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Piya Albela 7th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Piya Albela 7th June 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Piya Albela 7th June 2017 Written Episode Update. Piya Albela 7th June 2017 Written Episode Updates. 


The Episode starts with Naren asking Pooja what is this. Pooja shows the garland and says it is relation. She says there must be God in it and that’s why heads are bend down while wearing garland. Naren says it is just flower and thread. Pooja asks him to see from her perspective. Satish and Kusum are getting married inside the house. Pooja ties the ghatbandhan and tells Naren that this knot ties two people for life. She demonstrates rounds and tells that God exist in this also. Naren says it is just two people taking rounds. Pooja says they are one in God’s eyes. Satish and Kusum take rounds. Pooja shows sindoor and says this is God’s biggest proof. Naren says it is just red color and tells that God have to come out today. Kusum asks Satish to give her gift. Naren takes a pinch of sindoor and is about to fill pooja’s maang. Pooja stops him and slaps him hard, sindoor falls down. She asks what you are doing? She says it is just red color for you, but others don’t think this way. Naren says Pooja. Pooja goes and washes her face to remove the sindoor and cries. Naren calls her. She cries and goes inside. Naren looks at ghatbandhan and thinks if Sindoor is God’s prateik then what is wrong in it.


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Supriya asks Harish, did you call me. Harish says Guru maa made me see the dream in where Naren got better and started becoming good soon. Guru ji asks Supriya to get blind folded. Supriya says it is wife’s duty to bring her husband back to light. Harish gets angry. Guru ji asks him to calm down. Pooja walks inside the house. Kusum thinks what happened to her and where is her other dupatta. Rachel thinks to ask her. Naren comes to Pooja holding her dupatta and keeps it. He observes the ladies and goes. Rahul gives cheque to Guru ji and says it is second installment. He says he has a doubt and says I think Naren will win this challenge. Pooja thinks of her words and recalls everything. Naren comes to her and says I know you are very upset, but listen to me. He says I was just trying to find God and reach my answer. Pooja says you care for your answer and not for others’ emotions. Naren says I didn’t think that you have different thinking.


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Pooja says there shall be limits to friendship too and tells that there is something in the rituals too. Naren says I will go in the morning and don’t want to find God, whose search makes anybody cry. Pooja cries hearing him. He gets Supriya’s call and she asks how are you? Naren asks why sindoor is so meaningful to girl and asks if a guy fills a girl’s forehead with sindoor, then do marriage happens. Supriya tells that filling girl’s forehead is to support her and be with her all life. She says girls’ emotions are attached with this and they are bonded by a relation. Naren ends the call and looks on. Supriya prays for his safety. Kusum talks to Sushma and asks if someone liked her. Sushma says someone liked her, but they are old fashioned and want bahus to wear ghunghat and don’t let them work. Kusum says ok and says she will convince Satish and Anuj and asks her to send sweets with them. Naren hurts him holding the thorn..


Precap: Naren tells Pooja that God is in her eyes and does her aarti. She says God is in your heart and that’s why you see him everywhere. Naren says I will introduce you to your identity soon.


Update Credit To: Aneesa


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