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Piya Albela 28th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Piya Albela 28th March 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Piya Albela 28th March 2017 Written Episode Update. Piya Albela 28th March 2017 Written Episode Updates.

The episode starts with harish greeting his people. supriya asks worker approximately his family. neelima tells rahul that hardik is harmless and says harish did this to vacate the residence. rahul asks her to have staying power and says he’s going to get pooja’s history and geography. he tells that he has to stay here to set properly affect on workers. harish thanks people for being a part of the corporation and asks them to come back for dinner. neelima thinks to provide a surprise go to to home. hardik tells neelima that harish thinks so much about them, and tells that who offers respect to his young brother in this period. neelima makes excuse that her head is feeling heavy ad she will be able to pass domestic. supriya asks harish if she shall serve meals to him. harish says no and hopes the entirety is first-class. naren is speakme on telephone and thanks the villagers for his or her assist. he hears the sound and is derived out of room. pooja lighting the candle and tells that fuse is long gone so she called electrician. naren asks did you notice bhoolu? pooja tells that she made bhoolu sit there. neelima goes domestic and thinks something is fishy. she asks motive force to take care from returned gate.
Pooja asks naren, are you able to help me to mild the residence and says darkness is not proper at home in night. naren facilitates her and lights the candles. pooja attempts to woo him. naren is set to go. pooja asks him to light candles at other cease of residence. naren lighting fixtures the candles and keeps close to the cam. pooja thinks why did he hide the digicam and actions the candle. she movements her hairs and thank you god. neelima enters domestic via back door secretly. she thinks why there is no electricity at our domestic. she comes to room and is stunned. pooja maintains the desk and asks naren if he’s going to hold the table. neelima sees baby goat and asks it to head from the room. naren holds the desk while pooja lighting fixtures the candle and maintains up. she makes her saree pallu falls on his face over and over. neelima couldn’t come out of room due to goat. she collides with cupboard and the picture frames falls on infant goat. it shouts in ache. neelima receives greatly surprised seeing the goat stuck below the image frames.

  • Pooja asks naren to assist him. he asks her not to make noise and is going to room listening to goat cries. he actions the glass frames and takes infant goat in his hand. he asks who have saved it locked right here. pooja says i kept it here as it became getting afraid of crackers sound. naren runs out of house maintaining infant goat. malanga song performs…..pooja thinks what i thought, however reverse component happened? absolutely everyone come back domestic. supriya says the whole thing became accurate. she sees candle and says it seems light became off. neelima says yes, after which says yes can be. supriya asks harish approximately his health. harish says i….pooja comes there in her ordinary clothes. supriya says i used to be coming to you, every person missed you and asks if naren had food. harish gets up and asks pooja to say what befell? he asks if the whole thing is okay. he asks her to mention. pooja cries and hugs supriya. supriya asks what happened? naren is in vet health facility. mayank comes there. naren tells that bhoolu is in ache. mayank says i can go and take a look at, not anything will manifest to it.

A person brings infant goat’s mum and says it went to backside of jungle. naren says bhoolu is excellent and may be o.k. after seeing you. mayank comes out after checking bhoolu. naren asks how is bhoolu? mayank is silent and looks down. naren cries. malanga re performs….

Precap: harish tells pooja that naren’s lifestyles could be affected extra and regrets to convey her domestic. he tells naren why he is making trouble over baby goat’s loss of life. naren tells that he will be at peace once he receives answer and leaves from there. pooja seems on.



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