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Queens Hain Hum 4th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Queens Hain Hum 4th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Queens Hain Hum 4th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Queens Hain Hum 4th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


Tanya calls maya and janvi and inform that sumitra kept rudra pooja at temple and asks them to tell akku and shreya. she tells about amrit seeing a bad dream of her miscarriage. janki asks didn’t dev tell you whatever. maya says we are able to speak to dev about it and asks tanya not to invite him and smash his marvel. tanya says bye and ends the call.


Full Details of Queens Hain Hum 4th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Highness asks sanaya why did she call her. she says adhi and shreya want to meet him. shreya says we met kt the day gone by. highness says how? she says our protection team is looking her, however she couldn’t be determined. shreya tells her that they have got hired kt to spy as they couldn’t consummate their marriage and they were worried and wanted to realize the reason. highness says that’s why you saved secret agent. that spy gave our information to our enemies. shreya says she didn’t meet our enemies else she wouldn’t have come here. sanaya says she got here right here and you didn’t inform me.
Adhi says kt didn’t leak any data of ours to enemies. i met her personally. highness asks him now not to take his wife’s side. she says kt is our enemy and is sharing our data to enemies. adhi says she is a well wisher and came to inform us that shreya’s lifestyles is in risk and a person from our own family need to kill her. highness asks him to ask kt to satisfy her.


Maya tells akku that dev isn’t telling tanya about her fake being pregnant. she calls dev and asks when you may tell tanya about faux being pregnant. she says you told that you will tell truth to every person. dev says i tried to inform them fact, but circumstances forced me to be silent. maya says she is involved for tanya and sumitra and says they’re planning about child. they’ll be hurt. she says if sumitra or tanya came to know approximately the fact then sumitra will deliver storm and tanya can be harm. dev says he will inform her that she turned into no longer pregnant.


Shreya tells highness that kt is hiding from their enemies and she is sure that she will connect to them quickly. servant comes and offers newspaper to sanaya. sanaya is taken aback and offers newspaper to highness. highness reads it and passes newspaper to shreya. shreya is taken aback to see kt’s murder news inside the newspaper. she reads the news that kt turned into running for alwar royal family. adhi seems on worried.


Deshu comes and continues the tray. she signs maya. akku says i know why maya got here here. maya says this custody case is not correct and asks her to meet chinu and talk mutually who desires to keep aniket. akku says she is not interested to talk to him. maya asks her to suppose and says it may affect infant’s psychology. akku says chinu will now not speak to me because of fulfillment and is pampering aniket lots. she says i won’t let this appear, my life is only aniket. she says chinu is changed and she gained’t let aniket get suffering from him. maya tells him which could games are played even as custody case goes on and asks akku to maintain him faraway from this case.


Akku says even chinu is aware of this, however then additionally he filed case. she says she can fight and will not give up. sanaya reads the information and says this is a cold blood murder and her identification is revealed via biometric identification. shreya cries and feels bad. she tells adhi that she is feeling stressed. highness asks her to rest and apologize to her. adhi asks shreya to come. shreya says i’m able to go.


Adhi tells highness that even he is stunned along with her loss of life. highness says why all people will kill her. adhi says genuinely our enemies, and says we might have known who’s our real enemy. he says we shall defend shreya as kt stated that her life is in chance. highness says our enemies don’t want to come to be raja, however shreya made them quiet and that’s why they’re doing this. she asks sanaya for proposal. highness says shreya and adhi shall go out of delhi and says chatrapur farmhouse can be good. highness asks them to move there. she thinks what did kt recognize approximately our enemies.


Purab tells akku that they’re all around the news. he switches off smartphone. akku sees information about shashi burman. shashi burman tells that he is out on bail and is grateful to regulation. he says akansha banerjee framed me as i refused to provide funds to her. he says he’ll report defamation case towards her and will request govt to ban her ngo. purab asks what nonsense. she says what else you can anticipate from such humans. no person will take delivery of their crime and asks him to neglect it. chinu says she is again in information, have time for all this, however don’t have time to reply for my notice.


Last Part of Queens Hain Hum 4th April 2017 Written Episode Update
Preet asks tanya about the puja. tanya continues her hand on her belly and tells that she has a small child. preet receives happy. tanya goes to convey kishmish and falls down. preet calls absolutely everyone and inform that chachi slipped.



Precap: Precap of Queens Hain Hum 5th April 2017 Written Episode Update. adhi asks shreya no longer to go out of house. shreya says kt will experience terrible if i don’t pass. maya, janvi, akku ask tanya what occurred? tanya cries and tells that she had a marriage. every body is greatly surprised.



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