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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th March 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th March 2017 Written Episode Update. Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th March 2017 Written Episode Updates.

Gopi prays kanhaji that if she is defeat, it’s far even his defeat. he must display a way to correct ramakanth. she can not tolerate it. jaaggi tells urmila that because of ricky, gopi is crying, he seems like trashing ricky. urmila asks him to chill out and tells gopi that she isn’t always wise like her, but she will be able to guarantee that she is together with her, everything could be exceptional. gopi says ramakanth’s aim was to harm seeta and no longer assist her. jaggi says he knew it from earlier than and need prevent slap ricky each day. urmila says ricky is having kokila’s backing and that they need to find out what’s in ricky’s mind. gopi says it isn’t that easy. jaggi says they need to twist him and get him on track.

  • Gaura in her room fumes that all her plans failed and he or she could not damage modis. bhavani enters and says she got an excellent news for her. she have been to election office and got a sweeter than honey, bitter than bitter gourd, sour then lemon information. gaura says she does now not need her information, modi family is having kanhaji’s benefits. bhavani says if she does now not want to hear, then she will be able to go. gaura stops her. bhavani informs that vidya isn’t modi circle of relatives’s daughter. gaura is surprised and asks what she manner. bhavai after an extended drama tells 25 years in the past gopi introduced a boy and no longer female, antara gave beginning to a girl alternatively, so vidya is antara’s daughter and now not gopi’s. antara eloped with gopi’s son ramakanth. gaura is amazed extra. she asks in which is gopi’s son. bhavani says an unknown man is staying in modi bhavan and he is gopi’s son whom gopi went to bring from singapore. gaura starts offevolved dancing. bhavani says she have to kick out vidya. gaura says we can wait and hit the hammer on the proper time.

Ricky assessments matrimonial site on his cell and thinks so many women match him, however where is the woman whom he’ll like. seeta comes with prasad. jaggi forcefully stuff prasad in ricy’s mouth. gopi tells ricky that she has organized shanti pooja for antara and he may be sitting in pooja. ricky shouts no way, he’ll not. gopi says she did no longer take his permission, she is informing that he has to sit down in front of havan. ricky shouts antara is useless and long past, so he’s going to now not sit down in pooja. gopi asks kokila to explain him. kokila gives ethical gyaan that he spent maximum time with antara and it is his responsibility to do shanti pooja for antara, he has to determine now. ricky thinks in this residence, he can use simplest kokila against gopi and says he’s going to take a seat in pooja.

Bhavani receives an data from her puppet that modi family has kept shanti pooja for antara. gaura says it is time to execute her plan. dharam silently silently on eating chair with out consuming. vidya says whatever came about yesterday was wrong, they all are worried approximately medha and ahem and until they get a terrific mom for them, he has to end up both dad and mom. dharam says he became so egocentric that he did now not realise he became getting a crook for his children. vidya asks not to feel responsible and leaves. gaura enters and says she is involved approximately vidya seeing her in a lot anxiety, so that they ought to do something for her. shravan asks what they could do. gaura says there’s shanty havan happening in modi bhavan and that they ought to take vidya there. dharam asks what is going to they inform when modi circle of relatives asks approximately meera. gaura says they’ll tell that she went to fulfill their relative, anyhow they must be concerned about the only who is present here. shravan says he’s going to inform vidya then. gaura murmurs she can destroy vidya and gopi’s plans.

In the course of pooja, gopi hopes antara turned into gift to tell vidya that she is her daughter. vidya calls urmila and that she is coming to modi bhavan to attend shanty pooja. urmila gets tensed and informs sona what’s going to they tell vidya now. sona says vidya will understand that she is not gopi’s actual daughter. ricky hears their conversation.


precap: ricky informs vidya that he is gopi’s son and she or he is antara’s daughter. a few women inform ricky that gopi is taking part in some competition and possibilities of her prevailing are excessive.



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