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Sanyukt 25th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Sanyukt 25th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Sanyukt 25th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Sanyukt 25th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


Uday gets involved for sameer when he does now not reach home, messages him to reply again or come home quickly, he is involved for him. ila knocks door and asks if sameer awoke. uday says he is still asleep. ila forcefully enters and asks why he is asleep. uday says he came home later after birthday celebration at hetal’s residence and is dozing. ila forcefully lifts blanket and sees pillows alternatively. uday gets tensed and attempts to exchange topic. ila insists. uday says after birthday celebration, sam left regrettably and did now not return domestic at all. he gets name from sam’s cell. ila asks to exchange on speaker. a person speaks and says sam met with an accident and is in medical institution. ila sits in a surprise.


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Circle of relatives brings sam home. ila scolds him. parimal says it’s miles just a small coincidence and sam is satisfactory. ila says even then she is involved. sam says he hit a stone whilst parking and fell. ila asks why did now not he put on helmet. he says he forgot in tension. ila asks what’s it. uday says it is personal. parimal scolds what is non-public at his age, he need to forestall behaving like sam.
After sometime, prachi together with her pal comes to meet sam. uday introduces her to ila and gayatri. prachi calls ila as aunty. uday says she will be able to name her daadi as his daadi is her daadi. gayatri and ila examine him. uday asks gayatri if she does not need to head and select falak and bejal and if ila does no longer have paintings in kitchen. gayatri says she can leave then, says she felt appropriate meeting prachi. prachi says even she felt accurate meeting her, aunty. gayatri says she will be able to call her mummy, looking at uday. as soon as she and ila depart, sam speaks to prachi and asks her not tell hetal about his accident. any other friend says a few customer want to meet him inside the afternoon. they both depart. hetal in her room reminisces sam lying that doesn’t recognise tanu, their combat and breakup.


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Rahul stands in a surprise reminiscing how tanu did not identify him. he shatters and sits down getting belly ache. he then reminisces doc’s words that his liver has failed and will die soon. he prays for tanu’s happiness and leaves. tanu comes out of hiding and cries seeing rahul’s condition. rahul reaches cafeteria and asks servant if someone came to meet him. servant indicates log book and says pammi aunty got here. rahul reminisces tanu writing her call as pammi aunty to enter his hostel. he asks pammi aunty’s description and servant describes. prachi says he’s describing hetal’s sister’s description. rahul asks if shree had come. prachi says shree is her call after she took counseling profession, her actual name is tanu, each tanu and shree are identical. rahul stands taken aback.


Precap: Rahul indicates tanu’s p.c to prachi if this is hetal’s didi. prachi says sure, she is each tanu and shree.


Update Credit To: Aneeta


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