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Piya Albela 6th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Piya Albela 6th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Piya Albela 6th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Piya Albela 6th April 2017 Written Episode Update.



This episode begins with pooja coming to naren’s room and thinks approximately supriya’s phrases. naren asks do you have any paintings with me. pooja says she delivered his medication. naren asks her to maintain it. pooja says she will be able to alternate his bandage as physician stated. naren says no want, will trade later. pooja says she will inform supriya that he’s going to alternate bandage later. naren asks her now not to trouble his maa and says you’ve got five mins to alternate the bandage. pooja sits and modifications his bandage. he asks about his youth wound. naren tells that he were given this wound whilst playing cricket along with his dad in his childhood, however dad were given a lot worried than him. he says i slept, but when I wake up in the morning, he changed into nevertheless sitting conserving my hand. pooja says maa is like this. naren says i am speakme approximately dad.


Full Details of Piya Albela 6th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Rahul talks to a person and thanks him. he tells neelima that if a jogi becomes md then all buyers will stroll out. neelima says all of us shall stroll out. rahul says if we stroll out then tau ji will get disappointed. neelima says when he can conceal from us about making naren, the md of the organization, then why can’t we disguise.
harish is at harsha’s residence. harsha says while naren were given hurt final, you become at his aspect and were given sick. she says now naren have again. harish says he again home as jogi, whilst he can put on jogi’s clothes then he can walks off from domestic like our bau ji. he says humans used to name him mad and our maa have delivered up us by myself. he says he don’t have electricity like her. harsha cries. harish asks rakesh, am i able to live right here for this night. rakesh says this house is yours too, but till while you will not face naren.


Pooja offers garments to naren. naren asks her not to the touch his almari and says no person shall get affected with his garments. pooja says harish sir might no longer had long past without meeting you then, and says you cares for anybody, then why you couldn’t see your father’s pain. she takes his clothes returned. naren seems on.


Anuj is following a woman. rachel asks her not to follow her else she will get him arrested. anuj says you are wondering me incorrect and tells that his sister asked him to talk to her. rachel says she gained within the competition. anuj asks her to assist the students and educate them dance. satish asks kusum to get chocolates for pooja. kusum angrily gets down the auto and is going to the candies save, and sees anuj with rachel. rachel is going. kusum comes returned and tells satish that every one candies are antique. satish asks driver to drive. kusum thinks she is going to catch pooja’s lie.


Harish comes home. supriya tells him that naren will wear his garments soon. pooja comes and tells that naren isn’t always in his room. neelima smiles. supriya says he must be in his farm and calls him. rahul says it appears jogi went. naren comes sporting his garments from outside. supriya asks wherein did you move? naren says he went to save to get samosas and jalebis for all and sundry. hardik says i’m able to have double. supriya says naren can have with us and asks him to sit. harish looks at naren. supriya asks him to have samosa. naren says i introduced rabdi also.


Harish receives emotional and glad, sits on the dining desk to have it. supriya asks manoj to serve samosa, jalebi and rabdi. she feeds naren. harish smiles happily even as having it. neelima and rahul are dissatisfied. supriya asks harish to have his favourite meals delivered by naren. harish eats it and gets emotional. naren additionally receives emotional. harish tells that he was wondering to get mangoes boxes dispensed to his employees. hardik says ok. harish asks supriya to send candies to his workplace in conjunction with lunch. supriya is glad with pooja.


Later neelima tells pooja that she is sensible to make naren exchange his clothes and also added him home. she asks if it is her charm or her mami’s cleverness. she says your mami known as and tells that she had a doubt on her from before. she name callings for. servant tells that she were given a cellphone from workplace. pooja takes the call and is informed that her mami and mama got here to workplace. pooja says she will be able to come. neelima asks why you wants to pass? pooja makes excuse that she is going to give tiffin to harish and leaves.


Satish tells receptionist that harish hired pooja for office paintings. receptionist asks him to test employee sign up. pooja waits for vehicle and thinks what to reply mama, supriya isn’t within the house. she collides with naren’s bike. naren asks why she is walking on road. pooja says she wishes to visit office. naren gives to drop her and asks her to sit. she says she will pass by using stroll. naren says now and again employees need to concentrate to their boss. pooja thinks if naren sees her mama and mami.


“yeh mann bhi bada hai bawra
paya jitna utna hi chahe
apnon ka mann rakhke dekho
aapka bhi mann bharjaye”

(this heart could be very crazy,
needs greater than it receives,
preserve heart of the cherished ones,
even our heart could be contented)

malanga re plays…..


Precap of Piya Albela 7th April 2017 Written Episode Update. Harish receives happy understanding naren came to office. supriya tells fact to kusum. kusum says your mama will be shocked understanding this. later neelima tells harish that they shall throw birthday celebration for naren, and tells rahul to look at what takes place.



Update Credit To: Dolly

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