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Queens Hain Hum 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Update

Queens Hain Hum 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Queens Hain Hum 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Queens Hain Hum 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Update.


Tanya thinks to test and do the being pregnant check. meet and preet come and asks her to help them of their art and craft’s assignment. tanya says i’m able to are available sometime, but youngsters take her. tanya maintains the pregnancy package and is going with them. sona comes and asks them why they’re worrying chachi. she asks tanya if she did the check. tanya says no. sona asks them to do their domestic work. meet and preet ask sona to allow them to take tanya. tanya says i’m coming with you. dev comes domestic and happens to check the being pregnant package. he thinks if tanya do the check then it’ll be tricky. sona hears them and thinks her doubt become proper.


Full Details of Queens Hain Hum 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Update


Pushkar asks maya to return as he wants to talk to her. they go to her cabin. pushkar asks you didn’t inform me about the dates to visit mumbai. maya says dates. pushkar says we must cover the gems and jewelry exhibition. you need to come with me as you’re my co blogger. maya says i forgot and tells that she can inform him. pushkar asks him to inform fast. maya says she will be able to inform in 2-three days. pushkar asks will you ditched me on the last min. maya says no. pushkar says i suppose, as you advanced love emotions for me, you need to avoid me and don’t want to include me. maya says i’m able to tell you in 2-three days, there may be nothing as such.
pushkar says it shall no longer have an effect on our work and that’s why i request you to permit me realize the dates proper now. maya says sufficient and says i am listening to your nonsense since lengthy and tells that she don’t love him, and resigns her job. she says sorry for the problems and asks him to depart. pushkar is bowled over. maya sits down tensed. pushkar leaves. maya thinks what passed off to me, i shouldn’t have reacted this way.


Sona’s mum comes to her. sona says i have a news for you and that’s why my belly is paining. she tells that tanya is not pregnant and dev is faking her being pregnant. even she doesn’t recognize. her mum tells that she did proper and tells that they’ll enjoy the drama when dev tells truth to tanya and sumitra. she says sumitra will kick them out and then all belongings will belong to jatin and her.


Dev comes again home and says hi to tanya. tanya searches for the being pregnant kit and asks him if he noticed. he says no. sona is spying on them. tanya is about to open his workplace bag to get the tiffin. dev takes his bag and says it have essential documents. tanya says even i am educated and knows the significance of office documents. dev asks what did you make for dinner. tanya tells the dishes names. dev says he’s hungry and asks her to serve. she is going to serve. sona is spying nonetheless. dev takes out being pregnant kit from his bag and throws out of his window. he asks god to offer him electricity to tell fact to tanya.


Kt comes to shreya’s residence within the night time. adhi wakes up hearing someone coming into his room. shreya also wakes up and says kt….you are right here. adhi says she is kt..our jhumki. kt greets them. he brings water. shreya asks wherein changed into you? kt says i will let you know everything and asks her to permit her to talk adhi first. she tells that she is a secret agent and haven’t informed some thing approximately his health problems to raja saheb. shreya says i advised him.


Adhi asks in which did you pass? kt says she changed into abducted through someone. kt says tale is huge, and says your protection machine have to have acknowledged by now that someone entered your room. she tells them that a person wants to kill shreya. adhi asks who and asks her to inform. kt says that man or woman may be all people. adhi says this is no possible. kt says i will no longer meet you until i clear up this puzzle. they get a name. kt says you acquire safety carrier call and says she shall go away.


Adhi tells shreya that kt positioned them in confusion. shreya says atleast our false impression is cleared, kt didn’t inform whatever to raja saheb. she asks did you forgive me. adhi says i forgave you and also apologetic. shreya asks him now not to take death hazard severely and says what everyone will get by means of killing me. adhi says you are my spouse and alwar’s mum and if whatever happens to you, i can die. shreya hugs him and says nothing will show up with me till you’re with me and asks him in no way to get irritated together with her. adhi guarantees her that he’ll never get upset with her.


Later amrit asks tanya how is she and says i couldn’t entire night time considering you and asks approximately her being pregnant. sumitra scolds her and asks why did she come to explicit negativity. amrit says she saw a awful dream that she were given miscarriage.


Sumitra gets indignant and says even if you have seen a horrific dream, you shall now not discuss with us. dev asks why did you tell us approximately your dream. amrit says sona is like tanya to her and is concerned approximately her. she says i’m able to’t take risk with tanya and says we shall take tanya to sona’s health practitioner. sumitra says tanya will visit medical doctor after doing puja within the temple the following day. tanya asks about puja. sumitra says she stored rudra pooja for her to be born toddler and don’t need any evil eye to fall on her infant. amrit thinks she has many plans to expose tanya’s faux being pregnant.


Last Part of Queens Hain Hum 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Update


Purab gives letter to akku. she reads it and is shocked. he asks if there is any issue. akku says chinu filed courtroom case for aniket’s custody. aniket is playing and takes him together with her. deshu asks what occurred? akku tells that chinu filed custody case. akku says she will die, however will now not let aniket visit chinu.



Precap: Tanya invitations her friends for rudra pooja at temple. maya asks dev, while you will inform tanya about fake pregnancy. dev says after the puja. minister documents defamation case towards akku. shreya reads within the newspaper about kt’s murder.



Update Credit To: Aneeta

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