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Piya Albela 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Piya Albela 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Piya Albela 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update. Piya Albela 8th June 2017 Written Episode Updates. 


The episode begins with naren considering his actions and pooja’s response and hammers the desk. pooja thinks why she is disenchanted whilst she is aware of naren. she thinks even naren is right, how can lifeless things connect human beings and then thinks there is probably some connection with the god, that’s why it connects humans. naren eliminates his blouse and lie down at the nails desk. supriya calls pooja and tells that naren sounded tensed and asks approximately the sindoor. guru ji calls kusum and talks approximately pooja’s alliance. kusum says pooja’s alliance talk is going on with someone else and asks him to call later. later guru ji receives a person call and calls him bandu and tells that his reason to send him to vyas family is fulfilled and that neelima and rahul is in his manage, harish is still blindfolded and pooja could be marrying soon.


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He asks that person to come back quickly and ends the decision.
Pooja worriedly goes out and asks naren to arise from the table. naren says he is punishing himself. pooja makes him get up and cries, and says you will have punished me, not your self. she says you wants to attain god, i recognise. naren says my prayers are not proper and that’s why i couldn’t get him. naren says i did incorrect with you and you cares for me a lot. he take a look at her eyes and says if god do exist then this simplicity, honesty and so on would had been in his eyes like you. he runs and brings aarti. he tells her that he discovered god in her eyes. he lights the aarti plate and does his aarti. pooja asks him no longer to narrate him to god and says i’m a ordinary human. she says you’ve got god in your self and that’s why you see god in yourself. naren says who is this god, who don’t know his own identification and says i will make you perceive yourself quickly. she goes internal.


Anuj comes and asks if she has gone mad? he asks what occurred to her dream of starting dance academy etc. pooja asks what came about? anuj says kusum is fixing your marriage and groom’s circle of relatives could be coming tomorrow. pooja says i can talk to mama. she goes to satish. kusum tells her that mama gave her gift that she will be able to marry earlier than savan. pooja is stunned. satish says we aren’t forcing you and everything will occur along with your want.


Rakesh calls all of us inside the corridor and tells harish that 6 crores is transferred to unknown bills and says we don’t have any cash now to pay the tax and so forth. harish remembers signing cheques for rahul. rahul says you’ve got signed cheques for enterprise. harish says i don’t realize while did i signal? hardik asks how to punish you. kusum talks to sushma and tells that she can be in the end relieved now. pooja thinks approximately naren’s phrases and gets geared up. her earring falls down. naren selections her rings. he says nowadays is the unique day for you and says all of the great. her earrings cave in once more. he alternatives it up and says there’s no pressure on you, simply listen your inner voice. i can’t trust that you are going to get married and says i am surely satisfied.


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Harsha comes there with mayank and tells hardik that he’s our massive brother. neelima asks harsha now not to interfere. harish asks rahul if he’s certain that the ones cheques haven’t reached in wrong hands. hardik defends rahul and asks if he will question naren. neelima acts to assist harish. hardik says his intellectual circumstance isn’t proper and asks him to go away md role. rakesh says how are you going to say this. rahul says we are able to call the board assembly and tell about his doings and then they will kick tau ji out of enterprise. mayank asks how will you communicate like this. harsha asks them to sit and communicate. hardik tells that the business could have partition. guru ji thinks bandu is gambling the sport and thinks all people could be shattered. kusum comes to pooja’s room and sees naren.


Precap: Groom and his family come to see pooja. pooja looks at naren.


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