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Piya Albela 22nd March 2017 Written Episode Update

Piya Albela 22nd March 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Piya Albela 22nd March 2017 Written Episode Update. Piya Albela 22nd March 2017 Written Episode Update Latest.

  1. The episode begins with supriya calling naren and asks if he have food. he says sure. supriya asks him about pooja. naren says she is quality. he comes home and brings her peda as she likes it. he says i have eaten what you requested me to devour. pooja thinks supriya is living in oblivion. naren tells that he goes the following day for bathing in ganga and asks her to come. supriya says she can’t come and asks him to take pooja and tells about her mannat.

Pooja thinks i am certain that he will refuse, but naren says she will be able to come. he asks supriya not to call him over and over. supriya asks him to help pooja satisfy her mannat. naren is going. pooja asks supriya about mannat. supriya says this manner you can be with him and recognise him. pooja thinks why did he comply with take me and gets dubious. supriya asks her to rest in room and says day after today you need to come. pooja says in which? at 4 pm. supriya says no, morning 4 am and asks her to take more garments and towel along with her.

Neelima comes and asks pooja to come, and says she will be able to display her area to her. harish asks why she wishes her to stay in servant quarters. neelima asks due to the fact that when you’re taking hobby of their matters. hardik says while harish is insisting then allow her stay here. neelima says i’m positive that she must have confirmed harmless face and that’s why he has agreed.

  1. Anuj brings health practitioner to expose satish. kusum says he is running tough. satish says he has to paintings extra to get pooja back home. doctor asks him to get test achieved and says charges could be 70-80 thousand and we can decide if he wishes surgical treatment or no longer.

Pooja is in servant’s quarters and couldn’t sleep due to mosquitoes. she checks the time and says its 2 am, nonetheless have 1 hour. she then wake up at 3 am and thinks approximately naren eyeing the women in ashram. she sleeps once more. naren waits for pooja and assessments time. he wears helmet and sits on his motorbike. he is ready to begin his motorcycle. pooja comes infront of his bike and says she is just 10 seconds past due. naren asks her to sit and keep motorbike tightly. pooja doubts on naren’s person. her handbag falls down. she asks him to forestall the motorbike.

  1. Naren says i informed you to hold well, and asks her to get her handbag. he asks her to maintain him this time. pooja gets irked and don’t keep him. naren says excellent, your wish. he involves ghat and asks her to fulfill her mannat until he takes bath. malanga re performs……he receives inside the water and takes a dip. pooja thinks how can he take a dip in water at this time and begins shivering because of bloodless. she puts her foot in water and takes it back. naren asks her to satisfy her mannat.

Nooja thinks again naren eyeing the girls. she holds the knife. he holds her hand and drags her in water. pooja shivers due to bloodless. naren maintains to dip in water. pooja comes out of river and is going. naren seems at her. she thinks how naren dragged her inside the water. naren comes and says he did that to make her fulfill her mannat. he asks her to come back to his circle of relatives farmhouse and trade her clothes. he brings her to farmhouse and asks her to change the garments. she goes to room and thinks naren has planned the whole thing.

Precap: Rahul and Mayank come there. Naren tells that Pooja is also there and asks them to behave well. Later someone holds Pooja and keeps hand on her mouth.

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