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Raglak a story of werewolf (episode 7)

Raglak a story of werewolf (episode 7)

Ragini goes to kitchen to prepare something for them. Laksh comes inside and sees the picture frame of his father. Ragini comes out with snacks. Laksh has tears in his eyes. “Laksh..” Ragini says and makes him take a seat.

“Ragini, is me the motive for dad’s…”
“No..laksh, it become passed off .”

She wantingly hides depend, otherwise Laksh will disenchanted.

Laksh holds Ragini’s hand.

“You gained’t depart me naa..!” He asks searching at her.

Ragini kisses his forehead, “by no means”

He hugs her. Then Ragini recollects that she goes to die after subsequent full moon. A tear drops.

Later, Ragini appeared to be reading. Laksh is watching television. Ragini smiles and closes the books.

“What..you closed the books so early? e book worm, you have to study at the least for one hour right.” Laksh asks placing far flung aside.
“What use? With next complete moon, the whole lot with this global going to finish.” Ragini says looking at tv.

“What do you mean?” Laksh asks eye forehead raised.

“not anything..” Ragini stands and about to head. Laksh holds her hand. He pulls her lower back. She falls in his lap. due to that her hair falls on her face. He sensually eliminates her hair from face and he actions palms on her cheeks which runs shivers in her backbone. Laksh brings his lips close to her neck and begins chewing her neck with lips. The pores and skin of her neck has become his chewing gum. Ragini was rubbing his head and nape along with her arms.

He makes Ragini lean on sofa and he comes over her. Then he offers moist kisses on her cheeks and forehead.
“Now, tell me. what is stressful you? Are you worried about me?” Laksh asks.

“I’m not worrying Laksh..I’m exceptional..!” She says.

Laksh gets up from her. She too sits putting her hair. whilst she changed into arranging her hair, she abruptly feels flying in air. Laksh became sporting her in his fingers to the room. Ragini holds his collar.
He places her on mattress. “correct night Ragini.” Ragini smiles.

“i will convey you each night like this.” He says and sleeps beside her. She lays her head on his chest. She is rubbing his chest and he is caressing her head.

“you’re for me. and i’m for you. there may be none different for us.”

“sure. You sooth me from time to time and that i sooth you on occasion.”

Ragini feels, “how are you going to stay after I depart this world Laksh?”
Laksh lightly pecks her lips… “appropriate night”
She smiles and closes her eyes.

One month passes. the whole moon day will come. Ragini is wondering, that is last day for me. Laksh became a few what satisfied that he goes to be normal. He don’t realize that Ragini is going to die.
Laksh is on the point of university.

“Laksh, where are you going? nowadays is complete moon.”

“however, today may be very crucial. i’ve finals in foot ball match.”

He is set to go, Ragini stops. “i can also come..!”

He smiles and kiss her forehead..each leaves to university.

Ragini sits in stadium and watching the healthy. She was anxious approximately the night time that day. and she is likewise very sad..that she is going to leave. Tears won’t stop in her eyes. however, if she cries Laksh may also get disturbed and lose the healthy.

So for lonelyness she goes into library once more..however no one can be there as every body are in stadium. She cries very much..!!

Swara sees that she is in. She smirks and locks the door from out.

Ragini maintains crying and he or she received’t see the time.. it turned into already 6. that means, college is over already.

She hurriedly goes to door and shocked to see she is locked inside. She maintains beating door for assist..however hall and entire college is empty. She shocks.

Laksh reaches home wondering Ragini might have reached already, but he’s surprised Ragini become no longer at domestic. He tries calling her, however no response..!!

just then he is set to step out house, night is over and all turns into darkish. Slowly moon raises from sky.

Laksh shocks and takes step returned.

Ragini also bowled over to see moon from window. She takes an axe and breaks the door. She receives out of room hardly ever and her hand receives scratch at the same time as doing so.

The curtains and doors of house are not closed and moon mild penetrates interior.. Laksh scares and attempts to run… however all at once his legs begin changing… he is getting hair all over…

He nevertheless attempts to run, however he feels dizzy and he now don’t realize what’s going on.

Ragini who rushes to home quickly receives stunned to look completely wolf transformed Laksh.

He shouts in wolf mode.. Ragini closes her ears in tears, now how can she make Laksh everyday. he’s a risky beast now. It’s same to demise to head close to him now.

however, she receives all braveness. Steps a head to him. Smelling her blood Laksh turns again, his eyes are red..! His nails are sharp… his teeth are large.

Now what occurs???

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