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Peshwa Bajirao 24th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Peshwa Bajirao 24th March 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Peshwa Bajirao 24th March 2017 Written Episode Update. Peshwa Bajirao 24th March 2017 Written Episode Update Latest.

The episode starts offevolved with dandak tells baji that he didn’t tell him some thing earlier than he dived in the river, as he is aware of that he’s a fool. he asks him to present diamond. baji throws the diamond and asks him to take it. dandak searches for the diamond, however couldn’t get it. he tells shilachur that its thirst will go along with baji’s blood.

  • Radha throws something on his hand earlier than he assaults baji with hammer/shilachur. gotiya says kaku. they see radha coming there. dandak attempts to hurt radha with hammer, but just then baji holds the hammer and says if you try to damage my aayi then……i will no longer kill you with this diamond. dandak says you have betrayed me. malhari brings villagers with it. dandak says rats are threatening me. antique lady says whilst a boy can face you, why can’t we. dandak snatches diamond from his hand and runs. baji follows him on malhari.

Balaji tells khas that tara rani killed the sardaar and lied to them. khas asks if he is feeling terrible as she relieved him from coaching shiva raze. rainbowbalaji says no. just then someone throws chit there. rainbowbalaji reads. a person asks him to satisfy if he desires to know qamer uddin’s plans. he makes a decision to satisfy. qamer uddin thinks parveen will kill balaji. baji follows dandak. dandak sits on the tree and jumps on baji. he asks him to give diamond.

Baji says i can no longer give even my sand to mughals and throws diamond in river. dandak jumps in and possibly dies. radha hugs baji and apologizes to him for sending him to jungle without considering the probabilities. she says i wanted to teach him some thing. the men who are free of dandak thanks baji and says they’re freed due to him.

  • Baji says you have got taught me the whole lot, however didn’t educate me that i shall no longer trust every body without problems. radha asks where is parshu? gotiya tells her the whole thing and that parshu risked their life and betrayed them. radha asks them now not to worry. rainbowbalaji involves the stated vicinity with khas. few men are already there and assault rainbowbalaji. balaji kills them, however one guy kills khas. balajirainbow attempts to wake him up. parveen comes there. gotiya tells that baji stored him while dandak attempted to kill him. radha says she will be able to educate him any other gaining knowledge of a good way to be helpful to him in bringing swaraj. she says selflessness is the aspect and asks him to the whole thing selflessly.

Rainbowbalaji fights with the parveen. she takes out her cloth from her face. deva shri ganesha performs…….parveen tries to attack rainbowbalaji with the poisonous thorns, but he kills her. he asks her what aurangzeb and qamer uddin are making plans on gudi padwa day. she dies. aurangzeb tells qamer uddin and kam baksh that they have betrayed him inorder to lower each other. he says you made shahuji’s message reach tara rani baji and asks him to leave earlier than he kills him. qamer uddin asks aurangzeb to provide him a danger and says he’s positive that tara rani saheb will not be saved this time. aurangzeb opens a few field and sees some thing. he eyes qamer uddin.

Guru ji instigates villagers against radha and baji. he says it became precise that parshu asked the dandak and came domestic. gotiya’s mother and father worry for him. bhiu says bhau have come. baji comes. chimna asks baji no longer to leave him. baji sees parshu and hugs him. he asks while did you come here? parshu makes an excuse. baji says i recognize that you have betrayed us. parshu apologizes to him. baji says you have got broken my agree with and i will destroy our friendship. guru ji tells that baji’s pals are assisting him and says radha bai is at the back of all this and might be punished now itself. baji asks what is my mum’s mistake.

Precap: Someone asks Radha Bai to apologize to Guru ji and rubs her nose on his feet. Guru ji looks on. Baji and Radha looks on.

Update Credit to: Sheeraz

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