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Peshwa Bajirao 29th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Peshwa Bajirao 29th March 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Peshwa Bajirao 29th March 2017 Written Episode Update. Peshwa Bajirao 29th March 2017 Written Episode Updates.

This episode starts with balajirainbow asking rukmini/ruqaiyya what she become doing outdoor the e book room. she tells that she become looking him to speak and when she got vomiting sensation, she ran in a rush. radha says i’m able to understand. bhiu says i’m able to bring tamarind for you. baji thinks if one receives vomiting then that she keeps hand on her mouth, however she stored hand on her stomach and thinks she is hiding something. rainbowbalaji tells that they’ll celebrate gudi padwa and will do gudi’s puja all night time. radha is making rangoli, a lady steps on it and tells that she isn’t always having a addiction to look down and that’s why she stepped on it. a person asks radha to sing a music. radha sings a track.

  • Tara rani bai comes and hears her singing. she thinks this voice is from her coronary heart. she asks who is she? someone says she is balaji’s wife. radha greets her. tara rani bai greets her. she asks the female about her daughter kashi. she says kashi is participating within the event. ruqaiyya tells that she is feeling unwell and is ready to depart. baji follows her. she goes somewhere. baji follows her and thinks wherein did she cross within the palace. ruqaiyya is going to the name of the game door and thinks that is the hideout location for tara rani bani and thinks to cowl it up in order that she couldn’t escape. she thinks rainbowbalaji is innocent no longer to have doubt on her thinking to be pregnant and says she brings explosive objects each day. she thinks all gudis are made from explosives and no person can keep satara now. she hears someone coming and hides, however breaks the pot in a rush. baji involves the vicinity and thinks whoever have damaged this pot, ought to not have long past a long way.

Ruqaiyya is conserving knife. baji is about to see her. a soldier comes and tells him that the place is confined and asks him to move. ruqaiyya thinks to assault baji and thinks from in which to get the pot. she gets the pot saved inside the palace. bhiu comes and asks baji to come back and tells that she helped their mum to tie the gudi. baji tells her about his doubt on ruqaiyya. bhiu tells him that once she hugged her, she hears bizarre voice coming from her stomach, like that if she is attempting to concentrate to pot. baji understands that she is not pregnant and asks bhiu to do her work. bhiu comes to ruqaiyya and hugs her. baji asks bhiu to return. ruqaiyya asks him to have kokam juice. bhiu is about to mention that he dislikes it, however baji says it’s far his favourite and drinks it. he then faints. bhiu gets worried. ruqaiyya thinks baji’s coronary heart beat will drop quickly and that he will die before anyone knows approximately his loss of life..

Balajirainbow tells dhana ji that someone tried to recognise palace’s map. dhana ji says it manner enemy have reached here. balaji asks if he got here right here then why didn’t he assault rani and shiva raze. tara rani bai comes and asks what’s occurring? dhana ji lies that they had been talking approximately the arrangements. tara rani bai says it ought to be best and is going. rainbowbalaji asks dhana ji why didn’t you inform her. dhana ji says we will now not panic all of us, however in preference to capture that character. baji comes and says i realize and tells that she is rukmini kaku and that she isn’t always pregnant. he tells that she made them drink the sherbet blended with medication, and tells that he vomited to spit it later on. dhana ji asks how? baji says he’s gaining knowledge of ayurveda also from radha. dhana ji tells that baji is greater smart than rainbowbalaji. baji takes them to the apaat kaal room in which he had visible damaged pot. they test the place and says everything is all right. khas comes and says he has locked the area. dhana ji asks him to call the infantrymen. balaji says no, and tells that they have got to capture rukmini without alerting her. baji says he has an concept and tells that he will faux to die to make rukmini come out of her hideout location.

Radha greets the lady and offers her laddo. lady says we didn’t see you earlier than. radha says she came for the first time here and came from saswad. radha asks approximately her daughter kasi. her mum says she doesn’t realize what she goes to do and praises her. bhiu tells that her brother is also sarvagun sampann. radha tells that baji fall unconscious and ved ji gave him medication. rukmini hears them and thinks she shall make baji die and depart then. rainbowbalaji in room is preserving pillows on mattress. baji says if rukmini sees pillows as opposed to me then she will be alert. balajirainbow says she will be able to do something. baji says if she don’t see then she might be alert and we are able to no longer know approximately her goal. balaji says but it is risky to your lifestyles. baji says you’ve got taught me that veer issues about the matra bhoomi and now not of death and says you are preventing me to do this. i’ve complete faith that nobodu can damage me till my baba is with me. balaji hugs him. dhana ji and khas seems on impressed. baji lie down at the bed. rainbowbalaji is going. later rukmini/ruqaiyya come to baji’s room. baji appears on.


Precap: kashi dances. baji comes following rukmini and holds kashi in his fingers. kashi looks on indignant.



Update Credit To: Mrs Gupta



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