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Santoshi Maa 29th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 29th March 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Santoshi Maa 29th March 2017 Written Episode Update. Santoshi Maa 29th March 2017 Written Episode Updates.

The episode starts with trishna asking the girls to help her. female asks her to wait until dhairya’s divorce occurs, its desirable if he is ready to marry, else he’s going to give compensation. kamini thinks our plan failed. santoshi says don’t are available in our way. dhairya smiles and thinks santoshi saved us. trishna says i can cross police and file rape case against santoshi. she prays to devi paulmi to help.

Devi paulmi says i m in anxiety, i can help you soon, until then the infant will assist. gaumata says santoshi’s decision is appealing, santoshi and dhairya’s relation will get first-rate. santoshi maa says she simply did her responsibility, she did not forgive dhairya. kamini acts and scolds trishna for going towards dhairya. she asks the girls to head. the girl calls them mad and leaves. kamini takes dhairya’s aspect.

Trishna thinks how did mother alternate. kamini wins. trishna says sorry, i did mistake. kamini asks her to express regret to dhairya. trishna apologizes. dhairya is going after santoshi to talk.

Seshnath, madhuri and daksha talk. daksha says guddu did now not visit police, we will divide rings. seshnath and madhuri ask her is she excellent, is she dreaming. daksha asks what’s this new drama. seshnath asks am i idiot, i m no longer sense to present guddu and sharmili’s jewelry to you. daksha says i helped you, i will inform the entirety to guddu and sharmili. seshnath says best, we can get trapped collectively. daksha stops and thinks what to do, i’m able to grab all proportion. she goes. seshnath and madhuri chuckle.

Santoshi prays. dhairya thanks her. she says i did this for sindoor, its imp for me. she goes. kaka says something passed off is over, but now think of beforehand. dhairya says yes, rectifying mistake can be repentance.

Brahmadev says devlok had much happening, you knew and did now not say. mahadev says sometimes we need to act to seize culprit. brahmadev says we were given evidence against devi paulmi. mahadev asks why to put off then. brahmadev says it received’t be true to punish her without indra dev. mahadev suggests something.

Devi paulmi thinks who will assist me, asur raj is not helping me. narad comes to her and says evidence is signing to you. she thinks how to get stored. he says you’re thinking some thing. she says i m blamed usually, do you doubt on me. he says no, however you need to are available in devsabha, you can get punished if you are proved wrong, so better suppose something. he goes. she says did brahmadev realize approximately my asur powers, its going on because of santoshi maa.

Kamini says i advised you to suppose, you spot dhairya going away now. trishna says how did this plan fail, now i’ve simply one manner if dhairya is not mine, he can’t be of everybody. kamini asks her not to be mad. she says i have an idea, it’s going to take some time, dhairya will come to us if we make him certain that that is his baby. trishna says he gained’t consider us. kamini says this plan can be a success just wait until morning.

  • Its morning, kinners come. kamini asks trishna to get ready for godh bharai characteristic, we have to make him recognise its his baby. santoshi appears on and says there can’t be worse day than this. rudrakshi asks her now not to worry.

Trishna comes. kinners dance. dhairya comes and gets indignant. kamini says its godh bharai rasam. kinner asks dhairya to bounce. he shouts forestall this. kamini says child could be hurt by way of noise, this is for your child’s destiny. devi paulmi says that is take a look at of my persistence. santoshi maa says dhairya will harm himself by way of losing temper. he throws the plates angrily. santoshi, kaka and rudrakshi appearance on. dhairya says forestall this drama, this gained’t have an effect on me. he asks trishna what’s this drama. he asks kinners to depart. kinners depart.

Devi paulmi sends mild to trishna’s baby. he says i will throw you out. he throws a pot away. the pot flies again and hits his head. he falls down. santoshi maa appears on. kamini and trishna look on. santoshi gets taken aback.


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