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Santoshi Maa 17th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 17th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Santoshi Maa 17th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Santoshi Maa 17th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


This episode starts offevolved with dhairya asking dadi now not to fear for santoshi. dadi says i realize you’ll contend with her. dhairya asks pushpa to get matters. he gifts dadi and everybody. dadi blesses santoshi and dhairya. kaka says we will call you here in each pageant. dadi asks rudrakshi to return to her residence soon. rudrakshi is of the same opinion. seshnath says guddu and sharmili tale dadi, we are able to stay here for a few days, we are able to help him, we are close family of dhairya. dhairya says sure and smiles. santoshi hugs dadi. dadi asks her to take care.


Full Details of Santoshi Maa 17th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Santoshi says i will come to meet you quickly. dadi leaves with guddu and sharmili. indra dev arrives in dev sabha. he says i had to come right here due to this sabha. he asks narad to mention. narad tells them of devi paulmi giving a be aware to indra. indra says in my absence, how will you all do injustice with my wife, devi paulmi did now not do something wrong, she has observed her kul dharm, its no longer against the law, i request you to free her. brahmadev says its not proper to attain any conclusion with out understanding anything, don’t destroy guidelines of dev sabha, else it will likely be taken as insult. indra asks him to loose devi paulmi. brahmadev says have staying power, supply me time to suppose.
Kaka says rudrakshi danced properly. seshnath says i made her dance. they snigger. madhuri says all devotees got mad seeing seshnath. rudrakshi says you exit somewhere. dhairya says its not a bad concept. santoshi says we all will cross together. madhuri is of the same opinion. kaka says no, its no need if we elders come, you acquire married the day before today dhairya, go and spend time with santoshi. rudrakshi says sure, i’m able to play with kaka at domestic. dhairya winks to santoshi. seshnath says we will have picnic at domestic. dhairya says nice, we can go out and come. he asks santoshi to go and get geared up. rudrakshi gets glad.


Indra dev hides and springs to fulfill devi paulmi in prison. she greets him. he says i reached indra mahal and got to know this news, what took place. she tells him everything. she asks did i do wrong to follow my dharm. he says calm down, brahmadev will loose you . she says no, its no longer smooth to exchange devsabha choice, you need to show it incorrect. he asks how can i pass there, devgan will inquire from me to attack on asurlok, then i’m able to’t keep away from warfare, due to the fact asurs have finished against the law. asur raj asks is it crime to protect lok, you’re making policies in keeping with your want. indra says we decide proper and incorrect considering life, now not like asurs who are egocentric. asur raj says you are dev and could speak in devgan’s want, you came here in disguise, you’ve got also damaged the rules, in which did your concepts pass now. indra shouts asur raj, don’t communicate useless things, i will do something to free you two. he is going.


Trishna sees a dancing couple toy. she says santoshi broke my goals, i recognise infant is missing dhairya, we are able to train him a lesson. kamini says rudrakshi and santoshi ought to be away, this ball will do that work. trishna says i think you purchased mad. kamini says concentrate to our plan. tantric says this ball has bomb, kamini has the far off, you need to come in front of rudrakshi so that she does now not use her powers. tishna says i really like you mother and smiles.


Kaka and rudrakshi ask dhairya and santoshi no longer to fear. dhairya says we need to go away now. dhairya says our lives changed after rudrakshi got here in our existence. santoshi says youngsters are treasure of happiness. they go away.


Last Part of Santoshi Maa 17th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Narad says what occurred to devraj indra, why did he behave such, did devi paulmi send him wrong message, sorry but i took the letter, i couldn’t examine it. santoshi maa says i think we should send right data to indra. devi laxmi says yes, our fear will end. narad says yes, that’s why brahmadev is doing this work, simply he can take decision. brahmadev meets mahadev. he asks what lets do subsequent, devraj indra did no longer do right by means of going towards devlok guidelines. mahadev says indra is thinking for his spouse, if he does whatever against devlok rules, i can check the incident myself.
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