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Sanyukt 16th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Sanyukt 16th May 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Sanyukt 16th May 2017 Written Episode Updates. Sanyukt 16th May 2017 Written Episode Update.


Inspector sachin asks shree that she added her name as shree, but her identity has tanu in it. every body repeat in a marvel tanu.. ila asks them to question later and let sachin entire formalities first. tanu says shree is her professional call and her real name is tanu sanghvi. inspector completes formalities and leaves. parimal angrily appears at rahul and walks at the back of sachin. hetal angrily walks. sam stops her. she angrily looks at tanu and leaves.


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Parimal returns and angrily asks rahul if she is same tanu. rahul stands tensed. ila says yes, she is equal tanu. each person look at each different’s face shockingly. ila says she is equal rahul’s tanu for whom rahul is craving since 6 years. she hugs tanu and cries emotionally. rahul additionally cries. ila asks her to sit.


Hetal returns home with teary eyes. prachi asks her what occurred. hetal hugs her and cries loudly. prachi asks if sam is first-class, if ila advised her something. hetal cries that sam betrayed her once more. her didi is staying in sam’s residence and is marrying rahul, sam is a huge cheater. prachi says he can not be a cheater and ought to now not have time to reveal reality to her. hetal cries that she changed her mind after the day before today’s incident, however he lied again and today she in the end broke out with sam. prachi says uday informed rahul and tanu’s dating will unite sam and hetal, however contrary is happening.
Ila tells entire tale to own family and tells them tanu attempted to stay away from rahul for this reason. sam shouts at tanu how can she reaccept her father’s assassin. parimal asks what the rubbish is this. sam says hetal’s father died due to the fact rahul did not marry tanu. parimal says babuji got heart attack at that point. sam says babuji faked heart assault, maa and rahul knew approximately it and rahul confessed in inebriation. ila says they did no longer realize anything and bapuji faked it together with his friend.


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Sam maintains shouting that his bapuji is a villain in their lives, due to him all their lives are hell. hetal will go away him completely after knowing fact. tanu asks him to calm down, something terrible need to manifest has passed off already. sam says he does not have a bigger coronary heart like her and does no longer want to live on this residence. he packs his luggage. ila says he cannont pass as he promised he’s going to not depart her. he shouts bapuji is a murderer and he will not live right here. she keeps pleading to forestall. rahul and parimal attempt to prevent him, but he shouts he does now not need to stay right here. tanu says permit him pass, however he ought to recognise first that his bapuji become right.


Sanyukt 17th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap: Tanu tells bapuji did proper by means of rejecting her as he concept she might damage his sanyukt parivar, after she came here, bapuji’s parivar is breaking.


Update Credit To: Aditiya


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