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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 28th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 28th March 2017 Written Episode Update Lollyupdates. Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 28th March 2017 Written Episode Update.Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 28th March 2017 Written Episode Update.  

The episode starts with hanuman preserving his leg on ahiravanas chest and says you stated you would hurt lord ram and brother laxman? you dare consider it and get up now, fight me when you have any electricity in you. hanuman then holds his gadha and in anger proceeds to hit when mata prithvi devi appears, she says he’s useless hanuman now its ok. hanuman does pranam to mata prithvi devi and says i tried convincing his mother and ahiravana but they did not apprehend. mata says sure hanuman and you’ve succeeded on this fight. she says hanuman you’ve got included your religion in lord ram and you tried to lead them to recognize however they nevertheless chose the route of iniquity. hanuman says yes mata, he says but now i shall pass as i have to reach as time is less, and lord ram’s rituals for rajya abhishek will begin. prithvi devi offers hanuman blessings and hanuman goes.

In palace, shatrugana says brother i’ve arranged your garments for rajya abhishek and we shall begin as there’s very much less time left. lord ram says brother shatrugana i’ve promised hanuman that the rituals will start whilst he returns and he will are available in time so that you all go and start preparations and i can wait here for hanuman. all people cross and shatrugana is concerned, lord ram smiles and says don’t fear brother and hanuman will come in time. shatrugana is going. hanuman there flies toward palace with the diya in hand, he ultimately reaches and stands in front of lord ram and sita. he continues the diya and says pranam mata and pranam lord ram. lord ram smiles, hanuman says lord it took me time, lord ram says however you reached in time. hanuman says lord lets cross for the rituals now. they cross.

there lord ram and sita exchange into their bath dress. the tune ram ram ram shree ram starts offevolved. lord ram and sita sit of their respective big bath and then they’re bathed with milk and holy water. after the tub, devi sita is placed the jewelry by means of moms and lord ram is helped by using hanuman and his brothers. hanuman places the red sindoor on lord ram’s legs.

  • after this ritual lord ram sita, hanuman, rishi vashisht, bharat, shatrugana and laxman pass in a room in which lord ram’s ancestors statues are there and suryadev’s statue is there too. hanuman says what is this room lord? lord ram says this room has the statue of my ancestors hanuman, lord ram then introduces to each statue, first one is maharaja raghu. lord ram says he is the cause why we’re called raghuvamshi’s today and he’s param pita pujya maharaja raghu, lord ram says pita raghu stayed authentic on his promise and passed his take a look at which his father gave him of tackling the attack of one hundred weapons of his father and that is his promise which he kept, he could die however not lower back far from his promise. lord ram says that next statue is maharaja aja who changed into my grandfather, he laid the entire state and all his possessions at the feet of rishi vishwamitra, he was very right down to earth. lord ram says the opposite is sage, he prayed and inspired lord shankar due to him today india has the river ganga.

lord ram says and that is my father’s statue, my pricey father dashrath who usually stayed authentic on his promise and was the kindest guy. he helped the gods of their warfare with the demons and my father turned into a amazing guy. lord ram says i’ve come here to take anyone blessings earlier than i emerge as the king of ayodhya and with the advantages of my ancestors, only will i be a a success king. rishi vashisht says ram take the advantages of surya dev. lord ram says sure and hanuman says surya dev has been my trainer and when i used to be a baby i went to him to examine the whole lot. lord ram prays to anybody and then all of the statues shine, all and sundry seem. lord ram and everyone smile. dashratha offers benefits to lord ram and so does every person,


precap: lord ram is status near his throne and all people is there. lord ram is put the crown by rishi vashisht. lord ram then thank you everyone who were the cause for this. vibhishan says lord ram why didn’t you assert some thing about hanuman?



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