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Peshwa Bajirao 28th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Peshwa Bajirao 28th March 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Peshwa Bajirao 28th March 2017 Written Episode Update.Peshwa Bajirao 28th March 2017 Written Episode Updates.

The episode starts with aurangzeb telling shahu ji that qamer uddin will blast all marathi’s and that until mughals have brave squaddies like him, they may no longer be defeated. shahu ji is bowled over. baji tells radha that if parshu like friends betray him then how he’s going to deliver swaraj. radha says you must have acknowledged what’s in his heart and tells that he need to had been cautious. she says she will teach him jigyasa after coming domestic. they’re going within the cart. bhiu says satara might be large. baji applies sand on his forehead and tells that it is a natural sand. bhiu says this is qila/tomb and now not temple. baji tells that it’s miles a swaraj temple and tells that he took this sand’s blessing in order that he can bring swaraj. chimna and bhiu say that they may take advantages of land too. balajirainbow comes to greet them.

Kids run to hug him. balaji sees radha and says sarkaar. he walks internal. baji tells that palace is ideal. bhiu says i have to have gotten my dol married right here. they see the room and soar on the street luckily.
radha asks him why he’s tensed. rainbowbalaji says i didn’t want you to come back here for gudi padwa as we have news that aurangzeb goes to do something. baji tells that it’s miles not possible. balaji says a soldier have to be equipped. baji asks what shall i do? rainbowbalaji asks him to be careful and if he suspects anything something then permit him realize. he asks them to take relaxation and cross. baji says we will go and see ajika tara. chimna says we will relaxation. balaji sees the keys and recollects dhana ji giving keys to him. a woman is hiding there, whom dhana ji gave refuge and asked balaji to provide her paintings. balaji takes out the map of the palace. lady hears him and thinks qamer uddin gave work to undercover agent on balajirainbow. a facebook is proven qamer uddin asks ruqaiyya to grow to be rukmani and make unique ornament in order that tara rani gained’t be stored. ruqaiyya promises that she will be able to take parveen’s revenge from rainbowbalaji. she drops some thing. balaji seems on.

  • Baji seems the palace and misses gotiya. he sees chatrapati shivaji’s big image frame and pays his admire and sit down with gratitude. he folds his hand. he sees chatrapati shivaji’s sword and takes in his arms. shiva raze comes and calls him. baji sees his finger injured. balajirainbow comes out to check. ruqaiyya tests the map and thinks to target a place. she ties the map and hides. rainbowbalaji comes lower back to his seat and sees the map tied. he is aware that a person got here here. shiva raze asks how dare you to the touch my grand father’s sword. baji says he’s balaji’s son. shiva raze says your father gives teachings to others, but doesn’t train his personal son. he tells that most effective chatrapati shivaji’s heirs have the proper to touch his sword. baji says absolutely everyone have same shade blood and says all marathis have proper to the touch his sword. shiva raze says many soldiers die to guard their raza.

He tells that chatrapati have died for his humans to convey the swaraj. he turned into the real king. shiva raze asks how dare you to speak to me like this and asks him to lower his eyes. baji says if you have rakt ka abhimaan then i’ve karm ka swabhimaan and if i am getting blessings of maharaj chatrapati then i’m able to prove this to you, that karm is extra than rakt. he does his tilak together with his injured finger. baji tune plays. shiva raze looks on speechless. baji folds his hand looking at maharaj chatrapati shivaji. har har mahadev plays…..he is going from there and collides with ruqaiyya as she steps out of e book room. baji apologizes to her, but she runs from there. baji thinks who’s she and why she is going for walks away.

Rainbowbalaji introduces his own family to ruqaiyya thinking her to be rukmini. he introduces chimna ji and bhiu. balajirainbow says she is rukmini ji and made some of these stuff, now she is running here. bhiu asks her to teach to make lovely matters and says i can educate you a way to trap frogs. balaji and radha laughs. bhiu hugs ruqaiyya. ruqaiyya is surprised. baji comes there and recalls colliding together with her outdoor the e book room. balajirainbow sees baji and says he is my eldest son. baji says i met her close to the book room, she become in hurry. i was approximately to apologize to her, however she ran away. i idea she shall now not run on this situation. balajirainbow is dubious and recalls dhana ji giving her responsibility to him. he thinks if rukmini saw the map and asks her what she became doing close to the e book room. ruqaiyya thinks of a solution.


Precap: ruqaiyya mixes poison in a glass of juice/drink and makes baji have it. she thinks his heart beat will forestall quickly and he will die. baji collapsed and falls down on floor. bhiu is taken aback.



Update Credit To: Aneeta


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