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Piya Albela 31st May 2017 Written Episode Update

Piya Albela 31st May 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Piya Albela 31st May 2017 Written Episode Update. Piya Albela 31st May 2017 Written Episode Updates. 


The episode begins with pooja and naren achieving satish’s residence and notice the lock. naren asks pooja to name mama and tell him that we got here here to stay here for few days. pooja tells him that sushma aunty need to be having the keys and asks naren to live there until she returns. she involves sushma’s house and asks for keys. sushma questions her. pooja asks for keys. naren thinks where is pooja and is derived out. sushma comes following pooja. pooja asks naren to come back and take him internal. sushma thinks she has sold her shame and going internal with the person. guru ji asks rahul to loosen up and says no one can get god’s proofs. he tells that his sidhis are small infront of god, and tells that naren have just began his search. he says they may not get something and tells pooja’s mama is a human and naren will come returned to me empty exceeded and surrender to me. he asks them to alternate the residence matters until he returns.


Full Details of Piya Albela 31st May 2017 Written Episode Update

Harsha asks supriya if you have finished a few pooja. supriya says she is looking god and tells that naren’s defeat will be god’s defeat and tells that she will do bhagawat course until naren wins. naren asks pooja to offer him food. he asks when mama might be again. pooja says can be they went to health facility. she tells that mami don’t need each person to enter her kitchen and flour and different element is locked. naren asks if this residence is not yours. pooja says they may be angry with me now. she says we will go back home and tell guru ji that we don’t receive this task. naren says these questions are his also, and will resolve his question. pooja says she will make something for him. she goes to kitchen. naren additionally goes with her.


Sushma brings different buddies there and that they peep within the residence. jogiya tune plays…naren have the food. he makes pooja sit and is going t kitchen to show the roti and burns his hand. pooja rushes again and preserve his hand below the tap. kusum, satish and anuj return domestic. they see neighbor status and asks if robbery took place. sushma says pooja is with a man inner and romancing with him. they pass interior and spot pooja feeding naren together with her hand as his finger is burnt. they are shocked.


Kusum scolds pooja and says she introduced mad man along with her. pooja says naren is in hassle and tells that mama can help him out. kusum asks her to tell him to visit hell and there simplest he’ll get god. pooja says you are disappointed with me, however why do you get irritated with him. she says wherein i’d go in trouble times. anuj asks her to stop calling it as her residence. naren is ready outside. kusum also backs anuj. pooja apologizes to her and asks anuj to recognize. anuj says you want them and didn’t care approximately us. kusum says in which we will go, and asks pooja to come back with her and throw naren out, else go with him. pooja runs to mama and asks him to assist naren and tells that if naren returns domestic without solutions then guru ji will take his benefit badly. satish says no one have solutions, then how i’m able to solution him. he says you is probably proper, but i don’t think that i will assist naren in any manner. pooja is greatly surprised.


She asks mama to talk to naren as soon as and says he could be very cussed. satish says if you wants, naren can live here for 2 days, he says naren is a good man, but i’m able to’t take his duty and let arguments appear within the residence. naren enters. harsha tells that naren’s each moms will fight with him and says she can also do paath and asks her to relaxation for sometime. supriya is going to take relaxation.


Last Part of Piya Albela 31st May 2017 Written Episode Update


Harish tells guruji that he is bored to death of naren’s dramas and may’t focus on workplace work. guru ji asks him to loosen up himself and says you have to fight massive wars in destiny. he asks him to are available in his sharan/safe haven for few days and handover office responsibility to rahul for few days. harish is tensed. rahul comes. guru ji offers office duty to rahul. naren sits down on satish’s feet and says best you may help me and tell how i can sense god. satish says we can speak later. kusum asks him to come interior. naren and pooja looks on.


Precap: Naren asks satish to answer. satish says he has to head and deliver an order. guru ji tells that mum’s powers is doubled and asks neelima to make arrangements to present bali/sacrifice. neelima is greatly surprised.


Update Credit To: Mrs. Gupta


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