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Peshwa Bajirao 30th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Peshwa Bajirao 30th March 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollupdates. Peshwa Bajirao 30th March 2017 Written Episode Updates. Peshwa Bajirao 30th March 2017 Written Episode Update. 


The episode starts with baji pretending to be ill to trap rukmini. rukmini/ruqaiyya involves kill him. he asks why did you lie which you are pregnant, and says if i used to be ill, my mum wouldn’t were in the function. she attempts to stab him, however baji throws some thing in her eyes. rainbowbalaji, dhana ji and khas appears on bowled over. rukmini tries to get away. baji follows her. dhana ji and others comply with them. tara rani bai comes and greets her humans. she starts offevolved the characteristic. kashi dances on a conventional song. anybody smiles. baji continues to comply with ruqaiyya. he involves the birthday party area wherein kashi is dancing. baji comes and falls close to the tabla. he runs and lifts kashi in his hands to prevent the program. kashi slaps him. he falls down. they argue.


Radha says baji….baji asks her no longer to suppose him incorrect and thinks don’t recognize where that rukmini is hiding. he thinks because of kashi, she escaped. female asks him to go as it’s far ladies program. baji receives an concept and says har har mahadev. all women say har har mahadev besides rukmini. he spots her. baji shouts and asks women gift there to catch her and says she is a mughal. radha, tara rani bai and others are shocked. radha runs to catch her, however she throws kumkum in her eyes. radha asks baji to catch her. baji runs after her and makes chandelier falls to prevent her. she escapes and attempts to stab him. baji fights along with her like a warrior. shiva raze appears on shocked and scared. tara rani comes and holds her hand. dhana ji and others come and catch her. tara rani bai smiles looking at baji and his bravery.

Pant pratinidhi asks a marathi man why he’s dissatisfied. he tells that our fathers fought with chatrapati shivaji, but now they is probably crying searching at the existing circumstance. he says sword is wasted. shiva raze comes and asks what took place? the person tells that your mum claimed that you have killed my brothers. he says they had been shahu ji’s supporters and your mum made you a vulnerable character as king being blind in son’s love. shiva raze gets indignant and says they begged for his or her life and i’ve killed them. they had been betrayal. he is taking out his sword. shiva raze gets scared. his squaddies shield him.


Girls throw water on ruqaiyya. tara rani bai asks her about aurangzeb plan. ruqaiyya says she can not open her mouth and says aurangzeb zindabad. she bites her tongue hard to reduce it, although they are trying to forestall her. tara rani says she can now not inform some thing now and gives her dying sentence after gudi padwa celebration is over. meanwhile pant pratinidhi informs tara rani bai that malhar’s brother lifted sword on shiva raze. she is shocked.


Tara rani bai asks how dare to boost sword on shiva raze. malhar’s brother tells that her your lie is caught, and tells that shiva raze couldn’t do whatever after I stored sword on him. he tells that you couldn’t undergo while those marathis have been trying to loose shahu ji and killed them. tara rani bai tells that they were betrayal and tells that shiva raze killed them. he challenges shiva raze to fight with him and kill him. tara rani bai accepts the venture. pant pratinidhi tells that he’s going to kill him. tara rani bai tells that she can’t ignore the fact that shiva raze can’t combat, but he could be a terrific ruler.


  • Rainbowbalaji and dhana ji communicate about aurangzeb sending a girl to execute his plan in opposition to marathis. they surprise what is aurangzeb’s plan. baji says why did she reduce her tongue. balaji says in order that she can’t say anything. dhana ji asks balajirainbow to have tight security. marathi infantrymen speak that they’ve to do closing rites of marathi guys subsequent morning. some mughals come there and assault the marathis and kill them. they wear garments like marathis so that nobody doubt on them. they chortle seeing the explosives and ask each other to get ready to put in writing records.


Dhana ji tells that he’s going to check the arrangements. he asks rainbowbalaji and baji to rest, and says you’re son of a veer and someday each person will do naman/pleased with your bravery. shiva raze tells tara rani bai that he has learnt a way to use sword and says he’ll kill malhar’s brother. tara rani bai slaps him and says one needs a courage to combat. shiva raze sayshe has learnt from balaji. tara rani says he can train you, however can’t fill courage in you. she says baji was preventing with armed female by myself and says you’re elder than him. she says balaji attempted to offer you equal values, however you couldn’t get it. she tells that one comes out empty handed.


Precap: shiva raze asks baji to combat with malhar’s brother. baji says i’m not a soldier and asks him to let him pass as he has to provide a few important information to his baba. shiva raze asks soldiers to hide baji’s face so that no one should identify him. baji thinks now he have to inform what’s in gudi infront of every person.



Update Credit To: Aneesa 

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