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Santoshi Maa 1st April 2017 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 1st April 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Santoshi Maa 1st April 2017 Written Episode Update.Santoshi Maa 1st April 2017 Written Episode Updates.

The episode begins with rudrakshi saving santoshi. trishna receives indignant and is going to kamini. she says rudrakshi saved santoshi, we ought to kill santoshi, but first we must eliminate rudrakshi from our location. gaumata asks why did we come right here. santoshi maa says we can find a answer right here. gaumata asks what are you announcing. santoshi maa prays. she asks vajramushti to awaken. gaumata thinks why is santoshi maa calling him. santoshi maa says vajramushti will help us. gaumata knows.


Vajramushti appears from the ashes. he asks santoshi maa to command him. she says devi paulmi is hiding in asur lok, inform me where is he. he asks her to provide him some time and goes. she says we need to watch for a while. rudrakshi goes to dhairya. she asks him to thank santoshi, she got here on time, else plants might


Have long past. she tells the whole lot. he smiles. she says i will come up with news from now, come.


Santoshi maa and gaumata wait. vajramushti comes lower back to them. he says devi paulmi is hiding in paatal lok inside the miraculous palace made by way of asur raj. he turns to ashes. santoshi maa says we’ve to tell this to brahmadev earlier than she does something else. they go to brahmadev and greet him. santoshi maa says sorry to quit your dhyaan, but i have to give imp info about devi paulmi. she tells him everything. she says you could’t call asur raj from brahmalok. he says you’re right, i’m able to meet asur raj in a few other location. he goes.


Santoshi cleans the house. servant falls down. she allows him in work. brahmadev is going to paatal lok to locate asur raj. he asks him to come in front of him. santoshi goes to place clothes on string. trishna appears at her. santoshi slips and balances. brahmadev says don’t growth my anger. asur raj comes. brahmadev scolds him for assisting devi paulmi. asur raj says she is asur kanya. brahmadev asks him to offer devi paulmi to them. asur raj refuses. brahmadev scares him of outcomes. asur raj says i don’t have any fear of all people. trishna pushes santoshi down the railing. santoshi hangs to railing and asks what are you doing. trishna says what i should have performed before, you are not so vulnerable, none will understand something, i can inform you a secret so that you get loss of life peacefully, youngsters are lord’s avatar, i’ve despatched him to lord. santoshi gets taken aback. trishna and kamini snigger.


Kamini says trishna is saying real. santoshi says how dare you kill my infant, i can not leave you. trishna says you can’t trap me, you may’t get stored now, your loss of life is written in my hands. she tries to make santoshi fall. santoshi shouts for kaka and dhairya. kaka comes and sees santoshi placing. trishna and kamini conceal. he asks her to have braveness, he’s going to come. trishna says santoshi can’t get stored nowadays. kaka and servants maintain the sheets. kaka asks her to jump down and not get scared. santoshi says i will’t. kaka asks her to leap, i gained’t permit some thing occur to you. santoshi receives scared. she leaves her fingers. she falls within the sheet. she receives saved. she faints by means of surprise. trishna says i assume she died. kaka asks servant to get water speedy. he sprinkles water on her. he asks servant to name physician. kamini says she can get stored, attempt again, she has to die.

Trishna holds her womb and makes toddler the medium. dhairya and rudrakshi come home and notice santoshi. they get involved. kaka tells everything what took place. servant says i known as health practitioner, he’s coming. trishna thinks santoshi knows truth, she will inform the whole lot to dhairya. kamini thinks to do something. dhairya takes santoshi.


Brahmadev says asur raj challenged me for conflict. santoshi maa says we ought to attempt to avoid struggle. he says i agree but asur raj did no longer go away any alternative. narad says santoshi maa is right, we should keep trying. brahmadev says exceptional, i can no longer have the struggle, i give this threat to santoshi maa to locate a few different way, she will be able to start the battle if she wishes, i supply this proper to her. she says i’m able to truly try and locate a few way.


No precap



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