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Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 30th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 30th March 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 30th March 2017 Written Episode Updates.Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 30th March 2017 Written Episode Update.

The episode starts with khurana coming to mehra office. he sees pandey and goes to him. he asks does naina batra paintings right here. pandey says yes, however why. khurana holds his collar and says your paintings isn’t to ask, just to offer answer, in which is naina batra. naina comes and says i m naina batra. he turns and sees her. she recalls their assembly. he sees her belly. he says you…..you are naina batra. she says sure, so? he says how can you be, you are naina mehra, raghav mehra’s spouse. pandey and all people get shocked. the girl asks how, did we see them speaking, it approach they fooled us. rajan says raghav favors naina constantly and change regulations. pandey says i did no longer suppose this in dream, that raghav and naina have such relation.

khurana asks how did you become naina batra . she says its none of your commercial enterprise. he says its simply my business. he shows ahana’s p.c and says you already know her. she says ahana. he says yes, the late ahana khurana, married to rehaan khurana, you’ll keep in mind you’ve got our amanat.
naina recalls ahana’s words and thinks he does now not want ahana’s toddler to are available international, how did he attain me, i must do some thing. he asks why are you silent, why did your face turn light. she says you thought i might be glad meeting you, we must communicate. he says exactly, we’ve to speak.

He says you have got my toddler on your womb, i m the daddy of the child. naina receives bowled over and holds her tummy. she says what rubbish, stay in limit and talk. he says you can’t disguise truth, i will see you are pregnant, ahana made you surrogate. she scolds him and asks how dare you say such reasonably-priced aspect, i m pregnant with my husband’s toddler.

She says i m a thankfully married female and shows her ring. she says i m married to a wealthy and successful businessman, why will i do this, if my husband knows this blame, you’re saying its your child, then even lord can’t save you. he says i m not afraid of lord and devil, none can prevent me from locating my baby, you’ll say you don’t recognise ahana. naina says i realize her, we were pals, it does now not imply i m her surrogate. he asks what about calls crafted from this office to austria’s medical doctor. she says this is my smartphone, take a look at, i did no longer call any doctor, what happened, you’re shocked. he says no, i m angry on you, you’re lying, i don’t know why are you doing this. naina says i recognise you are rude and smart businessman, who can go to any quantity to fail rivals, you are doing this as raghav is equal to you, raghav does charity everywhere, perhaps our workforce referred to as health practitioner from here approximately charity, this can happen proper. he says sufficient. she shouts sufficient, depart from here, i’m able to name raghav, don’t consider doing this dialogue again. he leaves. she says did you see, he’s your dad, ahana told me he does not need this baby, what shall i do, i can now not permit anything appear to you, you are mine, none can separate you from me.

  • Pam and sudha see the lengthy list. pam asks will three girls devour so much meals, we should move. sudha says simply see, what i do, i ordered meals from eating place. pam says i like you. sudha says if raghav sees us, he’ll supply us work. zeenu stops them and asks wherein are you going. sudha says i m now not your aunty. pam says we did no longer tell even our saas, who’re you. dilraj comes and asks why are you angry, your saas is bed ridden, i’m able to ask raghav. sudha says no need to invite him, we are going for excessive tea. dilraj asks what. pam says we are going for occasion. dilraj jokes on them.

Sudha and pam argue. they are saying we’re natural now by means of gangajal. dilraj pours gangajal on them. pam says its enough, thanks. sudha and pam go. zeenu says you are first rate. dilraj says now they’ll recognize what’s sprinkled on them.

Raghav maintains a smartphone. the guy says thank you, i don’t need new phone. raghav says its broken, you need to repair this, it fell in water, i will provide this to store, i don’t need all of us to understand the secrets, i want to understand name log, i accept as true with you. the fellow thank you him. raghav thinks perhaps i will find out why naina became attacked and by means of whom.

Pam and sudha cover meals containers and lie to zeenu and dilraj. dilraj says it was not gangajal, gaumutra. zeenu tells them. pam and sudha get stunned. dilraj says all evil go away through it, you acquire pure, you may wash your sins, cook dinner food quickly, talk much less. they cross. pam gets irritated. sudha says chill out, we should be calm, i can cause them to have such meals that they faint, i’m able to make meals extra yummy. she provides salt and chilli powder. pam and sudha blend it.

They serve food. sudha says we worked hard and hope you like it. she asks naina to have inexperienced leafy veg dish. raghav comes and says you each labored lots, get my plate too. sudha says you came early today. he asks for meals. pam serves him. they worry. he asks them to have food first as they made food via hardwork.

He holds naina’s hand and prevents her. he asks sudha and pam to take first chunk. sudha says i m on eating regimen. pam serves dish to sudha. sudha and pam consume roti. he asks them to devour with curry. they consume and cough. they pass.

Raghav leaves naina’s hand. he says did you notice, i m no longer your enemy, i m saving you from enemies. naina says i don’t accept as true with whatever you say, sudha and pam attacked on face, your assault isn’t always seen. he says i want i could clear misunderstanding.


Precap: khurana says you is probably involved for child’s future. raghav asks what nonsense, who stated i m going to turn out to be father. khurana says your wife naina advised me.



Update Credit To: Aneeta

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