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Santoshi Maa 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Santoshi Maa 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update. Santoshi Maa 31st March 2017 Written Episode Updates.


The episode starts with devi paulmi going to her kaksh. she asks daasi to attend out of doors. she prays to the replicate and calls asur raj. she greets him. she says i got punished again to be asur kanya. he says i regret that, i’m able to assist you. he holds her hand and takes her to asur lok. guards wait out of doors. they think to head inner and test. they don’t find her. they move and inform brahmadev that devi paulmi got lacking. brahmadev gets stunned.


Asur raj gets devi paulmi to their lok. she smiles. he says i made this lovely place for you, no devta can create hurdle on your paintings. devi paulmi says devgan now i m out of your limits. guards say devi paulmi stopped me outside the palace. brahmadev says she could be punished, find out in which she went. devi paulmi says thanks for defensive me. asur raj says you may maintain eyes on whole international, but nobody can see you with out your permission. she says i’m able to spread your asur powers in whole global.

A guy promises plants. santoshi says its written in english. dhairya comes. he says thanks is written in it. kamini and trishna look on. rudrakshi says oh so dhairya gave this to you. he says i wanted to thank you, i got flowers for you as you want it. she maintains it. rudrakshi asks her to see it. santoshi says none likes the vegetation without essence. she is going. he gets unhappy. rudrakshi says we are able to strive some thing else, santoshi will agree for positive. trishna angrily is going to room. she says rudrakshi is trying to unite them, rudrakshi have to leave from right here. kamini asks her what’s want to devise when she can just think to do any paintings, this infant will help you, inform baby to do this. trishna thinks.


Santoshi maa says members of the family are like bushes, dhairya is trying to restore his relation. narad comes to them. he tells approximately devi paulmi. she says she crossed all limits. he asks her to locate devi paulmi, else she will be able to do some thing bad. she says i will surely do this paintings and smiles. she turns into a bird and is going with gaumata. narad smiles.


Trishna sees rudrakshi and says you play these days, when my child plays recreation, all of your sport will give up. devi paulmi says you could do any paintings through medium of your infant, you will get dhairya. santoshi maa and gaumata search for her. trishna ask kamini to signal her if everybody comes. trishna tells her infant that rudrakshi is our enemy, spoil her neck right now. child reacts.


Santoshi maa says we couldn’t find devi paulmi in devlok, but she may be there. devi paulmi says all your tries can be waste, i will begin to finish your devotees through this girl.


The doll breaks. rudrakshi says how did my doll ruin. kamini receives hurt and hides. devi paulmi says santoshi and dhairya have been laid low with my powers, however not this lady. gaumata says asurgan made devi paulmi invisible. santoshi maa says then any asur can assist us. gaumata says why will any asur assist us. santoshi maa says there perhaps a person.


  • rudrakshi asks with whom will i play you. trishna thinks why did baby now not help me today. she takes kamini. she says child will no longer affect rudrakshi. kamini says sure, now don’t do anything with that female. trishna throws the bouquet. santoshi catches it. she says my husband has sent this for me. trishna says you’re showing a good deal attitude to him. santoshi asks her to be far from them. trishna says i additionally love dhairya, i have right on him. santoshi says you received’t get proper via pronouncing. she goes. trishna thinks to educate her lesson and holds her toddler. santoshi slips. rudrakshi comes and holds her.


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Update Credit To: Aneesa

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