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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 22nd May 2017 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 22nd May 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 22nd May 2017 Written Episode Update. Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 22nd May 2017 Written Episode Updates.


The episode starts with parvati pronouncing he every time a son who has achieved not anything might be in a struggle with his father a mom will continually come to shop her son. hanuman says mata you don’t fear approximately me becaus mahadev is powerful and even i have confidence approximately the battle, i recognise mahadev is both taking my test or there’s a big lesson to be learned through the arena. mahadev will by no means do some thing wrong or stand against dharma. lord shankar says yes devi you have to pass and accept as true with in us. parvati says k i’m able to withdraw from this battle however be careful nothing ought to occur to my son that shall make me angry and produce me into this conflict.


Full Details of Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 22nd May 2017 Written Episode Update


Parvati is going. hanuman says bhole baba i accept as true with for your justice and these days i will fight every weapon of yours. lord shankar says i can no longer stop and as i informed you i’m able to assault you with the maximum risky weapons i’ve. hanuman says sure mahadev i know and apprehend it. mahadev calls for the chandra astra and chandra dev is stunned. he says no one can take care of the strength of chandra astra. hanuman stands as all the energy of all moons is transferred into an arrow. mahadev receives the arrow and turns it into a sword. mahadev then flies into area with hanuman behind him. indra dev says as mahadev promised he is taking the war away from earth so that it is not harmed with people on it. hanuman and mahadev land on a few rocks in area. brahma dev says it appears this war is getting worse because it goes. parvati is praying for hanuman and lord shankar. there lord shankar assaults his chandra sword and hanuman clashes his sword with mahadevs. the clash gets rid of sparks which hit rocks and meteors and wreck them. anybody is worried. lord shankar and hanuman combat as there sita is concerned and says my son is in hassle. lord shankar now will become bigger and big. every person inside the universe are scared. indra dev says mahadev is getting so huge that the earth is turning into smaller as his eye. hanuman sees and says mahadev has become massive. lord shankar says cope with my attack hanuman, hanuman is attacked by the large sword however he saves himself. now hanuman will become massive and stands in the front of mahadev. they each now clash swords and mahadev says combat with all of your strength hanuman, do what you learnt. hanuman is punched by mahadev and he is thrown lower back. hanuman comes in advance and fights mahadev along with his sword and the sparks destroys rocks and some also hit earth. brahma dev says even if they’ve long gone away from earth, the universe is shaking from their combat. hanuman says mahadev i’m able to see earth trembling, mahadev says i’m able to see mars trembling but our war can not prevent we ought to fight, you need to combat on your lord and i should combat for my disciple. earth is trembling and virmani says this war is dangerous. as hanuman fights together with his sword, his attack is so effective that both their swords destroy and their blades fly into either instructions. lord shankars blade flies in the direction of earth, hanuman says the blade is very effective and could cut earth into two halves, i must store mars too from the blade of my sword. i will first save mars as it is nearer. hanuman flies in the direction of mars after which holds the blade and makes it disappear. hanuman flies in the direction of mahadevs blade flying towards earth. mahadev says hanuman gained’t be able to forestall the blade as it is too effective. hanuman flies toward earth and is derived closer to the flying blade and holds it but is driven by way of the blade. virmani says hanuman goes to die into portions by the blade, hanuman along with his power throws the blade away and it reaches lord shankar. lord shankar takes the blade and places its energy into the moon on his head. hanuman stops on earth and mahadev is in the front of him status with his gadha. virmani says this monkey is very effective. hanuman receives up and mahadev says hanuman now lets fight gadha struggle. mahadev says it’s far your favored struggle hanuman defeat me on this. hanuman takes his gadha and says i’ve mastered all warfares mahadev. mahadev says the defeat me hanuman. hanuman and mahadev clash their gadhas and it creates a noisy noise which disturbs anybody’s ears. the sound causes waves which trembles the universe. indra dev and vayu dev say 2 excellent warriors are fighting with their gadha and it’s far developing a brahma nad as lord shankar is the ansh of brahma dev and hanuman of lord shankar which makes them both effective. the gadha clash again and it creates a legitimate again. virmani says you may now not be able to defeat mahadev hanuman. hanuman is distracted and mahadev throws away his gadha and says your gadha is long gone hanuman. hanuman says it is ideal mahadev anyway this fight precipitated a number of sound for the squaddies and anyone. mahadev says you may fight me with palms now hanuman. mahadev and hanuman stand in front of every other, mahadev says don’t get distracted once more hanuman awaken the warrior internal you and fight me. mahadev now punches hanuman which pushes him lower back hanuman fights mahadev and punches him as mahadev defends and pushes hanuman returned. hanuman then receives down to pick out mahadev by his leg, vayu dev says hanuman is keeping mahadevs leg. hanuman takes mahadevs blessing and says sorry and then attempts picking lord shankar but mahadev pushes hanuman at the back of by using his knee.


Last Part of Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 22nd May 2017 Written Episode Update


Hanuman is pushes aback however he recollects how he was skilled by way of lord shankar and then comes closer to lord shankar and punches him very powerfully on the chest. lord shankar is pushes in the back of a bit and hanuman is thrown again. parvati opens her eyes. lord shankar closes his eyes now and indra dev says hanuman punched mahadev very strongly and it’s far increasing his anger, if mahadevs third eye opens then hanuman will die and the universe will be destroyed. hanuman sees lord shankar and says i made mahadev angry and that i desire he doesn’t open his 3rd eye, i shouldn’t have punched him. rishi chya an is involved and says hanuman need to now not have punched mahadev.


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 23rd May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap: Hanuman says i can no longer combat you mahadev now although i die. mahadev simply hanuman together with his arms and says combat me hanuman.


Update Credit To: Aneesa

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