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Piya Albela 30th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Piya Albela 30th March 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Piya Albela 30th March 2017 Written Episode Update. Piya Albela 30th March 2017 Written Episode Updates.

This episode begins with naren inside the temple. he tells supriya that everyone got here to take her domestic. he asks rahul to take supriya home. supriya asks however where are you going? naren says to look answers. he says nowadays anybody could be celebrating raam namavi, and everybody will dance in this rath yatra and says even i can cross. supriya says how you will stroll 25 kms and says it is difficult. naren says he has to go. naren says papa wishes you extra than me. he says he will quit this argument this time. mayank says you aren’t alone in this fight, i will additionally include you. naren says this isn’t feasible. harsha comes and says why not? in case you want to head, then mayank will come with you, else you will now not cross. mayank asks naren to let him come for harsha and supriya’s satisfaction. naren seems on. supriya hugs him and cries. harish and rakesh seems on. pooja looks at him. malanga re plays………naren hugs baby goat’s mum and looks on sad. supriya cries hugging harsha. naren and mayank stroll off.
Pooja seems on and tells harish that he turned into right. she tells that anything befell is due to her false impression. she says naren is exclusive and he can’t any shameful component. harish says there is no need to speak approximately this. pooja says your son left because of me and asks him to reveal consider on her, says she will go with him in this yatra and guarantees to deliver him back domestic. she says if you allow me…..harish nods his head. neelima thinks why this naukrani is interfering in our circle of relatives matters. rahul says while we can’t change him, how she will be triumphant. neelima says we are able to’t be over self assurance. rahul says he has an idea to address her and smiles.

All the humans taking part in the yatra get their names registered for yatra. a man identifies him and asks if he’s going to take part in this yatra. naren says yes. mayank says he is likewise taking part. guy asks shall i ebook ac vehicle for you. mayank says it’ll be better. naren refuses to have vehicle and says he’s going to stroll and cover the space of 25 kms. mayank says ok and says he will additionally move via stroll. mayank puts the charity cash inside the field. naren empties his pockets. mayank is greatly surprised.

Pooja comes there. mayank asks her to go away earlier than naren sees her and receives disenchanted. she sees naren. naren says if you have come to take me again domestic then you definately are wasting your time. i have chosen my way. pooja gets her call sign in for the yatra. rahul comes and says she isn’t alone, i am going with her. the yatra starts offevolved. absolutely everyone start walking. malanga re performs……………

Kusum asks neighbor in which did she see pooja and asks if she turned into excellent. neighbor tells that she saw her in hrishikesh additionally, and tells that she saw her with a man there. kusum is dubious. supriya tells harish that they are forcing naren to exchange and says he needs time to trade. harish says we don’t have time. we’ve got just 3 months time and 15 days are already over. mr. kapoor comes to satisfy him. he greets harish and says bade saheb sent gifts for you. harish sees neelima coming and asks him to come to take a look at. neelima asks hardik approximately mr. kapoor. she says he brings present every 2-3 months. hardik says can be he is a client. neelima says he treats them as samdhi. hardik thinks in which did i meet him. neelima asks him not to try and remember as he can’t.

A man asks naren if he got here to search god and answers. he says you may’t and asks him to head lower back home. naren seems on. the crowd say jai shri ram. rahul tells pooja that it isn’t always easy for her to do yatra and asks her to return home. pooja says anything occurred with him is because of me. rahul says naren is lifestyles people, and we couldn’t make him best. he tells that he has an assumption that he desires remedy. he tells that naren fell inside the river and rests on the ice bed. he tells that he’s strange and needs remedy. pooja is bowled over to hear this.

“kahin khushi ke udte gulaal
kahin nami se hai ankhein lal
sawalon se bani hai yeh duniya
phir kyun ghalat hai poochna sawaal”

(someplace splashing colours of gulaal,
someplace eyes are crimson with wetness,
this international is made from questions,
then why is it incorrect to ask a question).

malanga performs……


Precap: a man asks naren to get involved inside the yatra absolutely and depart the entirety. naren wears garments like them. mayank and pooja are greatly surprised. rahul takes his p.c and sends to neelima. neelima thinks surpriya could be stunned and ruined now and revel in seeing naren’s percent.



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