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Queens Hain Hum 7th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Queens Hain Hum 7th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Queens Hain Hum 7th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Queens Hain Hum 7th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


Shreya receives scared and shouts. a person comes and holds her. shreya is bowled over. mild comes. it’s far adhi. adhi says it became just his prank to make her perception that the vicinity is safe. shreya says she is scared and shaken. adhi says i am your shield and no one can contact you. shreya hugs him.


Full Details of Queens Hain Hum 7th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Tanya comes to sumitra’s room. sumitra asks her to sit and asks how is she? tanya says i need to tell you something. sumitra asks what passed off? tanya says i’m not pregnant. sona hears her and smiles. sumitra leaves her hand and asks what you are pronouncing. tanya says it turned into all fake pregnancy, and all of us have lied to you so you don’t make dev remarried. sumitra is upset.


Tanya apologizes and asks for forgiveness. she tells her that she turned into now not privy to the reality and that dev has hidden this from her. she says after I got monthly cycle, i concept i’ve a miscarriage and went in surprise. tanya asks her now not to assume dev incorrect. she asks her to stay whatever and now not to be in shock and silent. sumitra locks herself in room. tanya asks her to open the door, come out and scold her. sona additionally knocks on the door. tanya cries and apologizes to her. dev and jatin come there.
In the morning, tanya, dev, jatin and sona are waiting outdoor sumitra’s room. sona says she is not starting the door seeing that night time. amrit comes and asks her to return the door. tanya asks her to open the door and cries. amrit accuses tanya. she asks sumitra to thank god as her faux pregnancy is exposed, else she could have followed an orphan child and made them tendon heir. dev asks what you’re pronouncing? amrit says may be sumitra devoted suicide.


Tanya knocks on the door and asks her now not to do whatever wrong. she promises to accept her conditions and orders. amrit asks them to break the door. dev and jatin are about to interrupt the door. sumitra comes out. amrit says thank god, you’re satisfactory. sumitra scolds tanya and dev. she says i will now not overlook this incident till i die, it is a sin to play with elders’ feelings and you need to do penance and endure punishment. she says dev need to marry once more and you have to persuade him. sona and amrit smile.


Sumitra asks don’t you settle. tanya folds her arms and guarantees her that dev will marry, take pheras and marriage will manifest properly. sumitra goes to her room once more. tanya cries. dev looks at tanya and is going. amrit says how can tanya agree and says she is in surprise.


Adhi takes shreya to terrace of the palace. he opens her blindfold. shreya smiles seeing the decoration and asks if you have finished this. adhi nods. she says it’s far lovely. adhi says not as lovely as you.
they begin dancing on the track haan seekha maine. adhi romances along with her while dancing. he lifts her in his palms and takes her to bed. he is ready to get closer, when shreya sees snake falling down on them. they rise up from the mattress. adhi asks her now not to panic and says it’s miles not unusual right here.


Last Part of Queens Hain Hum 7th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Shreya asks him to let snake cross. adhi says he will pick it and throw and is going towards the snake. shreya asks him not to move. adhi holds the snake, but it bites on his hand earlier than he throws it a long way. shreya panics and tears her saree pallu to tie on his hand. she asks him not to shut his eyes and study her. she calls doctor and calls rukhi. rukhi comes and says medical doctor will not come right here. shreya seems on.


Precap of Queens Hain Hum 10th April 2017 Written Episode Update. Pushkar tells maya that people take out their anger on their cherished ones. shreya tells adhi that she will be able to call highness and says we are able to no longer stay right here. akku says shashi burman have got this advert posted. sumitra says this marriage is occurring with tanya’s wish. shreya feels suffocated within the automobile because of the toxic gas in it and requires assist.



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