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Peshwa Bajirao 16th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Peshwa Bajirao 16th June 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Peshwa Bajirao 16th June 2017 Written Episode Update. Peshwa Bajirao 16th June 2017 Written Episode Updates. 


The episode starts with radha introducing chimna, bhiu and gotiya to kashi. kashi laughs seeing namrata scolding gotiya. radha blesses her and says the whole thing may be first-rate after marriage, and baji will understand you. she says she delivered prasad for her. kumud gets irritated and asks them to have food out of doors even as she makes kashi prepared. kashi is set to eat the prasad, however kumud stops her and asks her not to consume peda as that is given by means of her saas. she asks if she favored radha. kashi says sure. kumud misinterprets radha’s words infront of kashi and asks her to be careful, else she turns into servant in her sasural. kashi says baji’s aayi were speakme together with her nicely. kumud thinks i recognize she will be able to now not agree easily.


Full Details of Peshwa Bajirao 16th June 2017 Written Episode Update


The women in kashi’s residence ask baji to inform name of the component which turns into huge when reduce. malhar says there may be no such element. baji says there may be one component and says pond receives bigger when reduce. shivbai hears him. woman says this was clean and asks him to reply every other question. she says one girl have two children, both have equal shade, one take a seat and one walk but they’re together. baji says chakki. shivbai thinks if baji continues to reply properly then her plan will now not paintings and asks baji to take their take a look at now. baji tells the puzzle. girls get thinking. malhar asks her to suppose. girl says they want time. kumud brings dead rat and maintain a few laddo piece around the rat, and tells kashi that rat is useless after eating laddo. kashi shouts. kumud asks her not to inform absolutely everyone else radha will now not leave her. kashi says she will communicate to her and runs to speak to her.
shivbai tells radha that baji were given indignant and went home. radha tells that if all people is going incorrect then she can smash his ft and could lock him in kal kothri. kumud makes kashi hears this and says radha wants to damage your feet and lock you in kal kothri. kashi cries and receives an awful lot scared. kumud asks her to be silent and do some thing she says. she signs shivbai.


Baji tells girls that the solution is moon. radha sees baji and is ready to invite him. shivbai comes and says pandit ji is calling and hopes kashi refuses to marry. baji hopes to head on battle soon with balajirainbow.

Pandit ji asks baji to do a little rituals. mahant ji does his aarti. kashi is introduced there by means of kumud. kashi is a good deal scared. kumud tells kashi that radha is so foxy and will smile seeing her. she says if i would had been on our area, i might have broken this alliance and insulted the mother in law badly in order that she breaks the alliance. kashi thinks approximately the latest happenings. baji is set to stand up. radha stops him. kumud makes her sit down. balajirainbow does kashi’s tilak and aarti. radha gets up now and gives her shagun, however kashi throws shagun and refuses to marry. she says baji is cunning and his aayi is more foxy. they are terrible, i can now not visit their house. anyone is shocked. shivbai and kumud are happy. baji is set to head and receives irritated, he says how dare she to insult my aayi. pandit ji tells mahant ji that your daughter have kicked her good fortune and went internal. mahant ji apologizes and says he will speak to her.


Shivbai says kashi is in opposition to baji due to the fact that he insulted me. kumud says if a wedding is occurring with out woman’s consent then it’s far rakshas vivah. pandit ji says this marriage will not take place if female don’t need to marry. balaji says this marriage is shahu ji’s wish. pandit ji says raja’s want haven’t any fee infront of god. radha says i have customary kashi as my daughter and asks am i able to speak to her. shivbai says she has insulted you infront of anybody and will not agree. kumud says she could be very stubborn. balaji says not cussed than baji, she has manipulate storm and will manage her also. mahant ji asks her to speak to kashi. kumud says i will additionally move. mahant ji asks if she can go with kasha after her marriage and asks her to stand there itself, lets them talk.


Last Part of Peshwa Bajirao 16th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Shivbai issues. kumud says she were given her much scared. bhiu says i can chunk kashi with my milk tooth, how dare she to insult my aayi.


Precap: Baji tells chimna, bhiu and gotiya that he appreciated kashi for first time when she refused for marriage. malhar says why radha is taking time to go back. radha comes there. kumud smiles. baji looks on.


Update Credit To: Dolly


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