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Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 27th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 27th February 2017 Written Episode Update on lollyupodates. Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 27th February 2017 Written Episode Update. Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 27th February 2017 Written Episode Update latest.

The episode starts with raghav asking pandey to pay sharma’s children’s expenses, i’ve sent sharma to prison, as he made his wife do robbery, he got punished, why ought to his children get punished, pass and pay their expenses. naina sees raghav’s percent and thinks of him. she talks to her child in womb. she says husband and spouse get closer when a toddler comes in their lifestyles, however in my existence, this went wrong, i gave womb on hire in order that raghav succeeds in commercial enterprise, but now…. she cries.

Raghav sits via dadi’s side and says what did i end up. i want just hatred, now not love, but seeing naina, i recalled her cheat, she is pregnant with a person else’s baby, i used to be this kind of idiot. i was so dumb to suppose naina loves me, she fooled me by way of her love and challenge, it became all fake, she in no way loves me.

Naina says i lost my love and now we modified so much that we are able to’t identify each different, we chose special ways in lifestyles. raghav modified so much, i did all this as i desired him to turn out to be large businessman, but he changed lots, i hate raghav. raghav says i hate naina, she in no way cherished me, its 2d month of her being pregnant, it manner she were given pregnant when she became with me, she turned into my spouse and had a person else’s child, even though she did no longer love me, she would have reputable our relation, she made fun of me, i m now not that raghav who was once desirable, i can kill that guy who snatched my naina from me, i will locate him.
he calms down and says why ought to i get angry, that naina left me for him, or because he left naina, i don’t take care of naina and her happiness, i knew i did no longer deserve her, she should have no longer a higher existence associate than me, however i loved her. naina says why do i love him a lot and cries. she says i really like you raghav and hugs his percent. kal ho na ho….performs………

Its morning, naina receives geared up for workplace. she receives milk. she collides with dilraj and eggs fall down. naina says sorry, i can get new eggs in night. she receives pandey’s name and says sure, i got papers, i m on the way to office. she ends call and runs to vomit. dilraj cleans the floor and says you constantly do my loss. naina says i m in hurry, i will get one dozen eggs for you, sorry for today please. she says my clothes are stinking, there’s no time to exchange. she sprays perfume and leaves for office.

Mehra corporations board is constant at office. pandey asks whilst will you end the paint work, raghav will come. the man says i’m able to exchange more forums after which try this paintings. naina involves office and assessments her stinking clothes. pandey asks did you placed all of the perfume bottle on you, you’re celebrating as i lost my organisation. she says i finished papers and gives him. he says i m running in my personal organization and listening to raghav’s scoffs. he sees raghav coming and praises him.

Raghav sneezes with the aid of the perfume smell. he asks naina did she bath in perfume. pandey jokes. he suggests the nameboard. raghav says meet me in my cabin, cross and exchange. he falls down. the body of workers laughs seeing him. raghav moves the ladder off him and gets up. he sees the paint fallen on him, and scolds naina.

He says you knew i have hypersensitivity from fragrance. pandey asks how will naina understand this. raghav says ms khatra… she says sorry sir, ms. batra. he says your call ought to be ms. khatra, you constantly invite danger, your sorry won’t assist, you will put returned paint inside the packing containers by using hand, do your paintings. he leaves. pandey asks naina to start the paintings and is going.

Pandey goes to raghav and talks. raghav says i m going to throw you out today, pass and get the envelop from drawer. pandey offers him. raghav says i m going for assembly, pass home and make this envelop reach dadi. he is going and sees naina cleansing the paint. he is going to pandey and says naina spoiled many stuff, ship her domestic, i don’t want her to damage extra things. he is going. pandey says raghav means naina will rest at home and i’m able to deliver drug treatments. he asks naina to present the envelop at raghav’s house. naina asks did raghav say this, how am i able to go. he asks her to do as stated. he gives her one hundred rs and asks her to head in cab. naina concurs.

Sudha and pam argue. pam says i m returning austria. sudha asks what, why and how. pam says ira were given jackpot, she were given a amazing groom. sudha asks who is marrying ira, inform me. pam says i will’t tell this to you, its time for dadi’s sponge bathtub, you need to do that to come to be properly in raghav’s eyes. sudha says listen, we stayed as sisters, you could’t leave me here. pam says i must meet journey agent.

Naina comes there to deliver drug treatments. she sees a nurse and says i got here from raghav’s office, this is dadi’s medicines. nurse asks her to head and supply it herself. naina waits to dadi’s room. dadi receives a deep breath and actions her hand.

Precap: Naina says Raghav is great, I m small employee in his office, man becomes rich by money, heart stays poor, Raghav is poor.

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