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Piya Albela 20th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Piya Albela 20th July 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Piya Albela 20th July 2017 Written Episode Update. Piya Albela 20th July 2017 Written Episode Updates. 


The episode starts with naren bringing milk and rose petals bowl for the rasam and says maa sent it. he holds her hand and says we couldn’t feel the way you might be feeling proper now. he says every time i reflect onconsideration on dr. anand, i think to fight with god and asks why did he try this with my quality friend, and then i comprehend if we get any solutions from god ever. pooja cries. naren tells her that he had promised anand that he will no longer go away her by myself in existence an afternoon earlier than marriage and wasn’t aware that the day will come these days itself. he says dr. anand will always be alive on your eyes and smile and asks her to be satisfied. he asks her to grin for him. pooja smiles crying and hugs him. naren takes her for the rasam.


Full Details of Piya Albela 20th July 2017 Written Episode Update


Harsha asks surbhi to search the ring. rahul asks neelima until whilst he has to behave. neelima says for two-4 days. rahul takes out the ring. neelima tells that her son will rule on her daughter in law. shilpa says my daughter knows a way to manipulate her husband. satish thinks about dr. anand’s mum cursing pooja and tells kusum and anuj that he’s certain that naren will keep her happy, however don’t recognise if vyas circle of relatives will accept her. anuj asks shall i’m going and check. kusum says just few hours have handed, it doesn’t look exceptional in case you pass, don’t recognise when they kick you out. rahul asks surbhi to come. shilpa signs her to go. naren places the hoop inside the bowl…and sings muskurane ki wajah tum ho….he places her hand in the bowl. he finds the ring, but continues it returned. pooja receives the ring.
Rahul and surbhi see naren singing track. rahul says bhai have gone mad for her and making a song music. naren takes out pooja’s jewellery and signs and symptoms her to sleep. pooja holds his hand just as he is ready to go. he sits down at the bed. pooja rests her head on his lap and cries.


Rahul takes surbhi to room and sees the decorated bed. he asks her to exchange and thinks suhaag raat time got here. surbhi thinks how naren ran from the mandap, after which got here with pooja, confessing his love for her. naren makes pooja sleep and kisses on her cheeks. jogiya tune plays….surbhi comes lower back after changing her clothes. rahul attempts to touch her hand. surbhi asks him to stop it and says i’m now not prepared yet. she opens the door and asks him to move. rahul says this is my room, how will you question me to go. neelima comes and tells surbhi that rahul will sleep in visitor room. surbhi throws the plant life from the bed.


Mayank tells rakesh that rahul provoked him and he had overwhelmed up dr. anand, don’t realize how he died. he cries. rakesh asks him no longer to tell all people and stay far from vyas mansion. rakesh thinks he’s going to bring kalesh within the residence. kusum tells satish that pooja is inauspicious and that’s why her dad and mom died. satish asks her not to say all this. he recalls dr. anand’s mum curse and receives tensed. he’s taking out some thing (can be pooja’s kundli) and starts offevolved analyzing it. his hand starts to shake. he is bowled over and thinks pooja will lose naren.


Satish calls naren and asks if the entirety is best. naren says the whole lot is quality, why you are sounding tensed. he says he’s going to now not depart pooja. chandelier is set to fall on naren. he moves just then and the chandelier falls down. naren is shocked. satish is shocked to see the sound. pooja wakes up and shouts naren babu. satish asks what’s this sound? naren says chandelier fell down due to wind and asks him no longer to fear. naren asks why did you rise up and asks her to sleep. satish is involved. neelima comes to harsha and scares her. harsha says she is worried approximately mayank. neelima says i will speak to rakesh and will ask him to deliver him. she promotes fear documents, new show on zee.


Last Part of Piya Albela 20th July 2017 Written Episode Update


Next morning, pooja wakes up and reveals herself snoozing on naren’s chest. she covers blanket on him. naren holds her hand. pooja takes her hand and gets up. she is picking the damaged chandelier pieces, simply then supriya comes there and says sorry for no longer knocking at the door. she asks her to get equipped and says my bahu will make first rasoi along with her hand. pooja says adequate aunty. supriya asks her to name her maa. pooja hugs her.


“jo shuru hua hai… woh kabhi toh thame ga…
jiska saath mila hai…woh kabhi toh chutega…
raaste bhale badal jaye kitne..
abhaar is dil me sada rahega..”

(something have started out, will prevent at some point
whoever help is gotten, in an effort to go away a few day
no matter how the ways could be modified
thankfulness will always be there inside the heart)


Precap: Rakesh asks if one hundred crores bahu will make rasoi in kitchen. neelima says surbhi will do all rituals. rakesh says a hundred crores bahu is not surbhi, however pooja. neelima is stunned. naren romances with pooja inside the kitchen.


Update Credit To: Aditiya


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