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Santoshi Maa 21st April 2017 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 21st April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Santoshi Maa 21st April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Santoshi Maa 21st April 2017 Written Episode Update.


The episode starts with devi paulmi questioning narad got here right here for a few reason. she says what am i able to do being here. asur raj asks her no longer to worry, a person will loose us. she sends some magical factor, that sticks to narad’s veena. she says i hope my husband is finding solution of my trouble, he understood my story. he says i additionally want so, i can go away now. he is going. asur raj asks what did you do. she says we will get to understand what are devtas doing by means of that aspect. she laughs.


Full Details of Santoshi Maa 21st April 2017 Written Episode Update


Seshnath asks rudrakshi to forestall, why is she walking. rudrakshi says you left me there to die. he recollects daksha’s kingdom and starts offevolved performing announcing i don’t keep in mind how i came here, you were running in the front of me so i referred to as you, this passed off with daksha additionally. she says i don’t believe you. he asks her to head, i’m able to sit right here.


She says fine, i have forgiven you, santoshi says if every body realizes mistake, we ought to forgive him, promise me you won’t try this once more. he guarantees and apologizes. he does situps. she concurs to go home with him. he says you don’t inform this to everybody at home, if dhairya knows this, he’ll ship me to intellectual medical institution. she has the same opinion. they go away.
Narad says brahmadev asked me to inform if devi paulmi met indra, its clean she has met indra, i have to tell this to brahmadev. she hears him and says it means narad has grow to be informer, i can get all information of devtas. he says if she gets free of jail, it will likely be catastrophe.


Santoshi and kaka search for rudrakshi. daksha says she is nowhere at home, even seshnath is not right here. madhuri says sure, i searched for them. kaka calls seshnath. rudrakshi and seshnath come domestic. rudrakshi thank you him for toys. santoshi asks in which did you pass this way. rudrakshi says i went to play, he were given many toys for me. seshnath remembers rudrakshi asking him to buy toys for her, if he wants her now not to tell all of us about what happened. he says we had golgappas, icecream and balloons, i got all these toys. santoshi asks what changed into the need. rudrakshi thinks it became had to make him realise his mistake. seshnath acts candy. madhuri and daksha suppose what took place to him, how did he get cash. kaka praises seshnath. narad involves brahmadev and says according to your command, i met devi paulmi, i m certain indra broke the rules of devlok and met her in prison, devi paulmi told me that indra will loose her from prison by cheat or power, what will occur now. brahmadev says its clean indra went towards devsabha, we need to choose new indra quickly.


Devi paulmi hears this and says i will inform indra that devlok is electing new devraj, then he’ll get bitter hearted, i will make him have battle with devtas, they may get ruined and asurs will win. asur raj says your cleverness will do appropriate to asurlok. she says however we should do some thing that blame comes on santoshi maa. she laughs.


Santoshi maa says its an imp selection to pick new devraj, i suppose we need to speak to mahadev once. brahmadev concurs. he asks 3 devis to visit mahadev and inform him about this count.


Kamini says that little girl did this with us, where her powers don’t paintings, a way to circulate her off our manner. trishna says we should think something else. she holds her belly and smiles. she says i’m able to’t harm santoshi, however santoshi can hurt herself. kamini asks what do you mean. trishna holds her stomach and takes santoshi’s avatar. kamini and tantric smile. trishna asks how did she just like the plan. kamini says its your excellent concept, the child for your womb can do some thing, if he’s so effective in stomach, he may be a lot effective after birth. they chuckle.


Trishna receives returned to her avatar. she says mom, santoshi has me lots, now i will do matters for which santoshi can pay. tantric praises trishna and her toddler.


Last Part of Santoshi Maa 21st April 2017 Written Episode Update


Santoshi maa, devi parvati and devi laxmi come to mahadev. devi parvati wakes him from dhyaan. he asks what befell. santoshi maa tells everything. she says i suppose absolutely everyone need to suppose properly approximately electing indra, maybe there is some cause for indra’s bad behavior. he says its feasible, however we must hear indra to know complete reality, its imp choice, i’m able to’t avoid my duty, i have to go away for devsabha right away. santoshi and dhairya get rudrakshi to high school. he likes the faculty. rudrakshi says i m happy to get new friends. they hug her. trishna looks on. santoshi says we will go home now, we ought to do many preparations. they depart. trishna smiles and takes santoshi’s avatar.


Precap: Police comes and arrests santoshi. he says she has stolen a kid from school. dhairya asks what’s the evidence. inspector shows cctv photos. they get shocked.


Update Credit To: Aditiya

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