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Peshwa Bajirao 27th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Peshwa Bajirao 27th February 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Peshwa Bajirao 27th February 2017 Written Episode Update. Peshwa Bajirao 27th February 2017 Written Episode Update Latest.

The episode begins with radha telling balaji that he seems to be impressed on account that tara rai bai gave him obligation of shiva raze. balaji says he has taken up this duty as a project. he says he is satisfied that baji have learnt step one of swaraj. radha says he notion of swabhimaan as abhimaan. rainbowbalaji asks her to train him extra, says aayi is a pathshaala, think that i have just strike the mild and you have to make the fireplace. he asks her to shape his destiny. bhiu comes and asks them to reflect onconsideration on her destiny. radha says i can educate you everything with your bhau. bhiu says bhau is seeing swaraj’s dream on terrace. radha and balajirainbow looks on.

Baji and his buddy communicate about swaraj and assume that they don’t want to scouse borrow mangoes then. baji says even all birds should get independene. balajirainbow comes and says we have to locate the possibilities. parshu asks with whom we have to ask swaraj. rainbowbalaji says we have to snatched swaraj from mughals by beginning the struggle. parshu says struggle is bad. balajirainbow gives example and tells that battle is wanted to guard ourselves. he says we ought to carry cohesion in our marathi and it is not delivered by pressure, but by way of politeness.

Shiva raje is reading some thing and thinks in which did rainbowbalaji entice me. pant pratinidhi asks him to learn small vidhur neeti and galvanize everybody in preference to studying the matters which balaji requested him to. shiva raje receives impressed and guarantees to offer him prize after gudi padwa. shahuji tells his aayi that he’ll now not marrying any woman selected with the aid of aurangzeb and tells that it become his trick to trap us right here. he goals approximately swaraj and tells that he is sure that his land have given birth to a warrior who will deliver swaraj and loose him.

Balajirainbow is coaching the youngsters about cohesion. balu provokes other children towards baji. baji asks why he’s upsetting kids towards him. balu asks him to apologize to him and hug him. baji says okay and begin apologizing him. gotiya comes and asks him no longer to apologize to balu, and says he has delivered ekta and namrata with him. baji says baba didn’t tell about this ekta and namrata. he advised about team spirit of marathi. gotiya and balu combat. chimna tells that guru ji got here. shahu ji comes to fulfill aurangzeb, but he is asked to wait.

Kam baksh shows aurangzeb to attack tara rani bai and get deccan. he plans to attack them in conceal of marathi soldier after which we can grab deccan. we came name deccan as the new aurangabad and will quit marathis. aurangzeb laughs. he burns marathi’s stuff. shahuji hears and rushes inside. he sets off hearth with his garments.

aurangzeb says i realize you are brave and says i admire courageous and no longer stupid. shahu ji says the greater you try to burn marathi, they may increase excessive. he says i’m prisoned here, but now not your servant. he refuses to marry the girl selected through him. aurangzeb receives indignant and tells kam baksh that he will get shahu ji married. he says i recognise the way to make him captive. he asks kam baksh to tell nisar and zeenat that he wants to meet them. kam baksh asks if you wants to use your daughter to entice shahu ji.

Guru ji scolds gotiya for bringing the women and asks baji why do he need ekta…baji says he desires to convey swaraj. guru ji says so you will carry swaraj which can’t do by using even chatrapati shivaji. he asks in case you are his blood to suppose this. baji says one doesn’t want to be his blood and says one shall have dedication to carry swaraj. guru ji looks on.

Precap: Guru ji beats Baji with stick and tells that he will talk to his Aayi and tell her that her son has gone mad.

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