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Santoshi Maa 4th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 4th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Santoshi Maa 4th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Santoshi Maa 4th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


The episode begins with vajra mushti assembly santoshi maa. he asks why did she take delivery of devi paulmi’s selection. she says i came here to hold peace, take my peace thought to asur raj, inform him warfare end result won’t be excellent. he goes. trishna gets indignant and throws things. she says i’m able to’t lose to santoshi, what’s going to i do now, she snatched my dhairya, he was going to marry me and fill sindoor in my maang, now he does now not need to look my face, what did this happen, what will i do now. kamini says everything will be nice, we will discover some way.


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Trishna says i simply have one way now, its dhairya’s loss of life. kamini gets taken aback. trishna says the only who did not come to be mine can be of anybody else. kamini asks did you go mad. trishna says no, i can smash him.


Attorney asks dhairya why did you call me. dhairya says i want you to cancel my and santoshi’s divorce case, we don’t need divorce. santoshi, kaka and rudrakshi listen him. dhairya says our distance were given less, i don’t need any more problems. attorney says pleasant. santoshi sees dhairya.
Its morning, santoshi does puja preparations, and asks rudrakshi to call kaka and dhairya. kaka comes. she asks for dhairya. kaka says he might be busy in paintings. she asks what work, he have to come for aarti. she asks rudrakshi to name dhairya. kaka provides ghee in diyas. rudrakshi gets dhairya. dhairya says i forgot aarti time even as seeing imp report. kaka lighting diyas.


Devi paulmi says santoshi succeeded, dhairya is responsible, i’m able to not depart him. santoshi does aarti. kamini thinks and says through a few manner, we have to get dhairya here and kill him. trishna says dhairya need to now not pass returned alive. kamini asks her no longer to worry. each person do aarti. gaumata says its lovely sight, mata ought to have visible this, i will move and discover her. she asks guards to allow her pass inside dharm region. guards apologize and does no longer allow her. she asks wherein is santoshi maa. he says i don’t recognize. she thinks to wait.


Daksha comes to santoshi’s residence and says i used to be lacking santoshi and came to fulfill. kaka says i m happy listening to this. dhairya says we’ve to attend to rudrakshi. kaka asks her to peer who got here. daksha thinks how are they speakme by means of love. santoshi greets daksha. daksha says i used to be missing you and hugs her. santoshi asks did dadi now not come, how is she and every person. daksha says everybody is first-class.


Dhairya says its accurate you got here. daksha thinks how did this manifest whilst divorce was taking place. he asks her to live for a few days. she gets satisfied. she says i can stay if you are insisting. rudrakshi plays and daksha gets hit. she asks who’s she. santoshi says she is my aunt. daksha asks who is this woman. dhairya says we’re adopting her, she goes to be our daughter. santoshi is going to put together a room for daksha.


Vajra mushti meets asur raj. he apologizes and says i got devi santoshi’s message, she came with peace message, but devi paulmi restricted her. asur raj laughs on devs and says tell her to accept our way thought. vajra mushti goes. asur raj laughs. vajra mushti makes the guards faint. he tells santoshi maa approximately asur raj rejecting her peace notion. he says he said devgan got scared. she says its his ego speakme, simply victory can fail ego, now conflict is the ultimate option. she performs shank. everyone pay attention this in devlok. brahmadev asks man to reply to santoshi maa in order that she is aware of we were given her message.


Last Part of Santoshi Maa 4th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Asur raj says i should make my army equipped, tell all people about the war between asur lok and devlok. devi paulmi says i got danger to win over devi santoshi. santoshi maa says i declare fight with asur lok. the guys ring the bell in devlok. brahmadev asks them to inform devsena that santoshi maa will lead the battle. gaumata says i m with you mata. asur raj hits the ground and shatters it. he says i accept the invitation of warfare, we can smash entire dev sena.


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