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Piya Albela 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update

Piya Albela 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Piya Albela 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update. Piya Albela 31st March 2017 Written Episode Updates.


The episode starts offevolved with rahul giving clue to pooja that mayank became the man who tried to misbehave together with her inside the farm residence, although in a roundabout way. pooja thinks mayank did incorrect along with her. kusum calls vyas industries and asks approximately pooja. receptionist says pooja doesn’t work within the workplace, however stays in their domestic. kusum thinks why did she misinform us. mayank additionally empties his wallet and put inside the charity box. he prays to god to help naren discover the solutions. a devotee asks naren if he were given his answers. naren asks if he will find solutions in bhakti, shastra etc………rahul tells pooja that ordinary guy will no longer talk like this and says he’s going to make her speak to psychiatrist. pooja asks why you’re telling me this? rahul says he is bored with convincing all and sundry, and asks her to persuade supriya to get psychiatrist assist for naren.

A devotee asks naren to try to get answers with honesty and says you’ll get solutions. rahul gives name to pooja. health practitioner tells her that naren is not normal and is misplaced in his very own global. he says these humans are harmful to themselves and asks her to get him admitted within the health center. rahul asks her to consume something. pooja says even naren didn’t have whatever. rahul says it is impossible to convince him. naren asks child goat’s mum to devour, however it don’t. mayank comes and asks naren to devour. naren refuses and goes. mayank asks goat to eat desi puris. pooja comes and feeds puris to goat. mayank receives angry. naren says permit her feed goat and smiles. jai ram siya ram plays…….naren sees the people chanting jai ram….he asks the devotee/pandit, how to get answers. he says you have to go away the whole lot and get concerned in god’s bhakti completely forgetting each person. naren seems at him.


Mayank asks pooja to go back and says he can’t see naren disappointed. pooja says naren don’t have any objection if i stay right here. mayank searches for naren. hardik is praying in the temple. neelima says rahul didn’t pass for the first time. hardik says he’s concerned for naren and asks her to preserve speedy with him. neelima refuses. hardik asks her to do atleast god’s parikrama. neelima is status nevertheless. hardik asks her to do parikrama. pooja and mayank seek naren, however couldn’t find him. naren thinks about the devotee’s phrases. naren wears clothes just like the devotee and gets absorbed within the bhakti and performs dhol closing his eyes. mayank, pooja and rahul are stunned to look him. malanga re plays…….


Rahul takes naren’s video/snap shots even as he’s dancing in his bhakti.. mayank sees his barefeet and clears the stone from his manner. naren opens his eyes and smiles hardly.pooja thinks what health practitioner and rahul advised to her. she is shocked. neelima sees the snap shots and receives happy. she thinks wow..i can’t trust this, this picture will alternate vyas family destiny and anything i didn’t get, my son will get. she thinks supriya….your son is long past out of your hand. pooja is standing in shock. rahul tells her that that is so irritating and that naren wishes medical treatment. he says harish is tensed and that it isn’t clean to address business on my own. he says he got call from workplace and can’t pass leaving naren on my own. pooja says she is with him and asks him to head for harish. rahul asks her to call him if wanted and gives his greater smartphone. he then smiles and is going. naren is dancing nonetheless.


“na daan se ya yagyun se
na bhakti se na granton se
mile hai saar is jeevan ka
sab tyaag ke usme ramne se”

(no longer from charity or sacrifice
not from prayers or holy books
find reason of the lifestyles
with the aid of sacrificing the whole lot by using absorbing in it)

Malanga re performs……


Precap: Pooja sees scorpion going in the direction of naren and tries to alert him. in the meantime scorpion climbs up on his toes. pooja runs to shop him.



Update Credit To: Dolly


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