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Piya Albela 6th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Piya Albela 6th June 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Piya Albela 6th June 2017 Written Episode Update. Piya Albela 6th June 2017 Written Episode Updates. 


The episode begins with satish assuring pooja that he can’t punish naren for rahul doings, and tells her to guarantee naren that he’ll locate his answers virtually. pooja receives happy. she asks him to present present to kusum of her choice. kusum tells sushma that she desires to get pooja married and asks her to name everybody to the feature and says whoever likes pooja, i’m able to get her married to him. naren is tensed. pooja tells naren that mama ji instructed that he’ll find the god and said that god may be determined tomorrow. she asks him to peer the common sense and tells the possibilities. naren thinks how can this take place. pooja asks him to look from her attitude.


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Kusum thinks day after today guys will bid for you and asks her to chuckle nowadays. she involves pooja and offers her get dressed, and says that she known as parlour girl also. pooja thanks her. kusum thinks as soon as she marries, then her life could be satisfactory. naren seems for pooja and says he is hungry. pooja indicates her mehendi and asks him to eat and says she can eat later. naren asks her to sit down and makes her have food. pooja is touched. jogiya music plays….naren says you stated that god can determined within the marriage and its rituals, but how is that this viable and says god is observed in freedom. he says characteristic might be exact, however god couldn’t be observed. pooja tells him that human beings get marry infront of them. naren asks do you need to marry. pooja says i’m able to make you meet god and asks him to be along with her.
Supriya tells neelima that harsha is in her room. neelima tells that she can not convince her and says harsha thinks of herself as their saas and thinks naren as her belongings. anuj brings the stuff for kusum and satish’s remarriage. sushma desires kusum and says many men will be coming these days to look her and says a person will like her. pooja comes and gives some thing to pandit ji. sushma sees naren with her and asks what you will say in the event that they see naren. kusum thinks what to do. naren serves drinks to visitors. harsha is crying. rakesh tries to pacify her. supriya comes to convince harsha and says akhand paat may be incomplete with out her. harsha says when mum is there, why bua is wanted. supriya says she can come again to take her. kusum asks anuj to ship naren from here and says if each person ask, what we will say. he is taking naren to side and asks him to head and not to damage his mother and father’ anniversary. pooja comes and tells that naren is our guest and can be a part of the feature. she holds his hand asking her to come. kusum comes and asks them to forestall it and says if she sees naren close to the mandap then she will no longer sit down within the mandap.


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Naren tells pooja that satish and kusum’s happiness topics lots these days and says he’s going to stay out. rakesh asks rahul about the quantities debited from the debts. rahul says taya ji signed on those cheques and shows the authority letter. he tells hardik that harish is blindfolded and people are announcing that he took sanyas direction at the same time as seeking to prevent his son from following sanyas. naren thinks how i can reach my solution sitting here. pooja is going to kitchen and thinks what to achieve this that he gets the answers. she thinks approximately satish’s phrases. naren attempts to peep interior via the window. anuj asks pooja to make him understand. kusum sits on mandap. pooja brings garlands and tells naren that they are members of the family, and says this stuff be part of family members among two humans. naren says it is lifeless things. pooja appears at him through the garland.


Precap: Pooja tells naren that that is god’s prateek and indicates sindoor. naren is set to fill her maang announcing god must come infront. pooja slaps him tough. naren is taken aback.


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