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Piya Albela 21st April 2017 Written Episode Update

Piya Albela 21st April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Piya Albela 21st April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Piya Albela 21st April 2017 Written Episode Update.


The episode starts offevolved with rachel telling pooja that she may be very dedicated about her work and asks why she is carrying old skool clothes with pallu on her head. pooja says vyas circle of relatives is traditional. rachel thinks she didn’t inform her some thing and is quite cussed. anuj cuts the cake. pooja sings happy birthday. they make every other have cake. they take selfie. pooja thinks it is late now, and wonders what naren is probably doing now. she thinks why my coronary heart is caught in that residence and thinks to call naren. she excuses herself.


Full Details of Piya Albela 21st April 2017 Written Episode Update


Rahul comes to naren’s farm and says naren have insulted and slapped him for a servant. he says this is your karam. he pours many litres of kerosene oil in and around the farm and lights it on fireplace. all of the animals inside the farm panic and attempt to get away, but couldn’t as they are tied up. rahul thinks these days is thursday, his susceptible day and thinks how he’ll save them. naren is cleansing the room. mayank thinks to provide trace to naren approximately pooja. servant informs him that farm have caught fireplace. naren and mayank run towards the fireplace. pooja receives to understand approximately the fireplace and thinks if any something takes place to any animal then naren wouldn’t be able to cope with.

She tells that she has a few urgent work and leaves. servants attempt to guard some animals. naren is set to go and keep the horses and the animals, but pooja holds him. naren cries badly. she hugs him tightly to stop him. naren eventually manages to push her. mayank holds her. naren is going internal to store jaggi. pooja asks mayank to keep naren. they control to shop horses. rahul smiles seeing their warfare to save the animals. he involves naren and asks what befell? and wherein is pooja. naren runs internal. she sees infant goat bholu stuck internal and runs to keep it. she frees bholu, but falls down and burns her hand to store bholu. she cries in ache. naren comes there and is shocked. pooja is stuck within the fire with bholu. she hides her hand. mayank comes there and asks what passed off to you? pooja says she is satisfactory and asks him to preserve bholu and take naren home. naren is in surprise. pooja stands up, looks at naren and faints. naren runs to store her and brings her outdoor. he asks rahul and mayank to call health practitioner.
Supriya and harish are involved. hardik tells that rahul called and stated that pooja have a small injury, relaxation is first-class, but farm is burnt absolutely. neelima thinks this guy is useless, haven’t taken even 2 mins to melt down. supriya and harish are bowled over.


Naren takes pooja to medical institution. mayank and rahul additionally accompany him. mayank says i will complete all the formalities. rahul sees pooja thru the door’s window and smiles. naren additionally sees her and remembers how she risked her existence to shop bholu. he sees the temple and goes to pray to pooja. rahul thinks helpless naren, destiny have trapped him on thursday, how you may undergo everything. he emotionally blackmails him and asks why awful things appear with desirable humans, and says if anything had befell to her you then wouldn’t have undergo. he says god has achieved injustice with her. naren receives angry and goes. pooja is treated inside the icu for her injuries. malanga re plays…..he recalls how she hugged him and tried to protect him. he cries and sits down shattered. rahul once more involves him. naren asks if bottle can be opened today. rahul says whatever.


Mayank appears for naren. health practitioner tells that patient were given awareness, however she is susceptible, you could meet her. mayank comes inside the icu to peer her. pooja opens her eyes and sees mayank. mayank says pooja…pooja asks approximately naren and asks him to take him home, says if he see my hand then he’ll take blame on himself. she faints. mayank is going out and calls supriya. he says pooja is great. supriya asks about naren. mayank says he changed into here only and says he’s going to make her talk to him. hardik tells supriya that naren is probably with rahul and asks neelima to name him. neelima scolds him and asks him to name rahul.


Rahul and naren are sitting someplace. rahul makes naren have wine and says you had already enough. naren recalls pooja fainting and finishes all bottle. he says coronary heart remains making sound. rahul says there’s one region in which all sounds is muted. he asks him to come.


Last Part of Piya Albela 21st April 2017 Written Episode Update


“koi kahe ise vidhi ka vidhaan
toh koi ise karam ka khel hai kehta
par sach toh yehi hai jeevan ka
jo hona hai..so hokar rehta”

(someone calls it future’s call
or a person calls it deeds’ recreation
however the fact of existence is
some thing is destined, happens anyway)

Malanga re. plays….


Precap: Rahul informs family members that naren became afflicted by way of pooja’s damage, went somewhere. naren is seen inebriated absolutely watching dancer’s dance at the brothel. pooja comes there and is taken aback.


Update Credit To: Aneesa


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