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Piya Albela 25th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Piya Albela 25th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Piya Albela 25th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Piya Albela 25th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


The episode starts with pooja bringing naren domestic from brothel. supriya asks naren if he realizes from wherein he lower back and says i never scolded you as i concept you’re matured enough. she asks mayank to take him to room and says he hurt us plenty. mayank takes him to room. supriya cries. pooja consoles her. she looks at rahul and receives doubtful seeing him tensed. harish calls rakesh and asks him to shift to his house, and says he informed anyone that their house will be getting redeveloped. rakesh says what will occur if we shift there. harish says it is going to be a big assist for me in case you stays here and asks rakesh and harsha to shift immediately.


Full Details of Piya Albela 25th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Pooja comes to rahul and says you can’t take advantage of naren till i’m here. she says i know you took naren to rang gali and says earlier than harish comes to recognize approximately this, mend your methods, else you and i, both are here. rahul asks will you stop me? he says each person failed whoever tried to make him all right. pooja says he is best. rahul asks who are you and why you’re worried about your boss. pooja says you didn’t solution me the motive behind applying cake on my face, like wise i don’t suppose i shall answer you. she says my eyes will be on you. rahul is tensed.
Pooja comes to naren’s room and sees him sleeping. a tune performs…..jogiya…naren asks her to give heat water. pooja asks him to get geared up in 10 mins and says we are going. naren asks wherein? pooja shows him farm matters, plough and so on and asks him to awaken. he asks her to come to point. pooja says you are resting right here leaving your animals in ngo and asks him to arise. mayank hears her and thinks she cares for him plenty, and thinks however why she is scolding him. she says she is talking approximately making shed. naren says i have no savings to make shed once more. pooja says we must earn the cash and asks him to return, as she were given all the stuff for natural stuff. mayank thinks to test what pooja is doing in his room and attempts to climb up to naren’s room to pay attention them. the stairs give way. naren and pooja come close to balcony and see him striking retaining balcony. naren and pooja assist him come up. pooja says we will locate top work for him. pooja and naren are leaving for farm. supriya gives them aarti and says she prays that they step on right direction. naren also takes aarti. pooja asks him to come and says we need to earn cash to build farm once more. rahul is shocked. supriya asks mayank to have food. pooja says he is fasting these days and says even mayank will paintings for his brother nowadays. she takes naren and mayank to farm.


Pr*stitute chandani thinks of naren and is indignant. rahul calls her and provokes her in opposition to naren. chandani asks him to deliver naren once more and says once he comes right here, i received’t permit him go away. rahul says your aada shall grow to be his addiction. chandani seems at her ghungroo. rahul thinks once naren gets trapped by using chandani then…


Pooja tells mishra ji that naren will provide him replace. naren talks to him. mayank says bhai knows a good deal approximately farming. he asks whilst we are able to bring animals from ngo. pooja asks him to carry shed’s insurance papers. mayank asks insurance. pooja says insurance will help us. mayank tells naren that pooja is scolding him like a instructor. naren laughs. pooja asks him to paintings.


Later she serves food to naren and mayank. naren asks if she haven’t delivered sabodana. she asks him to have it at home and says in case you don’t have this meals then you will fall unwell, should paintings hard at home. he coughs. she pats on his again. naren asks why she is hiding her hand and asks her to show to health practitioner. pooja says she is quality and asks him to ask mayank.


Harish asks supriya to easy the room for harsha. supriya says okay. she asks servant to preserve flowers inside the room. neelima talks rudely to her and says i use that room for my yoga. supriya says it changed into harsha’s room simplest. neelima says before her marriage and says you don’t have courtesy to ask me, and asks her to provide guest room to them. supriya says we’re giving visitor room to mayank and asks 3 human beings will adjust in a single room. neelima says that is not my hassle.


Rahul is keeping eye on naren’s farm from some distance via binoculars. mayank tells pooja that 25 kgs vegetables are grown in his farm. naren says he don’t sell, some of veggies are used in residence and a few, he offers to the needy. pooja says she noticed in dehradun mall, and says natural gadgets are offered at double prize. she tells that occasionally we must reflect onconsideration on ourselves. she asks him to think about his animals. rahul thinks this naukrani is caught with him, and thinks the way to make her pass a ways. simply then she hurts her injured hand and sees blood coming out. she hides her hand. rahul smiles and thinks now bhai will pop out of lakshman rekha.


Last Part of Piya Albela 25th April 2017 Written Episode Update


“sahi ghalat ke peeche hello toh
sabhi jung hai hote
pyaar aur waar me phir
(missed the 4th line, whoever takes place to look just replace)

(in the back of every right or wrong
all wars takes place
then in love and war


Precap: Naren involves rang gali. pooja and mayank are in automobile. she calls him and receives concerned.


Update Credit To: Aneesa


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