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Peshwa Bajirao 23rd February 2017 Written Episode Update

Peshwa Bajirao 23rd February 2017 Written Episode Update on lollyupdates,Peshwa Bajirao 23rd February 2017 Written Episode Update

The episode starts offevolved with vishesh troubling baji and his buddies with unreasonable needs. in the meantime mughal infantrymen misbehaves with ladies on road and beats them. chimna ji and bhiu come there and warn the mughal soldier. mughal soldier says so you will make me lose. chimna says my sister is sufficient to make you lose and what she can do with close eyes, you may’t do with open eyes. mughal soldier laughs and says if an ant will defeat an elephant. bhiu tells him approximately ant and elephant tale and says i will reveal. mughal soldier declares that he…haider ali guarantees to do what she does with close eyes. chimna applies mirchi on her closed eyes. bhiu asks haider ali to use in his eyes now, else go from here. she asks him no longer to think an ant as susceptible. he is set to hit her with hunter, however radha comes and twists his hand, says no person can hit a tigress’ cub infront of her. haider says so now a woman will defeat us. radha speaks about girl’s electricity. all the female gift there get braveness from her words and beats mughals. radha tells them that strength is inside the heart and who has power is notable.
Vishesh asks them to deliver chocolates. gotiya is going. he asks parshu to convey milk for him. parshu goes. baji tells his pals that it turned into his father’s order to take care of vishesh. kam baksh comes to fulfill aurangzeb. aurangzeb tells that once he can kill his very own brother then he can kill his son also. kam baksh is taken aback. he asks him about balaji. kam baksh says someone tells that he is a fakeer, subedar, magician, who makes diamonds with stone. aurangzeb tells that he has gained bhairav garh from us, as mughals got vulnerable. kam baksh tells that even they could take benefit of their weak spot. he says shiva raze can’t handle singhasan and tara bai can’t take care of him. he says if we release shahu ji then he will take care of marathis. aurangzeb says i concept you’re talking proper, but….he says shahuji is our trump card against marathis. kam baksh tells that tara bai can’t think that we will release shahu ji, and he or she will be stunned. he says there might be a battle between shahu ji and shiva raze for the singhasan. aurangzeb likes the concept and appreciates his son. qamer uddin hears them.
Vishesh wakes up gotiya and tells that he wants to play. baji says all of us are worn-out. vishesh reminds baji about the promise which he made to rainbowbalaji. baji says ok, and says we can play hide and are trying to find sport. all of them disguise. baji tells his friends that he’s going to lock vishesh in room. vishesh hears him. they listen vishesh’s voice and assume if he were given hurt. he gets in the room, however couldn’t see him. gotiya falls down. vishesh laughs. baji and his friends try to catch vishesh. he makes them run and laugh after they fall down. baji makes a plan together with his pals.
Tara rani bai tells that bhairav garh victory is a slap on mughals face and says we shall slap on them once more. dhana ji tells that balajirainbow have some hints. she asks in which is he and is irritated with him. balaji comes and apologizes to him. he tells her that he has seen marathi brother supporting mughals in bhairav garh. he says we shall gained people’s heart and additionally the location. tara rani says whatever you have executed is your obligation. she says you’ll get prize to your paintings and offers him accountable to take care of the gudi padwa preparations. dhana ji asks balaji to be careful. rainbowbalaji accepts the project.
baji receives inner kitchen and the flour falls on him. gotiya shouts ghost. baji says i am baji. they think how they couldn’t handle vishesh. baji says we ought to do some thing. vishesh locks them in kitchen.

Precap:Balaji assures Khas that Baji will take care of Vishesh. They come home and looks on.

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