naina gets taken aback.

Precap: Harjeet says good time will start when I hear that girl shouting, don’t show pity, kill that baby, that baby will not come in this world. Goons walk towards Naina.

Update Credit to: Aneesa

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