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Queens Hain Hum 27th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Queens Hain Hum 27th March 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Queens Hain Hum 27th March 2017 Written Episode Update. Queens Hain Hum 27th March 2017 Written Episode Updates.

Jahnvi informs minister that the she is not the one he is calling at, she isn’t interested by men. minister is greatly surprised and asks if she is a lesbian. she says sure, at maximum she will increase his commission. minister angrily leaves. kinjal asks jahnvi why did minister walk away so angrily. jahnvi asks if she recorded their communication, then she must pay attention to it. kinjal listens to audio and praises jahnvi that she used a right trick. jahnvi hopes minister approves plan. minister’s pa comes and says minister is not satisfied and needs miss jaipur 2016 as jahnvi’s alternative.

  • Sona forcefeeds dry fruit milk to tanya. akku reaches with aniket. sumitra receives happy seeing them. akku says she goes out for three-4 days, so notion of leaving aniket here. sumitra says she did suitable, meet and preet gets a organization. akku gets emotional. tanya asks her to loosen up as she isn’t leaving aniket here for the primary time. akku asks aniket not to problem tanya aunty, she will be able to get him masses of chocs whilst returning.
    jahnvi again at office laughs that she did not know minister could be so weird. kinjal says she must conform to minister’s demands. jahnvi says she will not smash any other female’s existence for her advantage. maya calls her net and asks wherein is her buddy pushkar, he isn’t picking call and now not attending classes. jahnvi asks to name herself and discover as opposed to the usage of her as mediatory. avinash brings his mother. maya receives very satisfied seeing her and says she will no longer permit her move again as she is her biggest assist. they both hug every different emotionally.

Jahnvi calls pushkar and informs about maya’s name. pushkar says that means maya is eager to satisfy him and his concept is operating. jahnvi says his theories are incorrect. pushkar says laws of physics and appeal are equal, for each motion, there may be an identical and opposite reaction she have to be prepared to lose her project.

Sona asks tanya to feed aniket as he is running around with every bite. tanya takes aniket on her lap and feeds. sumitra sees her and scolds that she is pregnant and ought to now not raise weight. tanya apologizes and thanks her for reminder.

Jahnvi’s boss calls her and says she disillusioned her with the mission and if she can not cope with it, he’ll supply it to someone else. jahnvi says she will deal with it. boss offers her 2 days deadline.

Shreya nervously waits for adhi. adhi comes and hugs her and asks what took place, why she is so tensed, if he did any mistake. shreya says she made a mistake. he asks what. she says she did not want to speak approximately it, but does not want any breach of agree with between them. he asks what’s the issue. she says she had employed karishma talwar/kt to undercover agent on him and sanaya as she doubted he and sanaya are having an affair. adhi fumes that she made a large mistake, kt gave all their secret to shivraj, he needs kt’s information. she says she does now not have. he says she allow a secret agent input their residence. she says she made a mistake. he says she did a big mistake, now she can lose madhurima’s agree with, she broke her trust.

At night, dev tells tanya that she is pregnant.. tanya says she knows she does not look like pregnant with flat tummy, soon her tummy will bulge and they will get ultrasonography. dev seeing her pleasure stops and says allow us to sleep now, he has to visit office day after today. tanya says all girls like to have sour food, however why she does no longer feel like. dev acts as snoozing.

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