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Santoshi Maa 6th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 6th June 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Santoshi Maa 6th June 2017 Written Episode Update. Santoshi Maa 6th June 2017 Written Episode Updates. 


The episode begins with instructor losing rudrakshi domestic and telling santoshi that rudrakshi got food injection. santoshi issues for rudrakshi and cares for her. dadi asks seshnath to leave madhuri. madhuri takes gun from seshnath. dadi receives irritated. seshnath apologizes. madhuri asks dadi to depart seshnath. dadi says i’m able to now not go away janardhan. seshnath says he has spoiled me. he apologizes to madhuri. dadi scolds janardhan and beats him. janardhan screams. daksha says the way to save him now. dadi beats the men.


Full Details of Santoshi Maa 6th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Santoshi maa sees a tiger strolling after the deer. she says the deer is in ache, so i must help him. she shoots the tiger. tiger turns to asur. deer also turns to asur and shouts swami, what took place to you. asur woman blames santoshi maa to spoil her married existence and killing her husband.
Santoshi maa and gaumata get bowled over. santoshi maa says i heard your ache and tried to stop it. dhairya concerns for rudrakshi. santoshi says she can get pleasant, i gave her medicines, i used to be scared, on the grounds that paulomika got here domestic, your consciousness were given diverted, i instructed you we will rent a nanny, see what came about now.
Indra asks devi paulmi why did she get asur raj here. devi paulmi says its time which will furnish my 2d desire. indra says quality, tell me your reasons. she asks him to do justice, he’s going to realize her plan. asur raj says i want justice, devi santoshi killed my asur. he tells the whole thing. indra receives stunned.


Daksha does aid to janardhan. he says my mum is not regular mum. he receives hurt. seshnath starts offevolved talking filmi. tinu looks on. dhairya sits via rudrakshi’s facet. paulomika comes domestic and asks how is rudrakshi, i used to be involved. he says she is nice now. rudakshi gets up. she feels sick. dhairya takes her. paulomika says its time to play second trick. she applies lipstick and kisses on dhairya’s blouse to go away a mark.


Asur asks shiv to offer justice. devi parvati says this lady came from asur lok, she changed into performing of pain, devi santoshi idea to give up her ache and killed her torturing husband, now this lady is inquiring for justice. mahadev says she will be able to get justice. dhairya says i assume we must take rudrakshi to health facility again. santoshi offers prasad. dhairya says she is screaming with pain. she says she may be first-class. kaki says she is doing right, rudrakshi can be great. santoshi feeds prasad to rudrakshi. santoshi and dhairya argue. kaka asks them to prevent it. dhairya calls her careless. paulomika smiles. rudrakshi says i sense higher now. kaki asks dhairya to see, rudrakshi were given relief with the aid of prasad.


Indra says i will manage devsabha work, i promise my choice may be shanidev’s choice. devi paulmi asks asur female to inform everything. asur lady tells them. devi parvati says its genuine devi santoshi attacked her husband, but its authentic devi santoshi does no longer do some thing with none reason, asurs have been sketching magic. devi paulmi says reality is asur’s husband died by santoshi maa’s assault. santoshi maa says its actual. devi paulmi asks indra to punish devi santoshi.


Indra says i punish devi santoshi, she will no longer live a devi now, she can stay as an normal female, she will be able to not get any devic advantages. gaumata asks him not to punish such. santoshi maa accepts punishment. indra says this punishment rule is made by using shanidev.


Daksha and janardhan name tinu to them. tinu calls him horrific. he says janardhan can’t be my dad and is going. janardhan says tinu got spoiled, who will manage my enterprise. seshnath jokes. daksha runs to beat him. they run away.


Last Part of Santoshi Maa 6th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Narad asks brahmadev why did indra determine such incorrect thing. brahmadev says punishment is such for that crime, indra did no longer think about state of affairs and determined in hurry. santoshi asks dhairya to give his garments for laundry. he says this is not my time. he goes. she does now not see the lipstick mark on his shirt. dhairya smiles seeing santoshi. kaka tells rudrakshi approximately kaki, she went to haridwar and could come again quickly. rudrakshi says it’ll be a laugh, i’m able to give this good news to paulomika. she tells paulomika that dadi is coming. kaki thinks why is paulomika not glad like rudrakshi.


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