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Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 29th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 29th March 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 29th March 2017 Written Episode Update. Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 29th March 2017 Written Episode Updates.

The episode begins with raghav pronouncing tension isn’t exact for our toddler. naina asks our toddler, are you under the influence of alcohol. raghav asks inspector to see her annoyance. inspector says why is she denying approximately infant. raghav says she is angry and does not want to say that is my toddler. dilraj says you ought to have been an actor or flesh presser, you act well, we had been going to whinge about you, and you came here. he says dilraj, can i call you didi. she says no, call me pass over. kaur. he says high-quality, i m not acting, i found out my mistake, i without a doubt changed, so i got here here. he asks naina not to be irritated. she reminds their divorce happened. he says sure, you gave me divorce, but i did no longer come up with divorce. she asks what.

  • He suggests the papers and says it has your signs and symptoms, i by no means filed it, my signs aren’t there. naina tests and says its a lie, you signed first and sent me papers, its faux papers. he says you’re blaming me, i m law abiding citizen, i can’t assume to break laws, naina signed papers, we’re still married. naina says i will kill you. she receives dizzy. dilraj says this guy is troubling naina. he says its my new plan to attend to our toddler. naina says but that is…. he says come domestic with me, don’t be angry, assume if this turned into my sport plan, why might i get police, i need to take naina with me. she asks is this any comic story.

Pandey says this lady is raghav’s gf sonali, who stated she works in our workplace. khurana asks where does she work. pandey says she is health practitioner, you please go away, raghav can come every time. he is going. khurana says raghav claimed to like his spouse in austria, here he has a gf, extraordinary, if this girl is physician, why will she emerge as surrogate of ahana, some thing can take place, i must reach her anyway for my child, i can’t be faraway from my child.

Inspector says raghav will prove you wrong, you need to come to us, if he says he will deal with you, go with him, provide him a risk, if he does no longer live properly, you may touch us, i referred to as social employee that will help you. dilraj says i m social employee, i m there for naina, i can go together with naina. raghav says pleasant, come, we are able to live collectively. zeenu asks will i live on my own. raghav says no, include us, my residence is massive, i m glad to get sister in laws. dilraj says my eyes will be on you, if you hurt naina, i can no longer leave you.

He says i will no longer come up with danger to bitch, naina we’re going our domestic. naina is going to percent luggage. khurana is going to fulfill sonali and rehearses. he says you have my child to your womb. he sees papaya plate and says how can she eat papaya, she does now not take care of my child. he rehearses again and says how can you eat papaya understanding it could be dangerous for toddler. he asks a person about sonali. the man says she left, she could be waiting for taxi out of doors. sonali waits for vehicle. she thinks she forgot affected person report and collides with khurana. he says you could’t be careless in this nation. she asks what. he says i m rehaan khurana, i had appointment with you. she says yes sorry, there is an emergency. he asks shall i drop you, we are able to speak at the way. she says sure, i’m able to get document.

Sudha says don’t understand what’s taking place in raghav’s mind, he ordered on smartphone to get room wiped clean, and wholesome meals. pam says i suppose he is bringing armaan from prison. sudha laughs and says you clean your thoughts, go to spa, you truely assume raghav gets armaan. raghav comes. sudha says you got here, we decorated master suite and were given the whole thing from marketplace, can we ask, who’s coming. pam says we made aarti plate equipped, perhaps raghav wants us to try this for him. raghav says you have to pamper naina. they get taken aback.

He says naina, zeenu and dilraj will live with us right here. he asks them to attend to naina. sudha asks will they live right here. pam says you made naina go away. he asks them to welcome naina by means of all rituals as she is bahu. sudha and pam visit get kalash. raghav assks are you positive now that i modified. she says i believe the goons whom you despatched to take my life.

Sonali and khurana are at the way. sonali asks khurana what’s the matter. he says i prepared speech to speak. she says i m doctor, if i should deal with you, you inform me the entirety certainly. he says i don’t want remedy, how to mention, its so difficult, you have got my toddler in your womb. she asks what. he says i know you are greatly surprised, my wife did this remedy by hiding, you recognize its unlawful in austria, why did you help my wife. she says stop the auto, are you quality, you suspect i turns into surrogate, i imply i m unmarried and you watched so, how did you believe you studied this. he says you mean you don’t understand ahana. she says i went austria on holiday, i don’t recognize ahana. he says you may say you received’t understand raghav, a person from his office called the doctor. she says raghav and i are simply relationship, you’re wrong. he says who can or not it’s. she says naina batra works in his workplace, she is pregnant. he asks do her. she says yes, she is his secretary. he says naina batra.

Sudha and pam do naina’s aarti and welcome her by all rituals. naina steps in the residence. zeenu asks sudha to make pizza for her. dilraj says make butter paratha for me. naina says i can control. i m getting late for office, i have no time to devise revenge. she is going. dilraj and zeenu go with her. sudha says raghav, something naina did, you acquire her home. pam reminds what naina did. he says i take into account, this is my house, even you did a lot, shall i make you go away, why will i make my wife go away, dadi receives nice due to naina, that’s the motive. sudha says extraordinary. he thinks i m sure someone does no longer need naina’s infant to are available in global, i received’t let some thing appear to child, his existence is more than my hatred.
Precap: raghav says i m no longer your enemy, i m saving you from enemies. she says i don’ agree with you. he says i want i should clear your false impression.



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